checking the microphone and webcam

Check the microphone

This tool will allow you to understand whether your microphone is configured correctly.


  • Several microphones were detected. To check the functionality and supported properties of your microphone, select it from the list below and click "Check my microphone". Please note that to get more accurate results, it is recommended to leave only one microphone on.
Microphone Visualizer

You clicked on the “Allow” button in the browser, but still the microphone does not work? (OS: Windows 10)

If you clicked the Allow button in the browser, but the microphone still does not work, then perhaps the Windows 10 operating system prohibits the browser from using the microphone.

In order to allow the browser to use the microphone, you need to:

  1. Press the Start button

  2. Enter "Privacy Settings" in the search bar

    Go to privacy settings
  3. In the left part, select the item "Microphone"

    In the left part, select Microphone
  4. In the right part of the window, enable the permission for applications to access the microphone

    Allow applications to access the microphone

    After that, refresh the site page and click allow microphone use in your browser again.

Microphone information

  • Quality Rating:


  • Microphone name:

    Not selected

  • Automatic gain control:


  • Number of audio channels:


  • Echo cancellation:


  • Estimated delay:


  • Noise reduction:


  • Sampling rate:


  • Sample Size:


  • Volume:


An easy microphone check is available on this web resource. At the top of this page there is an online application, thanks to which you can check the performance of your microphone.

The microphone verification process takes place using analysis directly in the browser. You can check the microphone yourself, due to the signal graph, which displays the volume of incoming sound. The scale is located on the right side of the page – it is easy to determine the breakdown by it. To check the microphone in headphones or speakers, you need to click on the "Check microphone" button. The indicator also allows you to find out the approximate strength of the signal in order to further adjust the parameters.

The service is quite easy to manage, so it will not cause difficulties. The process is fully automated – you don't need to do anything extra. In a couple of minutes you will get the final statistics to fix the problems.

How the microphone check works

Microphone verification using our online service is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • Allow recording. When you start the verification system, it will need access to the microphone. This is a standard browser feature that the program uses, so your security is not at risk. When the notification appears, allow the use of the equipment.
  • Speak or create sounds. Say a phrase, whistle, click your fingers or create any other sound so that the service can check the microphone.
  • Look at the results of the check. After the program gets access, it will constantly analyze the signal and also display its strength. If the results window says that the microphone is working fine, then there are no problems with the equipment.
  • If there is no sound. This situation occurs for 3 reasons. First of all, see if the device is being tracked correctly. It is indicated at the bottom under the signal visualizer. If necessary, replace the recording device with the desired one. The second reason is the low volume. This is typical for older laptops. In the settings, increase its volume or add gain. You can also use the vertical slider in the interface.

If none of the above tips solved the problem, then the matter is with the microphone itself – it may not be connected to the computer, incorrectly configured, turned off by hardware, or simply break down.

Make sure that the connection is correct, update the drivers or use other devices. Sometimes the problem is hidden in USB or mini-Jack ports. Connect via the connector. Or maybe it's the hardware settings: the volume is set to "0". In this case, it is enough to open the parameters and move the slider to an acceptable level.

On which devices will the microphone check work?

Checking the microphone online with listening on our website is possible using any device. Thus, the test is used on a laptop, computer, smartphone, headphones, webcam and other types of equipment. At the same time, the microphone check works with most current operating systems: Windows from XP to 8, Linux, Mac OS.

Microphone check online is available for free and without registration directly in your browser. The function will be useful for regular computer users, administrators and repair technicians. Thanks to a timely test, it is possible to identify the fact of a breakdown, find out its cause and ways to eliminate the malfunction of the microphone.

Thus, it facilitates the work of the master in the process of correcting errors, and also allows a simple user to prepare in advance for an online call so that the conversation is comfortable.