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{Working-100%}How to make a fake id for facebook verification

If you face Mobile Verification Error then follow below steps:-

1. First try changing browser. 2. Change Domain Name On Fake Mail Site And Try With New ID 3. Change Your IP Address. 4. Connect With VPN And Try Again. Use This Free Vpn To change your ip. 5. Clear data of browser.Other Method:-
  • You just Need To clear the data of opera mini web browser from SettingsAppsOpera Mini.
  • Now Open The Donkeyguard Android app And Click on Opera mini and change the values of Device Id & Change Android IMEI
  • Change The android id By this easy Android Id Changer.
  • After Change Android Id you Just Need To change your IP by Reconnect your Internet (Reconnect will Change your IP Address)
  • And Repeat the above procedure again and again & Enter New Temporary Mail Every time.
  • Now you are able to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts with This Full Guide.

Note: Use This Trick Only For Educational Purpose. We are not responsible for any harm or issue. Use at your own risk.


Fake id for facebook verification

facebookThere are numerous users attract with facebook on a daily basis and they create an account on it. Among them, some of the good and some bad activity habitually make a fake id for facebook account.

As we all know that without completing and fulfilling the safety guideline and protocol of any biggest platform such as facebook no one will able to receive any of the information from it. This guideline keeps safer on both sides. This is a request call that uses this how to make fake id for facebook account without verification to make a healthier environment and to receive some offered benefits.

Keep it into your mind that with or without using the fake id generator for Facebook. If you receive the call of cybercrime and if you get involved within, then you can create some complication for your self. To maintain a proper distance such activity, this is the better suggestion that use this tactic or any other to receive an offer and informational opportunity involving how to make fake id.

An additional method to fake id for facebook

Here have shared one more additional method somehow which helps to generate a fake id for facebook. While following this second method, forces you to have an Android phone along with it.

Both shared methods simple. So choose as per your own suitability.

  • First, unlock Google PlayStore On Your Android
  • Install the FAKE ID GENERATOR App.
  • Open fake id generator and go for Your Country Which has supply During SIGNUP on Facebook.
  • Now Enter All Details Of your Account Which was Locked by Fb Such as Date of birth of your account including Your Name etc
  • Upload Picture With Clear Background
  • Click On generates To Finish end Process.
  • See Your Fake ID On Facebook is Ready to run now
  • Take away Watermark Of Fake ID Card Generator
  • Submit it to Facebook
  • Done.

Video To generator for facebook id

In this blog post, I have included all the important points above has been disclosed. So let’s check the youtube video to make fake facebook id.

Facebook Phone number verification

Phone number verification is probably a serious problem for Facebook users. New Facebook users are more likely to face this problem. Due to lack of technological knowledge, it is difficult to solve this problem. After creating a new Facebook account or logging into a Facebook account on a different device, the Facebook authorities ask you to verify the phone number. Logging in to a different device creates a security issue. You need to verify the phone number to verify that someone else has logged into your account. It’s actually an easy task. But what if you are asked to verify the phone number in a fake ID? Fortunately, there is a system to say fake or temporary numbers. If you search online, you will find many fake numbers in the country. With which you can try for verification.

If you face Mobile Verification Error in Facebook Confirmation code then follow below steps

  1. Try to Change your Browser
  2. Also change fake mail site domain name with new ID
  3. Also Reconnect your Internet or change the IP Address
  4. Connect any Vpn
  5. Clear cache, Cookies, Data of browser to create facebook account Without any BOT.

Reasons why Facebook blocks your account

These are the following reasons why Facebook blocks your account immediately, you open a Facebook profile or after using it for a while. Knowing these reasons will help you to avoid some of the ones you can avoid.

  1. Your client reports you to Facebook that you are a scammer
  2. G-boys like yourself will keep sending your friend requests
  3. You send many people friend requests within a short time
  4. People you send friend requests will mark you as spam
  5. If Facebook sees any suspicious attempt on your profile, they will block your account.

How to Create a Fake ID for Facebook

There are a bunch of methods to create fake id of facebook

  1. Creating a Fake Government ID with For this you want knowledge about graphic designing.
  2. Generate a Fake Facebook ID using Mobile applications like Fake ID Generator. For this no need any graphic designing knowledge. Simple Smart Phone and a person image are enough. You can download it from Google Image search.

Fake id for Facebook website! Ratings

Below which website to generate fake id for facebook have introduced to you it has received amazing review and ratings. Apart from the fake id generate, it has also some of the other functions thought to operating this website quite simple.

So let’s check with the help of graphical image, what rating it has?

Steps for Create Multiple

Simply Follow These below easy steps right now for full Method of Create multiple Facebook Accounts from one device easily without any blocking or Ban issues for Creating  Multiple Facebook Accounts.

Purposes for Create Multiple unlimited Facebook Accounts:

There will be some Several reasons, that`s why you need to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts, I have already mentioned some of the main reason above as well below for Creating FB Amounts Without Number.

  • For Advertise your Blog in Different groups.
  • Using Free recharge.
  • facebook phone verification.
  • How to Create a new Facebook Account in Bulk
  • Creating Fake Facebook Accounts
  • Avail any Offer Like Ganna

Advantages For Creating Unlimited Facebook Accounts

There are many reasons why you need many Facebook Accounts, Here are some reasons below for Make Fb accounts Without Number & Email.

  • For Having More Accounts you Advertise Article in Different Groups and Pages.
  • Get Offer Free-charge and Earn, Any offer Like Gaana having multiple accounts is very advantages.
  • For Prank your Friends.

Also Know:-

Generally Facebook doesn’t allow a disposable email address to verify the account but still, there are some disposable email services that can be used to verify account on facebook. Here in this article, we have to guide those disposable email services which will let you create Unlimited Fake Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Number Verification.

This guide will help you to make a fake account on Facebook.

How to Create Fake ID For Facebook to Unlock your FB Account using This Trick. As we know facebook is one of the best Social Platform Where the Majority of Youth people are sharing Their Activities with their friends.

Step for Create Unlimited/Multiple Facebook Accounts without New Numbers

 In 10 min website, this website gives you tempora

  • In 10 min website, this website gives you temporary E-mails, copy this E-mail..

Create Multiple/Unlimited Facebook Accounts

  • Open Facebook.com, fill-up the form paste email in the email section.
  • Click on Sign-Up,  your account will be created on Facebook.

Fake FB account

Fake FB account

  • Go on 10minutemail.com (step-1) and refresh the page, now you see an Email come from Facebook, open the Email click on confirm now button option and your fake Facebook account the process is completed now enjoy it.

How to defend yourself from attackers who hack Facebook?

We will teach you some important points that you must reinforce to defend yourself from attackers. And keep your accounts safe

Change your password

The password is the access key that you have to enter your social network, therefore, we advise you to modify it periodically so that in case you have fallen into some type of trap previously and there is someone who has access to your user without you know, you can delete it and thus protect your account.

Enable two-step authentication

Enable two-step authentication

Two-step authentication is a defense method provided by the Facebook platform to protect you against hacking attempts.

Through it, each time the session attempt is identified from a web browser other than yours, Facebook will generate an alarm, sending you a code Via SMS to your registered number to verify that it is really you.

Avoid public Wi-Fi networks

Public Wi-Fi networks can be exploited by malicious people to access the private data of the users who use them. So if possible, don’t use them! And if it is extremely necessary to connect to one of them, protect yourself with a VPN service that will mislead the hacker and prevent him from stealing your personal data.

3 Deadly sins of starting a fake Facebook account

1. Using pictures of pretty girls

It may work if your goal is getting friends on Facebook, but that’s it. Try using this account to convince me that Salesforce is better than HubSpot.

It won’t work. Not because pretty girls can&

It won’t work. Not because pretty girls can’t know about CRMs more than I do, but because I will definitely take a closer look at her profile, and we all know how easy it is to spot a fake account. Contrary, if I saw a comment from this guy: I wouldn’t bother looking him up.
 Check ou

I wouldn’t bother looking him up. Check out pro tips in this article for more recommendations.

2.  Adding friends

Not adding friends Facebook sounds counter-product

Not adding friends Facebook sounds counter-productive? That’s because you have to add friends, but don’t do it straight away. Send a couple of requests TO your new account first. You can do that with your account even (don’t forget to unfriend it later). Avoid “friend-adding” groups. Send three requests on day one, four requests on day two and etc. but be reasonable, Don’t send more than ten requests in one day and don’t send out ten requests within a span of 5 minutes.

3. Using a free VPN

Some people think that enabling a Dot VPN add-on or something similar makes them less suspicious. It doesn’t. Those proxies are always on the spam list. You can use your personal address to run at least three accounts without any problems. But, if you want to run ten accounts you’ll need proxies, they cost around $1/mo.


  • Using your fake account to harass or scam people is illegal, and may result in both Facebook- and legal-related consequences.

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  • According to Facebook’s terms of service, you are only allowed to have one Facebook account, and you must use your real name. If Facebook finds out that you have a fake account, your account could be banned.

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