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How to Sync Files Between Two Computers or More

Does Windows have a File Sync Tool?

As a matter of fact, Windows computer does not provide any file sync software to sync files between computers.

Although Backup and Restore allow you to create system backups, and all the data be backed up has been compressed, if you want to use it, a restoration is needed. Otherwise, it’s cannot be used.

File History can only back up your files in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. 

Therefore, you cannot use the Windows backup software to sync files as you want, not to mention that sync files between computers, or sync files between servers, etc.

If you would like to sync files easily, a third-party free file synchronization software is required. Don’t worry, we will show you 3 solutions for your reference.

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How to sync foldersbetween computers without cloudfor free

In fact, you can easily sync files between computers on home network by creating shared folders. And these folders can be accessed by any computer on the network that has permission. You can take full control of the shared files.

In addition, there’s one third-party file synchronization software that can also help you sync files between computers easily. It provides you the scheduled sync to automatically sync files between two computers. If you are interested in, please refer to Solution 2 to get it.

Now let’s start to see how to sync files between computers without cloud.


2. Share File between Two Computers via File Explorer

File Explorer provides a method about how to share files on Windows 10. For different network environments, it provides different transmission methods for windows file sharing.

Step 1:Open File Explorer.

Step 2: Choose the folder which contains the files that you want to share.

Step 3: Double-click the Share on the ribbon.

Step 4: Click the Share button.

Step 5: Select a sharing app, such as Mail or any

Step 5: Select a sharing app, such as Mail or any Microsoft apps.

The Epilogue

Compared with the three file synchronization software, every file sync tool has its pros and cons, just find a suitable way to sync files between two computers.

  • FreeFileSync is for Windows PCs and offers you free sync features to sync files easily. However, it may not work sometimes while syncing.
  • Allway Sync is for Windows PCs and Servers, and like FreeFileSync, It gives you powerful sync functions to choose. But when using the Allway Sync, It shows me an error notification several times that makes me confused.
  • AOMEI Backupper is for Windows PCs too and provides you basic sync with reliable performance. 

For Windows PCs, you could choose any of them.

For Windows Servers, Allway Sync could be one of the choices.

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