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Spilled Water On Your Keyboard? Here’s What To Do (And Not Do)

Is My Device Permanently Messed Up?

Your keyboard doesn’t have to be permanently damaged just because it got wet. Many people have dried their keyboards — cleaned them if necessary — and found that it works as well as it did before. Even if it’s soaked, don’t give up hope. Just start working as quickly as possible to dry out your keyboard.

You are more likely to end up with permanent damage if you don’t take action immediately. If the water seeps farther into the keyboard, it might damage the electronic components. Liquids other than water can also create issues because of what’s in them. For example, salt and sugar might interact negatively with your keyboard.


Use a Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard – the Best Way Out to Avoid Water Seepage

One of the best options to handle the water seepage on a keyboard would be to use a waterproof mechanical keyboard. If you find that all your attempts in reviving the Keyboard after the issues with spilled water on mechanical Keyboard, you can simply replace the Keyboard. 

When you want to replace the Keyboard, you do not

When you want to replace the Keyboard, you do not wish to repeat the mistake ever again. The best option in this connection would be to use a waterproof mechanical keyboard. A mechanical keyboard with at least IP32 water and dust resistant properties can be one of the excellent options. 

A few good waterproof mechanical keyboard options you can check out would include:

Apex 3 US

74,99 €

The Apex 3 is a full-fledged water resistant gaming keyboard created by combining SteelSeries’ cutting-edge technology with a collection of gaming-focused features.

When Should I Worry?

If you’ve done everything discussed to dry and fix your keyboard and it still isn’t working, it might be time to contact a technician. It’s also important to consider a specialist if you got water on your laptop keyboard since it’s so directly connected to other computer components. 

Sometimes contact with liquid damages the keyboard’s internals, so it won’t work again without replacement parts. It can be challenging to tell what exactly is damaged with just a glance. You’ll know that it’s time to consider professional help or a replacement when the keyboard isn’t working even after you’ve cleaned and dried it.

Spilling water — or any other liquid — on your keyboard isn’t necessarily the end of its life. Quick and thorough attention can fix the problem and let you get back to typing in just a day or two.  Just remember that while it may feel like the keyboard is dry enough right away, don’t rush things. Give it the proper time to dry for the best possible results.