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How to View your Pending Friend Requests on Facebook Timeline [Updated]

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How do you know if you accidentally friended someone on Facebook?

If you accidentally pressed ‘Add Friend’ for someone on Facebook, and want to undo the friend request, you first have to go to the person’s page. Once there, find the button that says “Friend request sent.” A dropdown menu will appear, and go down to “Cancel request” and click it.

What Is Pending Friend Request?

One person will send the connection request first. After that there could be three results as below –

  1. the opposite party might accept the request. In this case, you both will be able to see updates of each other if shared on Facebook,
  2. that person can just cancel the request. In that case, the connection will not be made and the friend request will vanish.
  3. the last option, the opposite party might do nothing. And your request can keep hanging there. That is the pending friend request.

How do I see Cancelled friend requests on Facebook?

To cancel a friend request you sent:

  1. Go to your sent friend requests.
  2. Hover over Friend Request Sent next to the request you’d like to cancel.
  3. Select Cancel Request > Cancel Request.

How long do Friend Requests last?

Friend Requests do not have a date of expiry like your frozen burrito. They will remain on a Facebook account until you manually delete them or cancel the request. You can also view how old a sent Friend Request is on the Facebook mobile app by using the method above.

The date beside the user’s name indicates how long

The date beside the user’s name indicates how long ago you sent the Friend Request. This is only visible on the mobile app.

How to Turn Off Friend Requests on Facebook

Have you noticed how some users have the Follow button on their profile instead of Add Friend button? It’s because they have tweaked their profile’s privacy settings.

You can do it too if you don’t want anyone t

You can do it too if you don’t want anyone to send you friend requests or feel you have been receiving too many friend requests.

Go to Settings & privacy > Settings, and under the Privacy tab on the left, you will find the ‘Who can send you friend requests?’ option. Click on the Edit button on the right.

Select Friends of friends from the drop-down menu.

Select Friends of friends from the drop-down menu.

Now only common friends would be able to send you

Now only common friends would be able to send you friend requests instead of Everyone.

How to See Pending Friend Requests on Facebook on Android

The process works the same on the Android version of Facebook:

  1. Launch Facebook and hit the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand part of your screen.Head to the “Friends” section. This wi
  2. Head to the “Friends” section. This will take you to all the requests you’ve received from other users that you haven’t deleted or accepted.In the upper right-hand corner, press the “S
  3. In the upper right-hand corner, press the “See All” option right next to the “Friend Requests” area.In the upper right-hand corner, press the overflow
  4. In the upper right-hand corner, press the overflow menu represented by the three horizontal dots. It’s located opposite the “Requests” section.A tab will now emerge from the lower part of the s
  5. A tab will now emerge from the lower part of the screen. Tap the “View sent requests” options, and you’ll immediately see the users you’ve sent a friend request to.

Step 2: Manage Your ‘Pending Friend Requests’ List

Unlike any Facebook applications, you need to update this list manually whenever a friend request is accepted. You can easily aware who just accepted your friend requests via Facebook Notifications or email alerts. After that, remove your new friend from the ‘Pending Friend Requests’ list.

Now, what if you missed the notifications and forgot all about the list after sometimes? Fear not, there are ways you can modify the list after several accepted friend requests.

Bear in mind, your custom list will be consisting of updates from both your new (accepted) friends and non-friends (their public stories). Therefore you need to make sure the correct profile been removed from your ‘pending friend requests’ list, but how do you determine that?


Method #1 – Update ‘Pending Friend Requests’ List in News Feed

a. Open your ‘Pending Friend Requests’ list and scroll through the feed. Hover over the profile to reveal his connection with you: If he/she had accepted your friend request, the ‘Friend’ button will appear. Remove everyone who established the ‘Friend’ connection with you, leaving the actual pending requests remained.


Method #2 – Check if Someone Had Accepted Your Friend Request

Instead of visiting the person’s facebook profile, you can check this within your custom list:

a. In your ‘Pending Friend Requests’ list -> ‘See All’ (upper right corner) to load the popup menu.

b. From ‘On This List’ you can have an overview of the people you sent friend requests to on Facebook. The unanswered/unaccepted friend requests will not appear in your ‘Friends’ list. For example, if Ron had yet to accept my friend request, his name won’t appear in my ‘Friends’ list. That’s how you know if a particular friend request is still pending or accepted.

These methods can only assist you this far in monitoring current and future sent requests but not previous ones. If anybody knows how to track back old (unlisted) friend requests, be sure to drop me a message!


Additional FAQs

What Is a Friend Request on Facebook?

The purpose of a friend request is to connect you with other people on Facebook. Once a friend request has been dispatched, the receiving side receives a notification, and they can decide whether they wish to accept your offer or not. If the request is accepted, the user will appear on your Friends list, and you’ll gain access to their shared content, including photos and statuses.

How Do You Cancel Friend Requests on Facebook?

You can cancel your friend requests whenever you want, provided the users haven’t already accepted them. The other person doesn’t receive a notification about the cancellation anyway. However, if the user has spotted your friend request and noticed the offer, they may realize that the friend request has been canceled once it’s gone.

Here’s how to cancel your Facebook friend requests:

• Open Facebook and press the “Find Friends” button.

• Hit the “Friend Requests” optio

• Hit the “Friend Requests” option, followed by “View Sent Requests.”

• All your sent requests will be here. To can

• All your sent requests will be here. To cancel them, just press the “Cancel request” button beside the user(s).

Why can’t I find Sent Requests in the mobile app or web browser directly?

This seems to be a limitation of the current app. Using the ‘All Requests’ option does sometimes show you your sent requests but you don’t get the entire list of sent requests. It is thus recommended that you use the link instead to view all your sent requests. 

How to Unfollow and Unfriend or Take a Break on Facebook

Don’t want to be friends with someone anymore or no longer work together? You can also choose to Take a Break from someone without taking the harsh decision of unfriending someone. There are subtle but important differences between taking a break and unfollowing or unfriending someone. Either way, you can unfriend or unfollow someone easily, but there is another option.

Cancel All Pending Friend Requests With One Click (Using Script)

By following the below steps you can easily cancel all pending friend requests on Facebook with just one click. But you need to do these steps in any desktop PC with a chrome browser. This process was working until we were writing this article on 6th Jun 2020.

  1. You Need To Go To The Mobile Version of Facebook

    The mobile version of Facebook allows one-click to cancel a friend request. So, go to this mobile version link first.

  2. Scroll To Go To The Last Request

    After going to the link of the first step, you will see the list of pending friend requests in the mobile version. If you have more than 10 pending requests, you will need to scroll down to open up the later ones. Keep scrolling through and get to the bottom of the list

  3. Go To The Inspection Console

    To get to the inspection console in the chrome browser you need to press “Ctrl+Shift+I” buttons together or just right click on the page and select “Inspect”. From there go to the console tab.For Mac PC, you need to press  +  + J on Chrome. And go to the console.

  4. Copy And Paste The Script; Press Enter

    You just need to copy the below script and paste it in the console. And then press the “Enter” button in the keyboard. This simple script will press all the cancel friend request buttons for you at once. And you will remove all the pending friend requests you ever sent on Facebook in your life.javascript: var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('_54k8 _56bs _56bt'); for (var i = 0; i < inputs.length; i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

Though, it is not preferable to use scripts as those can be used to trick users and hack important data. But as per our study, this is a very simple script just to click all the buttons at one click. That seems pretty safe and works fine for what it is made. This process actually can save hours of boring work of removing friend requests one by one from Facebook.