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How to get ”very high skill” ?

Why is My GPU Usage So High?

A high GPU usage of 90% to 100% is very common while playing games. It just means there is no limit on your FPS, or V-Sync has been turned off allowing rendering to happen at the maximum speed allowed by your graphics card.

You should be happy about the high GPU usage since it means you are utilizing the card to its maximum, giving you seamless gaming experience with a very high FPS.

If you love playing games like PUBG, Watch Dogs 2, Witcher 3 or Rocket League, be prepared to see consistently high GPU usage because that is how these games are designed.



If you play a League of Legends match that lasts 20 minutes because of a surrender, then you probably didn’t have enough time to get as much CD needed or enough damage to get that S. You may have had games where you were doing really good, but then the enemy team surrenders, and you get no S. You did great, but there wasn’t enough time to get those things Riot looks for when giving that S.


Hopefully that’s all you need to get started on your journey to rim-shattering dunks. If you’re ready to start check out my free vertical jump program which will help beginners and intermediates to increase their vertical jump with an easy-to-follow 10-week program.

You can learn how to dunk! Start now by jumping 4 inches higher in under an hour using ‘sneaky’ NBA/NFL pro hacks. Download the Free eBook


I hope that you found these falsetto exercises helpful.

Remember to keep the tone hooty and breathy and you’ll be singing in falsetto in no time.

Remember, if you tend to sing a bit breathy, singing in falsetto may only take you so far. Consider checking out the sections on Belting and Mix.

Why is range important?

Vocal range and voice type play a huge role in your high notes.

As a matter of a fact, I’ve written an article on the different voice types such as bass, tenor, alto and soprano.

But here’s a great cheat sheet with the different voice types so you can find your vocal range.

So if you’re interested to know your voice type and hear different examples in popular music, check it out.

Here’s what it all boils down to:

No matter your voice type, almost any singer can hit high notes.

However, the most important thing is that those notes sound good.

So before you focus on whistle register or how to sing vibrato, let’s focus on making high notes comfortable.

The range of comfortable notes in your voice has a name: Tessitura.

Tessitura is important because there’s no point in hitting high notes if they hurt.

Audiences are smart and they can tell if you’re st

Audiences are smart and they can tell if you’re straining for a note outside your comfortable range.

So today, let’s expand high notes in your tessitura.

That way, you’re hitting beautiful high notes WITHOUT straining.

Why Does my GPU Usage Spike from 0 to 100%?

The spike in your GPU usage from 0 to 100% is most likely related to the graphic intense game you’re playing. You may have noticed that the GPU usage also varies from one game to another.

Here are the main culprits for the spike in GPU usage:

  1. Recent system upgrade: If you have done a system upgrade recently, then that could be one of the reasons for the spike if the updates are still running in the background. This is especially true if the version being upgraded to is far ahead of your current system version.
  2. Your choice of the game: The spikes in the GPU usage may be attributed to your game. Some games are designed to use more GPU than the others. There may even be some settings in your game that ask for high GPU usage. Check that out.
  3. Your system configuration: is another culprit to look out for. A small size RAM can become a burden for your GPU while playing games. A cap on the frame rate could also have a similar effect.
  4. An issue with your monitor driver: Unwanted spikes and drops in the GPU usage while playing games can be related to your monitor driver too. You may want to reinstall the existing driver or download the latest one from an authentic company website to see if things are better.
  5. Malware: if your system security is breached and there is any malware in it, then that could also be a reason for the GPU spike.

4. Better Warm-Up Stretching

Vertical Jumping is a very dynamic movement that puts a lot of stress on your muscles, tendons, and joints. It is therefore very important to be properly warmed-up before starting to perform high-intensity training. This warm-up will not only improve your performance but also reduce the risk of injuries significantly.


Make sure that you start with a general warm-up that gets your blood flowing and elevates your heart-rate. You could just dribble the ball around the court, drive on a bike or run on a treadmill. The ideal warm-up exercise for vertical jump training is probably the Skipping Rope – it works out your whole body, especially the muscles relevant for the vertical jump. Get yourself a great jump rope with 90-degree ball bearing aluminum handles like this one, and general warm-up is a lot of fun all of the sudden!

After the 5-10 minutes of general warm-up, you want to move to the specific warm-up. The role of this part of the warm-up is to activate the central nervous system and prepare the body for the specific movements which are to come. For jump training, good specific warm-up exercises would be tuck jumps or power skipping. Before a lower body strength training workout, squat jumps or box squats are great preparation.


The role of stretching is a bit contradictory. You want to have a decent level of flexibility and range of motion to ensure fluid motion and prevent injuries. But scientific research has also shown that long static stretching before a plyometric workout can actually hurt your results because you lose elasticity in your muscles and stability in your joints.

Therefore, you should focus on dynamic stretching before your workouts. Dynamic stretching focuses on using momentum to putting your body through the whole range of motion of upcoming exercises. Examples of such exercises are forward lunges, backward lunges, knee to chests, toe touches, lateral leg swings, straight leg swings, hip rockers and much more. Check the Youtube Video for an example of a dynamic stretching warm-up.

Best Full-Body Warm Up Routine

Three Ways You Can Get High Without Weed!

#1 Love

Ever heard the saying ‘love is a drug’? Yes, as it turns out there is some scientific weight behind those hapless lovesick fools, more than we may have given credit for! Being in love has very little to do with the heart, and everything to do with the chemicals in our brain.

Have you ever eye-rolled at an individual for being clumsy, forgetful and unreliable all in the name of love? Well, it may be time to re-evaluate your approach to such individuals, because studies show that falling in love can have the same effects on the brain as getting high from marijuana!

Call it what you like, but falling in love is one of the many ways you can get high without a psychoactive substance in sight! There have been numerous studies done into the mental impact love has on us, and the results are pretty mind-blowing! According to Dr. Fisher, there are three main stages of love all of which can be categorized by a particular set of chemicals:

Step 1: Lust – driven by testosterone and estrogen, leaving us with an ultra high libido.

Step 2: Attraction – More than just a sexual driver, attraction can lead to those famous sleepless nights, as well as the less pleasant obsessive, anxious phase. Chemicals to blame here are Norepinephrine (PEA) (thank this for those sweaty palms and racing hearts), and then there is dopamine.

Step 3: Attachment – There is no going back from here, commitment, monogamy and a strong feeling of connection are at play, and it is all thanks to Oxytocin AKA the cuddle chemical!

When it comes down to it, a fool in love is awash with chemicals including everything from dopamine to adrenaline, and so it’s no wonder that feeling of sick, excited and downright goofiness is akin to the feeling of being high!

#2 Exercise

It is no secret that exercise is good for both the body as well as the mind. Health professionals have been encouraging an increase in exercise for decades after all, but what if we told you that you could get high from working out?

Yes, working out can improve physical strength, encourage weight loss, boost energy levels and even reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. So with such a plethora of pros, it is no huge surprise that we can add getting high onto the list, too!

Let us be clear, exercise won’t lead to intoxication, but the chemicals released when performing exercise are the same as those chemicals responsible for causing us to be high when we smoke pot! Have you ever heard of the runner’s high? Well, this phenomenon is what keeps those marathon addicts going come rain or shine, and here is why…

A study done on ten athletes looked at the effects of exercise on their brain activity. The subjects had two PET scans at to separate times, one at rest and another following 2 hours of endurance running. The results revealed that the number of opioids in the brain had a direct correlation to the athletes feeling of euphoria. Both of which has significantly increased after exercise.

This particular study concluded that those who are subject to large amounts of exercise are exposed to larger quantities of drug-like opioids creating an intense high and making it more likely in turn that they would keep coming back to exercise.

While it is rarely a bad thing to over-indulge in exercise, the addictive nature of the ‘runner’s high’ in some cases can lead to excessive exercise and potential risk of eating disorder or injury. We would always recommend consulting a medical professional if you have any concerns. Otherwise, ride the wave of fitness high!

#3 Sex

We’re no strangers to discussing being high during sex here, but did you know you could get high from sex without the weed? It turns out that having sex releases a wave of endogenous drugs, hormones, and neurotransmitters that make cannabis almost redundant in the bedroom!

In fact, the high from sex is so strong that in one study it has been compared to the high one would get from heroin! In the Science of Orgasm, researchers revealed that during male ejaculation, the ventral tegmental area was activated, and in women, during orgasm, the nucleus accumbens area was activated. Both of these areas of the brain are also activated by opiate drugs, as well as by orgasm, which accounts for those addictive cravings and feelings of intense pleasure.

So, if you don’t fancy getting high from marijuana, you could always treat your significant other to a different type of high!

Kill/Death Ration

As a gamer, you’re undoubtedly familiar with that K/D ratio – it has a major impact on your final grade. Try to avoid as many deaths as possible (no one likes dying) and work your way to getting as many kills as you can. For example, you get ten deaths and ten kills; you’re not going to get that S grade. Your K/D is determined in the same manner as CS – champion role and selection. A support class isn’t expected to get 20 kills per match. Game time has an impact on the K/D ratio a well. The longer the match runs, the less important the K/D ratio becomes in the end.