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The 50+ Best Patriotic Movies of All Time, Ranked By Fans

10. The Patriot

This one could have clawed its way onto this list based on its name alone. But The Patriot’s patriotic merit goes a lot deeper than the title: Mel Gibson plays his usual character, the Formerly Peace-loving Family Man Driven to Revenge by Murder of Family Members, but in this case, the family-member murder occurs during the American Revolution. Of course, Mel is inspired to take up arms against his oppressors. Australian actors and historical inaccuracy aside, this movie will have you seized with old-fashioned patriotic fervor. Remember to calm yourself down before you talk to any British friends afterward.

#16 Tirangaa (1993)

Tirangaa is a story of Inspector Shivajirao Wagle

Tirangaa is a story of Inspector Shivajirao Wagle (Nana Patekar), and Brigadier Suryadev Singh (Raj Kumar) and their mission to save the country from being attacked by bombs, and the mysterious abduction of top scientists.


17. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero

One of Shyam Benegal’s most ambitious films in terms of scale, the film starring Sachin Khedekar tried to retell the story of one of the most enigmatic freedom fighters, determined to drive the British out of the country.

Source: TribuneIndia
Source: TribuneIndia

7. Mangal Pandey: The Rising

The first war of independence on film started after a dissenting Aamir Khan with long hair refused to continue serving under the British Army. And then broke into patriotic songs.

Source: Blogspot
Source: Blogspot

2. Letters from Iwo Jima

At first, this might seem like an odd movie to include: the Clint Eastwood-directed film about Japanese troops in World War II isn’t just in another language; it’s from the viewpoint of a country that was at war with America. Probably only Clint Eastwood, who had built up his patriotic credit over a lifetime of appearing in movies like Heartbreak Ridge, could have got away with making this one. And that’s the funny part, because if you watch the movie carefully, you’ll see that in many ways it’s really about America. The main characters are all exposed to American values, and by the end of the movie they’ve come to realize that these values are in fact superior to those of warlike Imperial Japan. And Mr. Eastwood manages to do all this without getting insulting or preachy.  Team it up with its companion film, Flags of Our Fathers, for a double dose of nostalgic patriotism.

Oliver Stones Untold History of the United States

This documentary series offers an alternative take on modern American history, focusing on underreported events that shaped the nation’s character. (Watch on Netflix)

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#24 Mission Kashmir (2000)

Mission Kashmir is a story of a police officer (Sa

Mission Kashmir is a story of a police officer (Sanjay Dutt) adopts the son (Hritik Roshan) and sole survivor of a family he has massacred while pursuing a terrorist. After some time the foster son finds out what the stepfather did.