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How to Mute Spotify Ads Without Paying For the Premium

How to install  Spotify-AdKiller on Arch Linux

Spotify-AdKiller it’s packed for Ubuntu and OpenSuse as well, but we will see in details how to install and configure it on Arch Linux:

Since there’s a package in the AUR repos, we can install it using an AUR package manager or using these commands:

After installing it, we will see a menu entry called Spotify (AdKiller) with the famous Spotify green icon.

For iPhone: Try Spotify from Tweakbox for Getting Rid of Spotify Ads

If you are TuneFab lovers, then you can’t miss Tweakbox, which have already been introduced for twice. It is an Apps store for iPhones users to download the apps from App Store, Tweakbox and Tweaked Apps and more. Spotify users can download Spotify app from Tweakbox under the Tweaked Apps category and then install it on your iPhone, then you can enjoy Spotify without ads.

Step 1. Download Tweakbox on your iPhone and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2. Having installed the Tweakbox successfully, run it on your iPhone.

Step 3. When catching sight of the main interface of Tweakbox, you can see Home, Apps, and INFO. Here we need to hit Apps.

Step 4. On the Apps page, you can see lots of columns for you to download the apps. Here hit Tweaked Apps and then input Spotify on the next page.

Step 5. When it is fully installed, you can enter your Spotify E-mail with your password to enjoy Spotify without ads.

Note: It is available for your iPad, iPhone and iPod, so if you want to enjoy Spotify without ads on your iPad or iPods, you can also download it on your iPad or iPod to enjoy.


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Wrapping Up

This is how you can mute Spotify ads without paying for anything. Although Mutify doesn’t offer an uninterrupted listening experience as it only mutes the ads but still it is better than listening to those boring repetitive ads while enjoying your music.

For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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