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Stability vs Motion Control Shoes

Stability Running Shoes

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Beyond Dafeet go in-depth with each brand and how they make a stability shoe for a runner. Most accommodating rear and mid foot pronaters with few brands supporting fore foot pronation..Who does it best?Brooks: 1:03.Asics: 4:50.Mizuno: 9:34.Saucony: 12:42.New Balance: 15:51.Nike: 17:15.Hoka One One: 18:09.Our Picks: 19:54.Recap: 21:30.Shoes:Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20.Brooks Beast 20.Asics Kayano 26.Asics 2000-8.Asics 1000-9.Mizuno Wave Inspire 16.Mizuno Wave Horizon 4.Saucony Guide 13.Saucony Omni ISO 2.Saucony Hurricane 22.New Balance 860v10.Nike Structure 22.Hoka One One Arahi 4.Music:The Realm Ball Point.Right Hand Damma Beatz

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Similarities Between Stability and Motion Control Shoes

Stability and motion control shoes are both trying to correct the same problem (overpronation), but to different degrees. They do so with a medial post within the midsole to provide needed support for those who need some extra support.

Typically, stability or motion control shoes are used by runners who overpronate (i.e., their ankles roll inward), who weigh over 180 pounds, or who have flat feet—all runners who can use a little bit extra support to help reduce injuries in the future. 

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 5

The AirZoom Winflo 5 is one of Nike’s collection of marvelous high stability running shoes.

This one was made lighter and more breathable with the midfoot resting on an EVA foam.

What You Will Like With Nike AirZoom Winflo 5

  • It has the comfort for virtually every runner including those who suffer from plantar fasciitis
  • It enough toe room on the forefoot
  • It can handle a good amount of weight without one feeling the sole foam sag
  • The size and width profiles are accurate both for men and women versions

What You May NOT Like With Nike AirZoom Winflo 5

  • Some users have complained that it looks a bit bulky while dimensions can also be an issue for others.

Nike Zoom Winflo 5 Running Shoe This Nike sneaker is designed for the comfort and durability required by an athletic lifestyle Resilient rubber soles and long-lasting synthetic ensure that this training shoe will weather your most extreme workouts The Zoom Winflo 2 by Nike is sure to be a backbone of your athletic attire. Buy for Men Buy for Women We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Benefits Of Stability Shoes

Stability shoes are good for runners who have arches that slightly over-pronate. However, they offer mild support to those this people when compared to motion control shoes.

They also offer excellent cushioning perfect for everyone from the mild jogger to the pro runner.

A Research done at Spaulding National Running Center at Harvard Medical School back in 2016 found that using shoes that aren’t properly cushioned might cause injury.

Stability shoes can thus help you avoid injuries by not only giving you proper stability when landing but also good cushioning as well.

Which Hoka shoe is best for walking?

Here are the best HOKA running shoes for every type of run:

  • Best for Everyday Training: HOKA Clifton 7.
  • Best for Cushion: HOKA Bondi 7.
  • Best for Road Racing: HOKA Rocket X.
  • Best for Trails: HOKA Speedgoat 4.
  • Best for Stability: HOKA Arahi 4.
  • Best for Distance: HOKA Carbon X 2.
  • Best for Speedwork: HOKA Rincon 2.

How Much Do Different Running Shoes Matter?

In recent years, research has shown that shoes aren’t quite as important as people used to think. While it’s still important to purchase a shoe that fits your foot, the marketing of running shoes doesn’t always align with the science. 

In other words, comfort has much more to do with how you choose the right types of shoes compared to choosing a shoe for injury prevention. It’s always helpful to get the advice of someone who works at a running store or a podiatrist. But the person who knows your feet best is you. Ultimately, you’re going to know what shoes work best with your feet and stride.

When you’re trying on new running shoes, you should remember three things: comfort, fit, and support. If a shoe matches those three things for you—whether it’s stability or motion control—that’s the shoe you should get.  

Best Moderate Support Shoes

If you have moderate overpronation, a moderate support shoe will match you nicely. Here are three of the best moderate support shoes on the market today.

ASICS GT 2000 4

The number of ASICS technologies in the GT 2000 that are designed to increase stability and reduce overpronation make it a solid buy.

Key Features

  • Forefoot and rearfoot Gel cushioning system improves shock absorption and reduces impact
  • FluidRide midsole provides the perfect combination of bounce back and cushioning while staying lightweight and durable
  • I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) technology enhances the natural transition from heel strike to toe-off
  • Dynamic DuoMax support system improves stability and support and reduces overpronation
  • Gender-specific cushioning provides optimal comfort
  • Heel Clutching System uses an external heel counter to secure the rearfoot
  • 10.8 oz (size 9)

Why You Should Buy This Shoe

The ASICS GT 2000 4 is a simple, yet strikingly good looking shoe. Users will appreciate the thought that went into the design that tackles some serious issues for the overpronator.

You will buy this shoe if you have moderate overpronation and are a typical heel-striker who will take advantage of the Impact Guidance System technology.

Click here to read user reviews. 

Saucony Guide 9

The Saucony Guide 9 is a versatile shoe that you can depend on for any type of running.

Key Features

  • EVERUN is a topsole that is made of the latest innovative materials and construction techniques to provide incredibly lively and responsive cushioning
  • FLEXFILM is an external support frame that offers extraordinary strength and support
  • iBR+ (injection blown rubber) improves cushioning and responsiveness
  • Medial midfoot post helps reduce overpronation
  • Tri-Flex outsole boosts ground contact, force distribution, and propulsion
  • Open mesh upper allows for maximum breathability
  • ComfortLite Sockliner reduces pressure on your foot
  • 9.9 oz (size 9)

Why You Should Buy This Shoe

The inclusion of EVERUN in this version of the Guide is a welcome addition to the series. This continuous cushioning layer lies closer to the foot and distributes forces over a greater area to reduce impact.

You will buy this shoe if you have moderate overpronation and favor a well-cushioned, yet responsive shoe.

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

Mizuno continues to cram more features into every iteration of the Wave Inspire line.

Key Features

  • Elastic, thermal plastic Mizuno Wave embedded between midfoot and heel produces a springy, yet cushioned, ride
  • Extended Mizuno Wave Plate increases the torsional rigidity of the Mizuno Wave for increased stability and support
  • Smooth Ride technology places gender-specific grooves in strategic locations to support a smooth heel to toe movement
  • Patented u4icX midsole that is lighter and more cushioned that the u4ic midsole
  • Double Fan Wave technology provides arch support and helps prevents overpronation
  • Mizuno Intercool ventilation system keeps the foot cool and dry
  • X10 carbon rubber in the heels adds durable traction
  • AIRmesh upper sets the standard for breathability and comfort
  • Anti-microbial and moisture-wicking Ortholite Sockliner keeps your feet fresh
  • Dynamotion Fit upper creates the optimal fit that works with the natural biomechanics of your foot
  • 10.8 oz (size 9)

Why You Should Buy This Shoe

Fans of Mizuno will instantly recognize their signature fit: a fitted heel and midfoot and an open toe box. What has changed in this model, however, is the increase in stability from changes to the midsole that increase arch support.

You will buy this shoe if you have moderate pronation and are looking for a daily trainer with excellent arch support.

Click here to read user reviews. 

What is Pronation?

Pronation is a term commonly used to describe the lateral orientation of someone’s foot when they walk. In essence, it describes both the gait of how a person walks and where their weight is being distributed when they walk or run.

What is pronation?
What is pronation?

If someone pronates, it means that when they walk or run their weight tends to be positioned more on the inside of the foot than the outside. As mentioned above, this also means that they roll somewhat or even significantly inward with each stride depending on the severity of the pronation.

Note that this is in contrast to supination, which means that when they run their weight tends to be positioned more on the outside of the foot. 

Runners who overpronate tend to experience pain in a wide range of different areas in addition to their feet. These impacted areas include, but are certainly not limited to their arches, their heels, their ankles, their shins, their knees, and even their hips and back in certain extreme cases. This can also lead to an increased risk of ankle sprains, heel spurs and even plantar fasciitis – which is a big part of the reason why the right type of running shoes is so important. 

Difference Between Motion Control and Stability Running Shoes

Motion control vs stability running shoes are two varying kinds of footwear that offer different design features to support the feet.

High-stability trainers ensure that your feet are secured as you run.

They have a straight-shaped rigid heel and firm midsole, making them heavy but supportive.

On the other hand, stability running shoes offer motion control but with more cushioning, flexibility, and support.

Its midsole includes a firm area to boost the arch.

Manufacturers may have additional support features depending on their specific design.

Why you shouldnt walk barefoot?

“Without appropriate strength in the foot, you are at risk of having poor mechanics of walking, thereby increasing your risk for injury,” explains Kaplan. You also take the chance of exposing your feet to harmful bacteria or infections when you walk barefoot, especially outside.

What Are Stability Running Shoes For?

Stability running shoes have supportive features placed in the midsole, under the shoe’s arch, for runners with mild to moderate overpronation.

This support feature called the medial post is either rigid plastic or a firm piece of foam that adds durability to the shoes.

Stability shoes help counteract the inward rolling or overpronation of the feet after hitting the ground.

They provide a stable platform for reliability, bringing the foot to a normal alignment.

You must keep in mind that these running shoes are not for everyone, but they offer cushion as necessary.

Best Motion Control Shoes

If you have moderate to severe overpronation and prefer running in a tight-fitting shoe, a motion control shoe will give you the best ride. Here are three of the best motion control shoes on the market today.

ASICS GEL-Foundation 12

The ASICS GEL-Foundation is full of supportive features for the severe overpronator.

Key Features

  • Forefoot and rearfoot Gel cushioning system improves shock absorption and reduces impact
  • SPEVA midsole material provides bounce back with minimal midsole breakdown
  • Guidance Line Midsole technology improves gait efficiency
  • I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) technology enhances the natural transition from heel strike to toe-off
  • Dynamic DuoMax support system improves stability and support and reduces overpronation
  • Seamless construction reduces foot irritation
  • Maximum support last is deeper through the midfoot to forefoot to accommodate bigger feet or runners with orthotics
  • 12.4 oz (size 9)

Why You Should Buy This Shoe

The GEL-Foundation shines in providing stability and comfort and improving gait efficiency. The high stack guarantees plenty of support for heavier runners. The deeper last allows room for the use of orthotics if you need them.

You will buy this shoe if you have moderate to severe overpronation and are a heavier runner or run with orthotics.

Click here to read user reviews. 

New Balance 1340v2

Runners with seriously flat feet should seriously consider the New Balance 1340.

Key Features

  • Full-length ACTEVA Lite midsole foam provides excellent midfoot cushioning
  • EXTENDED WEB in the midfoot adds torsional stability and arch support
  • T-Beam TPU shank in the midfoot further enhances torsional stability and arch support
  • Higher density foam in the medial post helps to corrects overpronation
  • Ndurance carbon rubber located at the heel and lateral side of the outsole provides maximum durability
  • N2 cushioning system in the heel provides superior cushioning and shock absorption
  • Open mesh and suede upper for comfort, durability and breathability
  • Ortholite Sockliner adds to underfoot cushioning
  • 13.4 oz (size 9)

Why You Should Buy This Shoe

The New Balance 1340 supplies extreme comfort and cushioning in a motion control package. If you’ve tried other support and stability shoes but they failed to provide enough support, you will want to give these shoes a long look.

You will buy this shoe if you have severe overpronation and need maximum support and prefer a tight-fitting upper.

Click here to read user reviews. 

Brooks Beast 14

The Brooks Beast is one of the most popular motion control shoes for a good reason (many, actually).

Key Features

  • BioMoGo DNA midsole dynamically adapts to your foot with every step
  • Full-length DNA cushioning gel creates dynamic support that adapts to every runner
  • Progressive Diagonal Rollbar runs from the heel to the forefoot and works to guide the foot from overpronating back to a neutral position
  • Tuned Density Midsole allows for custom support that matches the runner’s gender and weight
  • DRB Accel in the midfoot adds arch support and torsional rigidity
  • Flextra rubber in the forefoot provides custom flexibility depending on the runner’s gender and weight
  • Element Mesh upper allows for maximum breathability and moisture wicking cabilities
  • MC Pod Configuation prepares the foot for an efficient heel-to-toe transition
  • 13.9 oz (size 9)

Why You Should Buy This Shoe

​The Brooks Beast is no joke. The shoe has enough stability technologies to support the even the heaviest overpronators. Each part of the shoe works together to help keep the foot neutral and to increase the efficiency of the gait.

You will buy this shoe if you have severe overpronation and want a dependable shoe with a proven track record​.

Click here to read user reviews. 

Do I need a stability running shoe?

Yes and no.

If you are a beginner, or if you don’t have any pain in walking or running, a stability running shoe is not absolutely necessary. You may find that neutral shoes are comfortable enough and can get you across Point A to Point B without problems.

neutral shoe (Saucony Ride) vs. stability shoe (Sa

neutral shoe (Saucony Ride) vs. stability shoe (Saucony Guide)

However, if you have excessive inward foot movement or if you are experiencing injuries related to it, you might have overpronation. In this case, a stability running shoe could help alleviate these issues.

3 noteworthy attributes of stability running shoes

An efficient stability running shoe should be able to correct your pronation and alleviate any discomfort brought by the foot rolling inward. The listed qualities below help stability shoes achieve these goals.

A semi-curved shape

A stability shoe has a slightly curved shape, which allows it to provide a good balance of support and cushioning. In contrast, a neutral shoe has more curves, while a motion control shoe is almost straight. Below is an illustration for reference:

On the left, the motion control shoe shows an almost straight layout with its shallow curves on the arch area. In the middle is the stability shoe, which is slightly curvier. On the right is the neutral shoe that displays the deepest curves among the 3.

Guide rails

A gradually increasing trend among stability running shoes, the guide rails are a special feature that prevents the inward rolling of the foot, which is the most apparent sign of overpopulation.

Here you can see an illustration of how the guide rails are typically positioned within the stability running shoe. This layout effectively prevents the foot from rolling inward, as with overpronation.

GuideRails on Brooks Adrenaline

GuideRails on Brooks Adrenaline

Heel support

A usual companion of the guide rails in stability running shoes is a firm (even stiff) and well-padded heel counter. It clutches the heel and ankle, preventing the foot from rolling inwards in the early stages of the heel-to-toe transition.

Supportive heel counters on stability shoes. Left

Supportive heel counters on stability shoes. Left to right: Saucony Guide 14, Hoka Arahi 5, Asics Gel Kayano 28

How Can You Determine Which Pronation You Have?

Generally speaking, you can tell what type of pronation you have by taking a closer look at the bottom of your current shoes for signs of wear and tear. If the vast majority of the wear is found on the inside of the sole, and especially if it is near the ball of the foot, there is a very high chance that you overpronate. 

The video below shoes an easy way to determine what kind of pronation you have. You only need a friend or a camera and a pen.

How to tell if you are supinated or pronated?

Beyond that, you can definitively determine what type of pronation you have by visiting either a doctor or a physical therapist to have a gait analysis performed. 

Differences Between Stability And Motion Control Shoes

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