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What to Do If Your Comcast Internet So Slow All Of A Sudden 2022

Why Is Comcast Not Getting Full Speed?

If one thing is worse than a slow internet it would be not knowing why. Xfinity is known to be a fast internet provider and if you are experiencing issues then the issue is most likely on your side.

Below are listed most of the possible causes so we recommend taking a look so you can troubleshoot the issue easier afterward:

  • Slow data plan.
  • Router/Modem Issue.
  • Bad WiFi.
  • Xfinity maintenance.
  • Overloaded network.
  • Hardware damage.

These are the most frequent scenarios in which Comcast’s internet will perform slower than its intended speed.

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Unfortunately, we still don’t know whether the issue is coming from Xfinity or from your side. Let’s find out!

Is The Issue from Them Or From Me?

To diagnose we are going to take several things into consideration. To ease it up for you, we’ve prepared a number of symptoms, which mean that the issue is coming from Xfinity and not you.

  1. WiFi is good but sudden loss or slow internet connection.
  2. Less data than your plan provides.
  3. Slow internet even with a wired connection.
  4. Slow internet on a specific device.
  5. First time experiencing this issue.

If you are experiencing more than 1 of the above-listed symptoms you should call Xfinity right away.

You can also reach them via email, and hopefully, the issue would be on their side. If not let’s jump right into the solutions.

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Restart your internet connection

Source: Xfinity (Image credit: Source: Xfinity)

If you’re not getting what you pay for or the connection is inconsistent, the first step is a restart. One of the simplest ways to restart your modem is to sign in to your Xfinity account and click on the Restart Modem button. This window will also tell you if there are any known issues in your area. Restarting your modem will refresh the connection and settings in case something got out of sync.

You can also unplug your router and plug it back in manually.

If your connection is still spotty, you may need to contact customer service to have a technician check your lines for damage.


How to test if Xfinity is throttling Netflix and other services with a VPN

To detect if your ISP is throttling your internet

To detect if your ISP is throttling your internet connection, you will need a VPN.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps you hide or encrypt your data from your ISP.

Thanks to the VPN, ISPs will not be able to detect the traffic coming to and from your connection, which is useful if you’re experiencing a slow connection when streaming or downloading movies.

Once you’ve selected your preferred VPN, run a speed test on your connection twice: once with your VPN turned off and once with it turned on.

If you notice discrepancies between the two tests, your ISP is likely throttling your internet connection.

However, this test is not conclusive; it only helps when your ISP throttles your connectivity for specific websites or activities.

In addition, there may be other reasons you may experience slow connectivity, such as paid prioritization, network congestion, or data caps.

Is it Xfinity/Comcast Internet? Or is it You?

Coming back to the main topic, if you are having slow internet speed, you need to first find out whether the issue is with Comcast or with your home network. For this, you need to diagnose your slow Comcast internet problem. It is not always difficult to find out the root of the issue. You just have to focus on the symptoms and it will help you to find out the reason for slow internet speed.

If you notice any of these things, then you know the problem is with Comcast:

  1. Sudden loss of internet connection, even when you have a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  2. Lesser bandwidth than what you are supposed to get from your plan.
  3. Slow internet speed during certain times of the day.

You know the problem is with your home network if you notice the following things:

  • Poor Wi-Fi connection even when the wiring is fine.
  • Slow internet speed only on a specific device.
  • A lot of network issues and reducing speed.
  • More issues arise when you have more people in the house.

How Can You Manage Usage And Throttling?

Understanding why ISPs throttle your internet conn

Understanding why ISPs throttle your internet connection can help you prevent it in the future. In some cases, simply getting a VPN may not be enough.

You may want to look into changing your internet service provider as well. This will involve going through their early termination procedure to avoid cancellation fees.

So go ahead and try out the fixes for your throttled Xfinity internet connection so that you can go back to enjoying your weekend binges!

Compare Your Speed with Your Comcast Contract

Depending on your plan with Comcast, your download speeds could be anywhere from 25 Mbps with their Performace Starter package and all the way up to 1,000 Mbps if you chose the Gigabit Speed package. Take a look at your current contract with Comcast and see where your limit falls, and then compare it to the speed test results you performed on your connection.  

Start a Claim Against Comcast

Keep in mind that Comcast is notorious for setting data limits on their contracts. If you’ve reached your monthly limit, your connection speed is reduced significantly until your next billing cycle. You can find out all the details about your exact plan by contacting customer support. 

Linksys MR9600

Fast performance with future mesh expansionWith speeds up to AX6000, the MR9600 from Linksys is enough for most households alone and you can add mesh expansion later.


Q1. How to Make your Comcast Internet Faster? Ans: There are a few good ways to make your Comcast internet faster. 1. Move Closer to Your Gateway 2. Manually restart your gateway 3. Clear any obstruction in the way 4. Avoid interference 5. Relocate your gatewayQ2. How to check Comcast’s Internet Speed? Ans: To check your device’s capabilities and your Comcast internet speed, simply enter the model and make at speedtest.xfinity.com/devicespeed. You can also compare your device’s expected speed to other similar devices.Q3. Should you Buy or Rent your Modem from Xfinity? Ans: Buying your modem will help you save money in the long run. But when you rent your modem from Xfinity, you will have to pay a rental fee every year. Also, the quality of the modem offered by Xfinity may not be good enough to give you high internet speed.

Final Words

If you have been thinking, ‘Why is my Comcast internet so slow’ for a while and have reached your wits end – perhaps this article will help. The fixes are simple, and easy for any user to try out. Many subscribers to Comcast have experienced their fair share of problems, and many times it’s a simply DIY fix that solves the problem instead of calling Customer service and being put on hold for an hour or two while you get serenaded by music that could put you to sleep.

Self reliance is the next step, and this simple fix it guide will help you through your slow internet problem.