Диктофон онлайн

Voice Recorder Online

Voice recorder online is a convenient way to record without unnecessary difficulties. To do this, both an external and an internal microphone is used for voice recording, for example, in a laptop or smartphone. The final quality depends on the microphone and extraneous noise. The format of the online recording on our website is WAV, so there will be no compression as a result.

In order to maintain confidentiality, the file recorded on the recorder is stored until the page is reloaded. When the voice recording ends and you can download it to your smartphone or computer. Upon completion, the data will be automatically erased beyond recovery.

During the execution, take into account the amount of RAM on your system and the location for temporary files, since voice recording will not be longer than these indicators.

Voice recording in the browser

After granting the microphone permission, you will see the incoming signal indicator. Check the functionality of the equipment by saying something or making any sound. After clicking on "REC", the timer will start working – this means that the process has started. Be careful, because every new session deletes the old one.

When you turn off the voice recorder online, the recorded audio will be displayed on the screen. Save the file!

How to use it?

  • Turn on the microphone. On the voice recorder page, grant access to multimedia. Remember, the better the equipment and the less background noise, the better it will be possible to record the voice.
  • Tell me what you need. The duration is indicated on the timer, and the volume is indicated on a special scale. Do not try to make the sound too loud – this leads to sound distortion.
  • Upload the file. When the text is said, click on "REC" again to stop the session. A visual representation of the wave will appear on the screen. To save a file, click on the appropriate button and specify the location where it will be uploaded.

Advantages of the site

  • Record online. The services are provided free of charge directly in the browser, just click on the "REC" button and the recorder will start working. Before you start, allow the site access to audio equipment. To do this, click on "Confirm" in a small window at the top of the screen. You can use the service both on your phone and on your computer.
  • High quality. Our voice recorder records WAV audio encoding. This guarantees no distortion and better quality. Speech processing in this format will be easy. The duration is determined by the free space for storing temporary information.
  • Simple and clear. The easy interface and user-friendly controls allow any user to use the website. The program is completely free, does not require the installation of the application and works without registration.

You are guaranteed 100% confidentiality, since the audio recording recorded on the recorder is not transmitted anywhere, and the audio data is processed on the browser side and is not uploaded to any server. To get a high-quality audio recording, it is better to use a small room filled with furniture and with plastic windows. Close the door, remove extraneous sounds and start recording sound on our voice recorder.