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Patrick Stewart’s battle with Time Warner Cable saps him of ‘the will to live’

1. Speak to Retention

The first step is to ensure you’re speaking to the
The first step is to ensure you’re speaking to the correct department.

First, call Time Warner’s retention department. You can reach them by calling their customer service number, 1-800-892-2253. You’ll have to go through a robot menu to get where you want to go. Navigate through the menu until you’re given the option to cancel your service. Select that option and you should be connected with the retention department.

(The robo-menus are a bit lengthy and tedious but it should only take a few minutes. Avoid other departments like billing or technical support, those will often send you to an overseas call center that won’t be able to help you. For a map of the phone tree, or to have someone else wait on hold for you, try using GetHuman.)

Now that you’ve selected the correct option, cancelling service, you should be connected with a human being. Double check you’re in the right place by asking if they’re part of the retention department. If they aren’t a retention agent, ask them to transfer your call to the retention department for you, and ask them to do a ‘warm’ transfer. With a warm transfer, the original agent will sit on the line and make sure you’re directed to the right place. Conversely, a ‘cold’ transfer means they’ll hang up and let the system do it, which has a good chance of hanging up on you or sending you to the wrong department. If you’ve made it to this point, you’re well on your way to being able to successfully cancel Time Warner Cable. So what’s next?

5. Call back to confirm the cancellation

The most useful thing you can do after you’ve cancelled Time Warner Cable? Make sure you cancelled Time Warner Cable.

You’re 90% of the way there! The last step (and most important step) of cancelling Time Warner Cable service is confirming that you’ve actually cancelled the service correctly. After you’ve finished the first four steps, call Time Warner Cable back and ask them to confirm that everything is taken care of on the account. To be especially careful, ask them about three things: (1) if there is an outstanding balance on the account (2) if there is any unreturned equipment (3) if service is cancelled fully. Make sure that all of the answers match up with what you expect. If they don’t, have the agent on the phone fix the issue and then do step 5 one more time.


Cable Internet service

Main article: Spectrum Internet

Prior to Time Warner Cable merging with Charter Communications, they offered a total of 5 tiers of internet speeds, which are listed below:

  • ELP (Everyday Low Price, $14.99) – Up to 2MB/s (would have to request to get, not actively offered/advertised)
  • Standard – Up to 10MB/s
  • Turbo – Up to 20MB/s
  • Extreme – Up to 30MB/s
  • Ultra – Up to 50MB/s

Prior Time Warner Cable internet charges/fees:

Time Warner Cable charged a modem lease fee what was $10/month and offered free WiFi with their service if requested in lieu of what Spectrum does today, what is giving the modem for free and charging $5/month for WiFi service. For Time Warner Cable, customers could purchase their own modem to alleviate that charge, along with today, Spectrum allows their customers to purchase their own router to alleviate the WiFi charge.[citation needed]

Time Warner Cable – Madawaska

381 Main Street, Madawaska ME 04756 Phone Number:(800) 833-2253
  1. Store Hours

Mon. 8:30am – 4:30pmTue. 8:30am – 4:30pmWed. 8:30am – 4:30pmThu. 8:30am – 4:30pmFri. 8:30am – 4:30pmSat. ClosedSun. Closed

Distance: 5,182.08 miles


Time Warner Cable – Saco

22 Industrial Park Road, Saco ME 04072 Phone Number:(800) 833-2253
  1. Store Hours

Mon. 8:30am – 5:30pmTue. 8:30am – 5:30pmWed. 8:30am – 5:30pmThu. 8:30am – 5:30pmFri. 8:30am – 5:30pmSat. 9:00am – 1:00pmSun. Closed

Distance: 5,215.71 miles



Time Warner Cable’s divisions, from official website:[citation needed]

West Region

Former logo for “Oceanic Time Warner Cable” division

  • PAC West Region
    • Oceanic Time Warner Cable (Hawaii)
    • Time Warner Cable Desert Cities
    • Time Warner Cable San Diego
    • Time Warner Cable Southern California (SoCal)
  • Midwest Region
    • Time Warner Cable Kansas City
    • Time Warner Cable Nebraska
    • Time Warner Cable Northeast Ohio & Western Pennsylvania (Akron, Canton, Cleveland & Youngstown; Erie County & Sharon, PA)
    • Time Warner Cable Mid-Ohio (Columbus)
    • Time Warner Cable Southwest Ohio (Dayton; Cincinnati; Lexington, KY; Louisville, KY; Terre Haute, IN; Clarksburg, WV)
    • Time Warner Cable Wisconsin (Milwaukee & Green Bay)
  • Texas Region
  • Time Warner Cable National (non-clustered systems)

East Region

Time Warner Cable Spectrum logo

  • Northeast Region
    • Time Warner Cable Albany
    • Time Warner Cable Buffalo
    • Time Warner Cable Rochester
    • Time Warner Cable Central New York / Syracuse
    • Time Warner Cable New England
    • Time Warner Cable New York City
  • Carolinas Region
    • Time Warner Cable Charlotte
    • Time Warner Cable Greensboro
    • Time Warner Cable Eastern Carolina
    • Time Warner Cable Raleigh
    • Time Warner Cable South Carolina (Columbia)
    • Time Warner Cable Fayetteville/Sandhills

Former divisions

Sold to Comcast

  • Time Warner Cable Houma
  • Time Warner Cable Houston
  • Time Warner Cable Lake City/Live Oak
  • Time Warner Cable Mid-South (Memphis, TN, AR, and MS)
  • Time Warner Cable Minnesota
  • Time Warner Cable Shreveport
  • Time Warner Cable St. Augustine/Palatka
  • Time Warner Cable Cape Coral/Naples

Divisions that became Bright House Networks

  • Time Warner Cable Central Florida[50]
  • Time Warner Cable Tampa Bay
  • Time Warner Cable Bakersfield
  • Time Warner Cable Birmingham
  • Time Warner Cable Indianapolis