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Comcast 911 Fails 4yr Old Suffers Comcast Support Hangs Up OnFather

I am writing about my absolute disgust with Comcast and what they did to me tonight.

It is 2:30 AM PDT. Yesterday was my Son’s 4th birthday. An hour ago he had a seizer. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital with his mom, my wife. I am at home right now going out of my mind with worry. I have another son who is sleeping, so one of us had to stay here while the other went.

I am not sure where to start because I am really pissed off. I picked up my telephone and called 911. All I got was a buzzing sound on the other end. I hung up and called 911 again, another weird noise.

Frustrated, I start hunting for my cell phone. After finding it, I call 911 and spend the next 5 minutes (which felt more like 22 hours) trying to the dispatcher what our address was.

After my son went to the hospital, I am left alone infuriated at Comcast. This E911 thing they have is supposed to get my 911 call through. By law I thought. I pick up the same phone I used to call 911 and call Comcast support. Seems to work fine to call support. Over the next hour I am shunted from call center to call center to supervisor to supervisor. I want someone’s head. I want to wake up a VP, CTO, or even the CEO and let them know that their service delayed my son from getting the medical treatment he needed. That they need to know that the poor service they provided can put a life at risk. That this system needs to work. It has to work. They need to know, and some supervisor is not going to be the one to champion that message. I want a friggin VP to be woken up. I want heads to roll.

After an hour, I get to a supervisor in Texas who tells me escalating beyond her is “outside of her procedure” and refuses to escalate. She has an attitude, of course, and no doubt I am getting more upset by the minute. This call was not roses and butterflies. After prodding her for 10 minutes to escalate the call, she tells me the management “has a right to sleep” as the reason for her not to escalate. Infuriated, I tell her “fuck you”. She proceeds to hang up on me, but not before saying “Have a good day sir”.

I know this blog looks new, that’s because it is. I have an email I registered at gmail tonight for this.It’s itcanhappentoyou@gmail.com. I can explain more of what happened if anyone wants to email me. This isn’t some BS, pissed off Comcast customer who couldn’t get online at 2:00 in the morning.

Comcast needs to be held responsible when their service fails. They need to have escalation procedures that gets the customer to the person that can champion change, or at least advocate for customers.

I told the supervisor that unless this call gets escalated, I am going to go to every website I know and post this experience. It’s the only medium I have to express my frustration and the only way, it seems, that a consumer can be heard. If a service failure results in something like this, someone should be woken up and held accountable. The service should have never failed. I should be able to pick up my phone and call 911 and get through.

Please digg this, link to it, do what you need to do so Comcast gets the message.

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