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How to Make Old Laptop Look Cool? 10 Best Methods by Whatlaptops

1. Get A Laptop Cooler

Due to the compact design of laptops, its not uncommon for them to overheat. The compact design on laptops limits the amount of cooling they can have. So, if you can add more cooling to your laptop, that is going to help your laptop run cooler.

Fortunately, there are a lot of laptop cooling pads on the market, and they work simply enough: a laptop cooler is, in essence, a fan built into a small laptop stand/tray. You place the pad on whatever surface you’re using your laptop on, then you put your laptop on top of the pad and turn it on. The pad’s fan starts to direct air to the bottom side of your laptop, thus cooling it down.

The Tree New Bee laptop cooling pad comes with fou
The Tree New Bee laptop cooling pad comes with four 120mm fans to help keep your laptop cool. It costs just under $25 on Amazon.

Cooling pads are, thankfully, fairly inexpensive—and they usually do a solid job at keeping your laptop cool during those hours-long gaming sessions. This comes as no surprise, as you’re essentially adding an extra fan to the outside of your laptop to promote good airflow.

But if you don’t have the money for a cooling pad, you can always just invest in a regular stand—a tiny little block that you place your laptop on, thus giving it space to let air flow more freely. Many stands are even made of material that acts as a heat sink, like aluminum.

And, though it’s a much less common solution, you can also invest in an external GPU. They cost a little more than you might be willing to spend, but if you’ve got the cash to spare, an external GPU will provide older laptops with more power than onboard/integrated graphics, and generate heat away from the rest of your laptop’s components.


Change Your Wallpaper / Add Themes

Doing something as simple as changing your wallpaper or adding a theme to your laptop can easily give your laptop more of a gaming flair. Just as long as you choose the correct wallpaper!

Wallpaper Craft

Wallpaper is a craft where you can download a series of gaming focused wallpapers in up to 4K resolution. There are also various other categories of wallpapers that you can choose to explore from.

To view the wallpapers available on Wallpaper Craft click on the link here.

Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine is an application on Steam that allows you to set static or animated Wallpapers on your laptop.

So even when your desktop is idle the flair of a moving background wallpaper with an animation like a space shuttle hurtling across the empty confines of space is sure to invoke that gamer aesthetic.

To download Wallpaper Engine click on the link here. 

4.      Utilize Rain meter desktop customization tool

Rainmeter lets you present tailored coatings on your desktop; with this tool, you can bring a lot of creativity and innovation and make windows 10 look cool. This tool can be downloaded free because it’s open-source software.

Rainmeter offers users different skins that are installed on the PC, you can utilize new skins and modify the old ones. This consumes less space and can perfectly work with window 10. It is not just a simple app but a vigorous toolkit.

the platform of the rainmeter allows skins to run on the desktop and every skin functions inversely depending on the choices of the person who created or modified the skin. All skins are composed of the same fundamental aspects as usage, format, values, percentage, and order. The information is collected from different areas of the computer to create graphic elements like frames, images, borders, text, etc. Different skins can be mixed using some special instructions and can be customized b utilizing coded language that is unique. Text editing software can help you rewrite the code of the skin, other than that to simplify it can be twisted and altered.


Use ReadyBoost to increase your memory

ReadyBoost is a clever little feature that was introduced by Microsoft as part of Windows Vista. It essentially allows you to boost your system memory by using a flash drive as additional capacity.

Although it’s not as effective as swapping a traditional hard drive for a solid-state one or adding more RAM, ReadyBoost will give a little uptick to the performance of your system, particularly if you’re using a low-powered laptop with only a couple of gigabytes of RAM. It puts aside a part of the flash drive memory for things such as caching, assisting often-used apps to open quicker, and increasing random read access speeds of the hard disk.

To use ReadyBoost, first insert a USB memory drive into an empty USB slot on the laptop you wish to speed up. A dialogue box will open asking you what you want to do with the flash drive. Choose ‘Speed up my system using Windows ReadyBoost'. Another window will open and here you can select how much of the drive you wish to give over for boosting. It’s generally a good idea to use as much of the drive as possible.

Build Your Own PC

2. Use Laptop Stickers

I personally prefer laptop stickers to a decal, because this gives you the chance to add a multitude of models and truly make the laptop unique.

Stickers are smaller and you can place anything from one to a couple dozen (or even more) on your laptop, depending on your preferences and their size. I usually choose to add no more than 5-6 on my laptop, but you can do whatever you feel is right.

Laptop stickers can be bought in packs – around a theme or random – or piece by piece based on what you like. You have a ton to choose from and it’s impossible not to find a least a dozen that you’ll love.

Click here to find some awesome stickers on Amazon (affiliate link)

Addition of mouse pad

Nowadays customized mouse pads are available in the market you can add the mouse of your choice to your system. Mousepads with animations drawn and also a beautiful style of the mouse pads are present. These mouse pads carry the special to enhance the looks of laptop.

7. Replace Faulty Fans

Faulty fans are also another cause of overheating.

Faulty fans are also another cause of overheating. When fans fail to spin at the required speed or stop working completely, your PC will definitely overheat. 

Sometimes an error message pops up when there is a problem with the fans. However, other times they may spin but aren’t effective because they are worn out.

Faulty fans tend to be noisy and won’t spin freely when you give them a kick with your finger. Oftentimes, they fail because they’ve lost their lubrication. Replacing fans will improve air intake and air circulation in the interior of your laptop and keep your laptop cool.

10. Ensure That Fan Speed Adjusts Accordingly As Temperature Increases

Fan speed is supposed to increase as CPU or GPU temperatures increase. But sometimes, for example, after a BIOS update, the fan configuration settings may get messed up and cause your computer to overheat.

Therefore, it is worth checking the BIOS settings to ensure that the fan settings are properly configured. Depending on your gaming laptop brand, pressing F10, F2, F12, F1, or DEL keys during start-up should allow you to access BIOS settings.

Alternatively, if you’re using Windows 10, you can follow the steps in the following video to get into BIOS:

Once you are in the BIOS settings, go to advanced settings and then hardware monitor configuration. Under hardware monitor configuration, you should be able to find the fan configuration settings.

You can set them to default or manually input custom values based on your needs. If your laptop doesn’t allow you to adjust fan speed from the BIOS you can use software such as SpeedFan.

SpeedFan allows you to adjust the speed of your fans depending on the temperature. Besides that, it also allows you to monitor the temperature and voltage of various components. 

The fans’ speed should be adjusted appropriately so that it increases as temperature increases. This helps remove any limitations on the fans so that they can dissipate heat more effectively. 

Room Temperature

Keep your working environment or computer room as comfortably cool as possible. Computers, like most people, work much better in air-conditioned environments. According to Server Fault, most server rooms or data centers operate at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or less, and that seems like an ideal temperature recommendation for home offices as well.

Get rid of bloatware

Latency affects many devices, not just old computers. This includes new computers, which is often due to the bloatware manufacturers preinstall on laptops prior to sale. Sometimes, this can be in the form of the manufacturer’s own services and software, but it can also include third-party applications that are preinstalled due to commercial distribution deals between software vendors and the manufacturer. It doesn’t matter if you refer to it as crapware, bloatware, or PUP (potentially unwanted programmes), this unwelcome software can affect your computer’s performance.

Similar to the old utilities and programmes mentioned above, these services can impact memory and processing power and take up valuable storage space. Some preinstalled programmes, like the Microsoft Office suite or Dropbox desktop client, can be seen as useful additions, but there’s a good chance that at least a few of them will be surplus to your requirements. It’s worth spending some time going through a new laptop to identify any preinstalled apps that can be sent on their way.

Addition of stylish sleeves will make your laptop look cool

You can make your laptop very cool by adding sleeves of a different kind into it. There is a huge variety of laptop sleeves present in the market. You can buy the sleeve you love according to your color affiliation, your design selection, and your style.

How to make your Linux desktop look Awesome

Most of us can agree that the default Linux desktop looks plain and boring. But a few changes here and there can make the desktop look ten times more dope! Check it out— 

Change your Desktop Theme

Go to the Appearance settings to change the desktop background. Just like other systems, you can choose to shuffle your wallpaper throughout the day. This section also allows you to tweak your icons and fonts.

Try out new Icons and Fonts

There are tons of icon packs on the internet, each of them designed for a specific vibe. Make sure you choose an icon pack that matches your wallpaper and overall desktop theme. We recommend you to keep icons neat and simple, so they complement other wallpapers too. 

Even when it comes to downloading new fonts for your system, we would suggest simpler ones. Fancy fonts will only make your desktop look cluttered and distracting. Linux users can check out Font Squirrel for a wide variety of free fonts. However, make sure you download any font into the /.fonts/ directory. 

Try Conky

This one is for the advanced users though beginners can try it out after watching tutorials on YouTube. Conky can enhance your desktop aesthetic by enabling themes and widgets. After installing, you can edit the ~/.conkyrc file, for a range of unique elements to decorate your desktop. 

If Conky is not your cup of tea, you can explore other desktop environment options like GNOME, Cinnamon, Xfce, KDE Plasma, etc.

Step Three: Additional Cooling

Apart from merely taking measures to ensure that y

Apart from merely taking measures to ensure that your laptop’s own internal cooling system is working properly, did you know that you can also get a laptop cooler, or cooling pad, as they’re sometimes referred to?

This is a rather simple and relatively inexpensive accessory that can greatly help with any overheating issues you might be facing. As a matter of fact, a cooling pad is almost indispensable in the case of gaming laptops.

The way that cooling pads operate is simple: you place them on a surface, then place your laptop on top of them, plug them into one of the laptop’s USB ports, and let the fan(s) do their work. Ultimately, you will see lower temperatures during long gaming sessions thanks to the increased airflow.