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How to Listen to Audio Files You Receive via Text Message on Your iPhone

How do I send a song in a text message?

Open the “Messaging” menu and select “New Message” or “New.” The messaging menu is found either in the main menu or the homescreen of the phone. Select “Options” from the lower menu when the new message window is open. Go to “Send File” or “Add Attachment” and select “Song” or “Music.”


Why Should You Send Audio Files Via Text Message?

Now that you know how, let’s rewind a little bit and briefly run through some reasons why you would want to text an audio file in the first place.

It’s really a two-pronged question: Why texting? Why audio? We’ll start with the easy one: Why texting?

We’ve made the benefits of texting pretty clear in previous pieces. Not only can it reach six billion people anywhere at the world, at any time (internet connection or not), but text messages boast a 98% open rate.

People keep their phones on their person or close by nearly every day. It’s truly the universal inbox. Now, with 81% of all cellphones being smartphones, people can do much more with their device than just text and call each other.

The streaming of music and podcasts dominates mobile usage with over 68% of smartphone users streaming music and podcasts daily. Which brings us to the bridge between mobile and audio.

If a majority of mobile activity consists of texting and listening, why not bring the two together to make the ultimate dynamic duo?

With , increase the chances of that audio being yours by using texting to put your brand in people’s ears. And while we can’t make your audio clips for you, rest assured that at SimpleTexting we’re dedicated to helping you with the texting portion of the equation! It’s kind of what we do 😉.

How do you send an audio file on iPhone?

Sending the audio file by e-mail. Select the entry with the audio file you want to transfer to the computer, and, in the newly opened panel, tap the Share icon 1. From the available sending options, select the e-mail icon 2. A new message window will open, containing the selected audio file as an attachment.

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