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What a PR or Personal Record Means in Running

What does PR Running Mean?

The acronym PR in the running world stands for Personal Record.

You might also hear it referred to as PB which is a Personal Best.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Eliud Kipchoge and his amazing feat at running a sub 2 hour marathon! 

The sub-2 hour marathon project was met with some criticism and rejection (some just want a naturally occurring sub-2hour record to take place during a “normal” race) and of course excitement and curiosity (I mean can you even imagine breaking that unbreakable 2 hour mark?!) it shows the human desire to become faster, better, and to challenge themselves.

I think that no matter what the circumstances, Kipchoge’s run was amazing and a highlight to celebrate! 

Getting anywhere close to 2 hours is an “Impossible Dream” for most of us.

Breaking your own PR however can prove to be an exciting challenge.

So if you are wanting to prove you’re better and go for a challenge against yourself this year or at your next race, here are some tips.

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Questions People Also Ask!

What does PB mean in the gym?

PB stands for Personal Best.

It’s the same thing as a personal record, just a different acronym and the word best instead of record.

Simple right?

What is a Max PR in weight training?

A Max PR is referring to your maximum record with a certain weight.

This can be any PRs with your 1, 3, 5, 10 and other rep maxes.

Different words, same meaning mostly.

How Often Should You Do A PR Set?

This is going to depend on what you’re training for and what type of PR it is.

If you’re talking about your 1RM, I think every 6 weeks should be fine as far as recovery goes.

As for any other PR where you’re trying to do more weight and reps, I recommend you do this every training session.

Especially if you want to get bigger, intensity and proximity to failure are the most important factors for muscle growth.

If you aren’t getting close to failure for those, it’s junk volume.

Plain and simple.


Month, year, and workout bests

Wondering when your best running year was? Which month you climbed the most elevation? And how much? Our timely personal records section will tell you.

Re-live your past accomplishments by jumping to your workout history with one click.

How to Track Your PRs

It’s fun to keep track of your PRs in your training log, so you can refer back to them and record a new one when you achieve it. You can do this with pen and paper, online, or on your running watch.

Garmin Connect, for example, will automatically store your PR in several standard distances (5K, half-marathon, etc.) and also in the farthest distance you've run. Or you can manually store your record.

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