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Is It Sanitary to Pee in the Shower or Should You Stop Immediately?

But, OK, how gross is it really to pee in the shower?

Aside from the very rare risk of infection that we detailed above, there’s no real health risk to peeing in the shower. And when it comes to judging how hygienic it is, that might be subjective. If you don’t want urine lingering on your body or in your tub after your shower, make sure to soap up yourself and the area before you leave the shower. And, sure, there are some things you could to make this slightly more…streamlined…like spreading your legs (so your pee doesn’t run down them) and peeing close to the drain (so urine isn’t swirling around your feet as much).

Also, even if you’re a proud shower urinator, it’s most polite to limit this habit to when you’re at home instead of in public places like the gym shower. You wouldn’t want other people to pee in there, would you? The golden rule definitely applies when it comes to peeing in the shower.Likewise, if you share your shower, you should really be cleaning the area with soap and water after you pee. Because, manners.



4. It prevents and kills fungus

The United States Army instructs soldiers to urinate on their feet when out in the field. Why? Because urine is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal treatment. Urine is also a good antiseptic – and urinating on a wound can help disinfect it; a practice that goes back to ancient times.

7. Because you can

Yeah! It’s your shower, after all (we hope.) Give that inner rebel of yours a reason to get fired up by doing something that “society” considers “unclean.” You can gain an extra bit of satisfaction knowing that the traitors who rail against shower pee are probably doing it too.