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Is there any way to play Oregon Trail Deluxe on a MacBook Pro (current iOS)?

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Setting Out

To start with, I have to chose my occupation and the names of the people I’m traveling with. Your occupation will determine different effects that will happen on your trip. Being a doctor will reduce risk of dying from disease. This may be a go to, but I’ll chose the banker, as he has the most starting cash. For my crew, I will name them Bob, Larry, Arnold, Sean, and Clark because I can’t come up with any original names.

Next, I have to purchase equipment. I’ll buy as much food, oxen, and clothes I can carry so I’ll be able to get by easily early on. I bought 25 boxes of bullets and 3 each of spare wheels, axles, and tongues. See, in this game, I need a lot of food, as my amount will deplete over time depending on how much I let my travelers eat. Luckily, I bought enough bullets to hunt a lot of game for my group to eat so it works out. You also chose where to start out. You have to make it to Oregon before winter, so of course, I chose March. That gives me a lot of time. Now, I can start my adventure.


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