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How To Use A Cork Puller

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  • Won’t ruin the cork

Tabletop and Mounted Corkscrews

Stability is the deciding factor when opening a wine bottle. A lack of stability can result in broken corks or -even worse- shattering bottles. Mounted corkscrews reduce this risk. They can be attached to a wall or a counter, so they can’t slip away when opening a bottle. Other models have stands so that they can be placed safely on a table or a counter.

Mounted corkscrews are made from steel or plastic. Some might also have wooden components, especially in the handle or the stand. Their mechanics are the same as in lever or rabbit corkscrews. Pushing down the lever on top of the device drives the worm into the cork. And moving it back up will pull the cork out of the bottle.

Mounted corkscrews are great to open many bottles in a short time. Thus, they’re the right choice for restaurants or bars. If you drink wine or host dinner parties regularly, they might make sense for you as well. They also are very decorative in home bars. Be aware that you need some space to mount them.

To use a mounted corkscrew, follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure the device is attached safely to the wall or counter.
  2. Remove the foil from the wine bottle.
  3. Insert the bottleneck into the device. Make sure to hold it firmly. In case your device has a rabbit lever, hold it safely to keep the bottle in place.
  4. Push the lever down so the worm can grab the cork.
  5. Pull it back up to its starting position to get the cork out.


Air Pump Bottle Opener

Another bottle opener that comes without a worm is the air pump opener. Instead, it has a needle. This needle cuts through the cork until its tip is inside the bottle. Then, gas is pumped through it. Some devices have a gas cartridge for this purpose. Others require manual pumping by the user. The effect is the same in both cases: The pressure inside the bottle increases and finally forces the cork out of the bottle.

Air pumps are typically easy to use, although manual pumps require some physical strength. Bottle openers with gas cartridges have one crucial disadvantage: As the cartridges contain only a limited amount of gas, customers have to rebuy them over and over again.

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Traditional or Winged Corkscrew

If you like the look of a traditional corkscrew or don’t want to invest in a different tool right now, we’ve got you covered. These are not difficult to use or a bad wine opener to have, but there are definitely easier options out there.

How to Use a Winged Corkscrew

These corkscrews have a long spiral, two levers, and a ring that fits atop the bottle. To use a winged corkscrew to open wine:

  1. After cutting the foil (new versions will have one right at the bottom) place the round opening where the bottom of the worm is over the cork. The levers will be in the down position.
  2. Turn the handle until the levers come all the way up. Press down and they will remove the cork. Twist the cork off of the spiral.


How do you use a corkscrew?

It depends a bit on the corkscrew, but for a simple wine key (sometimes called a waiter’s corkscrew), the process is as follows:

  • Cut the foil under the lip of the bottle using the serrated blade. If it’s a casual gathering, feel free to just pull off the foil. It’s generally only lightly stuck on with a bit of glue.
  • Center the squiqqly metal part (sometimes called the “worm”) atop the cork, and then screw it in until it’s about 3/4 of the way inside the cork.
  • Fold the opener down and place the lower of the double-jointed metal arms on the edge of the bottle. Use that leverage to get the cork about halfway out of the bottle.
  • Take the bottom joint off the bottle by folding the handle back. Then, rock the metal arm back toward the bottle and place the shorter of the two joints on the bottle. This will give the leverage you need to remove the cork the rest of the way from the bottle.

What should you do if the cork breaks off on the corkscrew?

Though this can feel stressful, the solution is actually quite simple. Just screw off the bit that’s stuck on the corkscrew and go back in and use the corkscrew the same way on the part still stuck in the bottle. 

Wine Key or Waiter’s Friend Style Wine Openers

The wine key or waiter’s Friend style wine opener is often seen in the industry. From bars and restaurants to tasting rooms at vineyards, this is the tool most commonly used by staff. And while it’s not the easiest to learn how to use, once you can use it it adds a certain panache to your wine-opening routine.

How to Use a Wine Key or Waiter’s Friend Style Wine Opener

These openers have two parts, a spiral and a boot lever. Most have an attached blade, either serrated or smooth, for cutting the foil. If they don’t you can use a foil cutter or the tip of the spiral, although we don’t recommend that. First, using the tip of the spiral rarely cuts cleanly and second, it dulls the tip. But in a pinch, go ahead. To use a waiter’s friend style wine opener:

  1. Twist the spiral into the cork six and a half times – this should leave only one curl showing.
  2. Engage the top lever to begin extraction and then the bottom to finish extraction. You can use a twisting or rocking motion to remove the cork if the bottom is still in after using the levers.
  3. Twist the cork off the waiter’s key and enjoy.

Some waiter’s friend wine openers have a longer spiral to assist with extra long corks. Others only require five turns – be sure to read the instructions!

Benefits of the Ah So Wine Bottle Opener

The one major advantage of the Ah-So bottle opener is that, unlike all other bottle openers which use a screw-pull, the Ah-So does not damage the cork at all. This is a fantastic advantage if you are opening an older bottle of wine where the cork may not be in good condition. If you have ever had a cork drop into your wine bottle by using a screw-pull bottle opener you will understand the importance of this. But its not just old corks, because the cork remains undamaged it is very easy to re-cork the bottle. Usually with a screw-pull type the cork will be larger because the screw enters the cork and expands the outer diameter, not usually a problem when removing the cork, but it does make it difficult to return. With the Ah-So wine bottle opener the cork remains the same size, therefore allowing you to re use the cork the wine to plug the wine bottle, very handy for when you don’t drink the whole bottle, such as picnics or a single glass of your favourite red with dinner.

QLL Wine Opener for Vintage Bottles, Two-Prong Cork Puller with Cover


  • Two-Prong Cork Puller
  • Superfine, stainless steel, polished, satin finished / Super quality product
  • Every cork collector’s dream – Great for vintage bottles and brittle corks,Includes sheath to protect prongs
  • Open your wine bottle without ruining or damaging the cork. Two hardened steel prongs embrace the cork, without damaging it. Also known as the Butler’s Friend / Waiter’s friend
  • 100% MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: We stand behind our products with a complete, lifetime guarantee. If something breaks or if you don’t absolutely love your new Waiters Corkscrew, we will take it back and offer a replacement or refund, no questions asked. That is part of our 100% LIFETIME CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!!