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How To Have Sex In Water —Sex Tips And Positions For Guys & Girls

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Pro Tips for Safer Water Sex

1. Keep it private

While you probably have a lock on your bedroom door, most types of water sex aren’t as closed off – especially in the great outdoors. You don’t want a ticket for salacious exposure, or to be recorded as a registered sex offender. Try to ensure you don’t have an audience while engaging in water sex.

2. Intercourse isn’t your only option

Test out different types of stimulation with your partner. You might even find that what you like in water differs from what you like in bed.

3. Condoms still work

If you’re planning on using a barrier method, like using an outside condom (also known as male condom), put it on before stepping into the water.

4. Ejaculating in the water isn’t going to get you pregnant

The chances of you getting pregnant with ejaculation in the water around you are very slim. This is especially true if the water is hot – high temperatures can kill sperm outside the body almost instantly.

5. But pregnancy is possible

As in dry land, you can still become pregnant in a hot tub. Hot temperatures won’t kill the sperm that’s ejaculated inside the vagina, so if you want to avoid pregnancy, take the proper precautions.

6. So are sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

When possible, discuss when you were last tested with each other and, if you choose to do so, use inside condoms (worn in the vagina) or outside condoms (worn on the penis) to prevent transmission and avoid infection.

7. Aftercare is crucial

Regardless of how you and your partner enjoy your time in the water, make sure you take good care of yourselves when you get out. Clean yourself off, visit the bathroom, and rehydrate. Do remember you are not just getting exercise, but also the warm water can dehydrate your body.

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Hot Tubs for Quickies Only

Hot tubs can be nice because the built-in seats make it easier to get leverage. You can also use the jets to deliver some blasts of pleasure to your clitoris or anus (but please be careful not to aim the jet into your vagina. It’s rare, but you could cause an air embolism). But you run a risk of overheating if you stay in a hot tub for too long (not to mention the fact that you’re getting overheated simply by having sex). If you want to have sex in a hot tub, make it quick.

Come Prepared

If you’re already fluid-bonded with your partner, you don’t have to worry about using protection. But if condoms are part of your routine, it’s important to know how to manage them in the water. “Put condoms on before getting into the water,” says Dr. Sadie. “Otherwise water can slip inside the condom and cause leakages, breakage, or cause it to slip off.” It’s also important to be mindful of the fact that different bodies of water contain different contaminants, she says. “Lakes and oceans are the dirtiest bodies of water, so beware of the possibility of germs and irritation they can cause,” she warns. “Dirt and particles in the water can also compromise your condom.”

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4. Your yeast infection risk can go up

This just gets better and better, right? Having sex in any body of water can increase your yeast infection risk, and chlorine in particular is tricky because it can irritate your vagina and disrupt the delicate pH down there.

If your pH is disrupted, it can open you up for a yeast overgrowth, leading to an infection, Dr. Shepherd says. And that can leave you with vaginal itching, pain during sex, and abnormal discharge, according to the CDC.

Sex in the Shower

One of the most spoken and practiced forms of sex in water is the steamy sex in the shower. Many vertical sex positions can be super adventurous in the shower. The pressure of water from the shower can stimulate the sensitive areas, and one can reach a greater level of pleasure.

To navigate sex in the shower, one can use the shower walls for support. One partner can face the wall while the other can thrust or provide stimulation. It can be switched, and different new positions can be tried out. An important thing to take care of when having sex in the shower is to prevent slipping and injuries. Using a mat or surface which is anti-slip is essential and increases the pleasure multiple times.

Be Careful with Condoms

If you’re having P-in-V or P-in-A sex, and you’re not fluid-bonded (meaning you haven’t made the conscious decision to have unprotected sex), you’ll need to use a condom. Here’s where it gets complicated. Most condoms can be used in water, but getting them wet makes them more prone to slipping off. This, of course, can expose you to a risk of STIs or pregnancy. Plus, the chemicals used to keep pools clean can damage condoms. You may want to consider a polyurethane (as opposed to the traditional latex) condom if you’re having sex in a pool, as polyurethane can better withstand chemicals such as chlorine.

Hot tubs are even worse. On top of the chemical issue, the hot water can also break down a condom (the heat issue is why condom manufacturers tell you never to store your condoms in your wallet).

Due to these risks, if you aren’t fluid-bonded with your partner, you may want to skip underwater sex.

If you’re using a strap-on or a waterproof sex toy, you can sanitise the toy (follow the manufacturer’s instructions) before and after usage instead of using a condom. (Of course, you can still use a condom if you’d like.)

How to Have Hot Tub Sex

Hot tubs have a well-worn association with sexiness. Besides the heat, bubbles and the relaxation they’re supposed to produce, they’re inherently social spaces where the focus is more on sitting in your bathing suit (or in the nude!) and talking with other people than swimming laps or jumping off diving boards. 

Is It Safe to Have Sex in a Hot Tub?

So long as the heat isn’t scalding hot, hot tubs are safe to have sex in, and given that they’re much smaller bodies of water compared to oceans, lakes and even pools, drowning accidents are much less likely. 

Can You Use a Condom in a Hot Tub? 

As O’Reilly noted, it’s possible that condoms might fare less well in a hot tub than in a natural body of water, but that doesn’t mean that using one is a bad idea. 

Does Hot Tub Water Kill Sperm?

Despite the heat involved, hot tub water won’t kill your sperm, so don’t think that hot tub sex gives you a free pass for ejaculating willy-nilly

Best Hot Tub Sex Positions  

A great option for hot tub sex is a riding-style position, such as the Cowgirl, where one partner sits on the other’s lap, both partners facing each other. 

Carlee RangerCarlee Ranger

However, unlike bathtubs, hot tubs are typically equipped with underwater jets — the pressure from which can be an excellent way to stimulate your genitals, so making use of that can be a great means of foreplay for both partners. 

How to Have Lake Sex

Lakes, often ringed with cottages or cabins for people to enjoy summer getaways, can be a great place to get it on in the water. You’re out of the city, surrounded by nature, and a little bit of skinny dipping can easily turn into something a little more sensual. 

Is It Safe to Have Sex in a Lake?

Somewhat safer than ocean sex is lake sex. Of course, not all lakes are created equal; some are so large they might as well be small oceans — the main difference being that lakes are freshwater, not saltwater. However, lakes can also contain dangerous wildlife, so it’s a good idea to have some facts on hand about the lake in question before you jump in and start going at it.

Can You Use a Condom in a Lake?

Yes! As with oceans, using condoms for lake sex is a strong choice. 

“Condoms can still be used in the water,” says Annabelle Knight, Lovehoney sexpert, “but it is important to make sure, as with any time after sex, that you check the condom didn’t slip off or break during sex. Ensuring you use the correct shape and size is the best way to avoid this from happening.”

Does Lake Water Kill Sperm? 

Like ocean water, lake water won’t kill your sperm. Not to mention, if you ejaculate outside of your partner, your semen could still find its way into your partner’s orifices. That’s why you should still wear a condom. 

Best Lake Sex Positions 

As with ocean sex, O’Reilly suggests staying close to shore. If you’re at an aforementioned cabin or some other location where there’s a dock leading into the lake, taking advantage of that can be a fun experience. 

Carlee RangerCarlee Ranger

“One partner sits on the edge of the dock in shallow water,” says O’Reilly, “and the other stands in the water between their legs to offer an oral treat.”

2. You could be setting yourself up for vaginal tearing

That lack of lube can be a problem and may even lead to increased friction in your vagina, Dr. Shepherd says. And we’re not talking about the good kind of friction. Think more vaginal micro-tears, adds Jennifer Wider, M.D. Also keep this in mind: If your partner is wearing a condom or barrier, more friction increases the odds it will tear.

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Insider’s takeaway

You should take the same precautions you do on land when you are having sex underwater to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STIs. These risks do not go away in the water. 

“While sex in the water might sound exciting, it is perhaps the safest on the movie screen or in the shower. If one really wants to try it, then just make sure you take precautions: clean pool or hot tub, contraception if pregnancy is not desired, understand that STIs still exist, and watch for infection symptoms afterward,” says Figueroa.

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