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Turn your Nook Color or Nook Tablet into an Android 4.1 tablet

Run a full version of the Android OS on a Nook Color e-reader

By Brad Moon Brad Moon Twitter Writer University of Western Ontario Former Lifewire writer Brad Moon focuses largely on technology, gadgets, and electronics for publications like Forbes.com, Shaw Media and Wired.com. lifewire’s editorial guidelines Updated on June 4, 2021

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What Do You Need to Install Android on a Nook Color?

A 2011 firmware update made it no longer possible to root the Nook Color or sideload apps, but you can still boot a full version of Android from a memory card. You’ll need a Mac or Windows PC to create the Android boot image in addition to a formatted microSD card with at least 4 GB of storage and a of Class 4 or higher.

You can also find Nook2Android (N2A) memory cards for purchase online that come preloaded with Android.

Step 1: Downloading Necessary Files

First, you will have to download 2 things, the first thing is an application called win32 disk imager. I will provide a link here- The second thing you need to download is the bootable disk image of android honeycomb I did a google search on the image and found this website-