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Quickest way to get high dodge chance?

Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #20

Our VP of Content is back with the latest and greatest green on the streets. This month’s Stone Cold Cop List features the new from Alien Labs, Cannabiotix, 710 Labs, Gas House and more!

3. Syndicate Safehouses

Syndicate Board Guide. 

Farming Immortal Syndicate Safehouses can give a lot of experience, as they give anywhere from 2-2.5x normal exp at each level (i.e. if they are level 83 they give 2.5x normal map exp). The Immortal Syndicate is an encounter that is based around the master Jun, so you will need to force her into your maps as much as possible in order to get enough encounters to gain safehouse info. The encounters themselves will also give a fair amount of exp due to the density of mobs that are spawned alongside the syndicate members. 

Once you uncover enough information about safehouses from your encounters, you will run them and gain knowledge for the Mastermind fight. You will not want to kill the Mastermind; you will run it, but do not kill her. This will reset the Safehouses, but not reset your Syndicate board. 

Maintaining your board, which shows who is where and who are enemies and who are allies, is vital to experience gained. You want to have as many members be allied (green thread) as possible to increase the number of members who will spawn in safehouses and encounters. This will give more exp through killing them and their henchmen, and allow you to get more knowledge towards safehouses to access them quicker. Setting up the proper board can take some time, so resetting it after the Mastermind would be detrimental to farming. 

Another side bonus to Safehouse farming is that you can put It That Fled on the Research team to upgrade Breachstones for farming that mechanic too (to be discussed). 


Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: 18th Edition

The last Cop List of 2021! To close out the year, our VP of Content is back with a final collection of newness, this time including cross-country picks like Candypaint, Team Elite, Fresh Baked, Astor Club, Mikey Likes it and more!

9. Jumping Off A Bridge

Some people believe that jumping off a bridge, like the Golden Gate bridge, is a somewhat exciting and painful way to die. Well, that’s probably true most of the time. However, according to an FAA study, 0.7% of bridge jumpers survive the extreme water impact. Your clothes may act like a parachute, slowing down your speed and you may end up with broken ribs, damaged organs and fracture your vertebrae.

On average only 34.5% of jumpers end up dead. This means there is a 65% chance that you will suffer at the very least months of pain if you choose this method to die. We don’t think this is a good way to die if your main concern is not feel any pain. There is a better option on the next page.

#4: Use Metric, Not Imperial

You receive 20XP per kilometer and 30XP per mile, but a kilometer is not 2/3 of a mile – it’s less than that. (1km = 0.62 miles). So you’ll accumulate XP 7% faster if you use metric units instead of imperial. Change this under Menu>Settings in game.

#6: Hack Your Workout

We’ve already written about this thoroughly in “How Zwift Calculates XP for Cycling Workouts“. That post includes some hacks to maximize XP earnings via workouts including changing interval length, doing workouts up the Alpe then free-riding down, and using workouts for your easy rides since you’ll likely earn more XP than free-riding.

An additional bonus related to doing workouts up the Alpe: the spinner at the top awards XP if it lands on a prize you’ve already received. Including 1000XP if it lands on the Lightweight Meilenstein wheels!

Big Gems:

Big Gems are very easy gettable, but time-gated. There are a few possbilities to get big gems:


  • Always make sure that you are with the contested class in the Top 25.000 because you are getting a Empowered Gem Box as reward. This could get problematic if you don’t have the class. But if you have the class, it shouldn’t be too hard. (Once per week)

  • There is also always another contest like Blocks placed, Blocks destroyed etc. and it is always random. A good thing about this contest is, that you can compete even without end-game equipment. Even if equipment like the Tank-Turtle etc. are making the contest easier, you always have a good chance. (Once per week)

  • Another way to get Empowered Gem Boxes is the Shadow Tower. If you kill the Daughter of the Moon in different difficulties you get lunar souls which you can exchange against Empowered Gem Boxes in the Shadowy Market at the end of every Shadow Tower. (Once per week)

Normal: 1 Lunar Soul

Hard: 2 Lunar Souls

Ultra: 3 Lunar Souls

Conclusion: Gems are the main part of your PR. The more you progress, the bigger is the part they are giving you. If you have full maxed stellar gems, they can give you around ~2k PR on the big Gems, and ~1,5k on the small ones. (~15k in total)

[Note: Your class should be high enough to fill as much gem slots as possible. Gems you can’t equip, don’t give you PR.]

The following are nice to have, but not nessecary and not very important to increase your PR because their amount is very low, or not worth the effort just for PR. (But the stats etc. are nice and important for your character.)

  • Rings: You can get Rings to increase your PR. The maximum amount you can get from a Ring is ~400. I wouldn’t recommend to get a Shadow 4 Ring JUST for PR because they are very expensive. (Flux <-> PR ratio is bad)

  • Allys: Allys are also giving you PR. But it’s not even worth mentioning because the maximum amount you get is 70. (Flux <-> PR ratio is incredible bad)

  • Dragons: Dragon Buffs are giving you an okay amount of PR. I would recommend to get Dragons if you can, because the Magic find you get from finishing a dragon is very usefull, and the buffs in general too. (Flux <-> PR ratio is okay)

  • Mastery: On some mastery levels you get a buff which increases your stats. I don’t know how much it is because I already skipped these levels a long time ago. But it should be something around ~500 if you have all. (Not sure, don’t rely on this information)

[Note: Always keep a good balance between PR, and your power/strengh in general. If you are too weak to farm in higher ubers, focus on improving stats and gear.]

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