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How to get shiny Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble in Pokemon Sword and Shield

What is Shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokemon are super-rare and special Pokemon which seldom appear in the game series. They first showed up in Generation II Pokemon games. Their emergence was accompanied by a flash of light or surrounded by stars, so the players could easily find out if the Pokemon is Shiny or not. In Pokemon Quest, there are also Shiny Pokemon, though they appear without any sign as before.

Shiny Pokemon have the full counterparts among the Pokemon. Every Pokemon even the legendary one can have its shiny similar. So if you are lucky, you can meet both Shiny Charmander and Shiny Mewtwo.

But you should remember, there is a small chance to meet a Shiny Pokemon in the game that is why they are so precious for your collection.

If the Pokemon is Shiny right from the beginning, it will evolve into Shiny as well. For example, Shiny Pichu will become a Shiny Pikachu and finally, evolve into Shiny Raichu. And this process can be called Shiny Evolution.

There’s no chance to become Shiny for an ordinary Pokemon.


How To Get The Shiny Charm In Pokemon Sword And Shield

The Shiny Charm, once in your bag, increases the chances of finding Shiny Pokemon, it is essential if you are going to hunt for shiny Pokemon. The Charm is rather hard to obtain but is worth it in the end if you want that special shiny Pokemon.

  1. To get the Shiny Charm, you will first need to complete the Pokedex.
  2. After that, you will want to go to Circhester.
  3. Enter Hotel Ionia and speak to the Director.
  4. He will award you the Shiny Charm for completing the Pokedex.

What every shiny looks like in Sword and Shield

Curious to see what all the shiny variants look like in Gen 8? Check out this awesome video made by ProsafiaGaming.


First things first, you are going to want to use a the Lure item to bring down your chances quite a bit. The odds for finding a shiny Pokemon just running around the game 1 in 4096! However, if you pop one of these

Shiny Krabby

Lure items you will drop your chances all the way to 1 in 2048 which doubles your chances of finding one. There are three types of lures (regular, super, and max), but the “stronger” ones do not increase your chances to catch a shiny poke, but just increase the duration of the item. The Lure is good for 100 Steps, Super Lure for 200, and the Max Lure for 250. If you are unfamiliar, in Pokemon duration isn’t based on time but is based on how many footsteps you’ve taken.

Lures can be purchased in shops, and the further you progress in the game the higher grade of Lure you’ll be able to purchase.

Catch Shiny Pokemon in Mass Outbreaks

Mass Outbreaks are events that begin happening after a specific point in the game. The guard Ress will let you know he’s been hearing reports of mass outbreaks. At that point, you can open your map and look for the Mass Outbreaks. Each Mass Outbreak will feature a species of Pokemon. The Pokemon will spawn non-stop in that area for around 15 minutes until the Outbreak ends. The Shiny rates are drastically increased during this time, allowing you to catch one easily! 

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Odds of Getting Shiny Pokemon

Method Chance/Odds of Shiny Pokemon
Basic Odds 1/4096
International Breeding 1/683
Poke Radar chain of 40 Approximately 40x better than Basic Odds

Odds of Breeding Shiny Pokemon

        Normal Breeding     With International Bre

Normal Breeding With International Breeding
1/4096 1/683

The odds of getting a Shiny Pokemon from breeding is 1/4096. It can also increase to 1/683 with International Breeding, which involves using a Pokemon from a different country from where you are from. This significantly improves the odds of you obtaining a shiny Pokemon!

How to Breed Pokemon and Hatch Eggs

Using the Masuda Method (International Pokemon Breeding)

When 2 Pokemon of different countries of origin are brought to a Nursery, their chances of producing an egg of a Shiny Pokemon increase significantly. Players often seek to find foreign Ditto, since Ditto can breed with almost every Pokemon.

This is colloquially referred to as the Masuda Method and has been a technique for breeding Shiny Pokemon in the series since Generation 3.

Via Poke Radar Chaining

        Chain Length     Shiny Odds           0

Chain Length Shiny Odds
0(Basic Odds) 1/4096
16 Approx. 2x better than Basic Odds
36 Approx. 4x better than Basic Odds
38 Approx. 10x better than Basic Odds
40 Approx. 40x better than Basic Odds

You increase your odds of encountering Shiny Pokemon in tall grass by chaining together encounters with a single Pokemon species via the Poke Radar. By increasing the chain up to 40, you’re more likely to encounter the shiny grass patch.

The chain breaks if it’s not the same Pokemon species encountered or if no grass shakes

If your next encounter is not of the same species, the chain ends. You should avoid getting into wild encounters in grass not rustled by the Poke Radar. Additionally, if no grass shakes after the Poke Radar battle, your chain ends.

How to Use the Poke Radar

About Shinies

Shinies are much, much rarer than normal Pokémon. In official Generation 1 Pokémon games, shinies weren’t a thing. They were shiny if the stats were higher than original. If you don’t think it is, send it to Gen 2, where shinies are the ones we have today.

SOS Battle

In SOS Battles, enemy Pokemon would often call one ally to help him/her in battle. There is a chance that these allies are Shiny, but the probability is still very low. In addition, SOS Battles doesn’t always happen in the game, so the chance of finding a Shiny Pokemon in this mode of battle is low.

Complete Pokemon Go shiny list

All of the Pokemon on our Pokemon Go shiny list below can be found as shinies in Pokemon Go, including how you obtain them all, as some are exclusive to raids or eggs. Currently, all evolutions cannot be caught as shiny – the only exceptions to this are Pikachu, Nidorina, Nidoqueen, and Alolan Exeggutor.

Gen 1 – Kanto Pokedex

  • Shiny Bulbasaur – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Ivysaur – Evolution 
  • Shiny Venusaur – Evolution
  • Shiny Charmander – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Charmeleon – Evolution 
  • Shiny Charizard – Evolution
  • Shiny Squirtle – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild
  • Shiny Wartortle – Evolution
  • Shiny Blastoise – Evolution
  • Shiny Caterpie – Research Encounter, Wild Shiny 
  • Metapod – Evolution 
  • Shiny Butterfree – Evolution
  • Shiny Weedle – Eggs, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Kakuna – Evolution 
  • Shiny Beedrill – Evolution
  • Shiny Pidgey – Wild 
  • Shiny Pidgeotto – Evolution 
  • Shiny Pidgeot – Evolution
  • Shiny Rattata – Wild 
  • Shiny Raticate – Evolution
  • Shiny Alolan Rattata – Wild 
  • Shiny Alolan Raticate – Evolution
  • Shiny Ekans – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounter Shiny Arbok – Evolution
  • Shiny Pichu – Eggs 
  • Shiny Pikachu – Evolution, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Raichu – Evolution 
  • Shiny Alolan Raichu – Raids
  • Shiny Sandshrew – Wild 
  • Shiny Sandslash – Evolution
  • Shiny Alolan Sandshrew – Wild 
  • Shiny Alolan Sandslash – Evolution
  • Shiny Nidoran F – Wild 
  • Shiny Nidorina – Evolution 
  • Shiny Nidoqueen – Evolution
  • Shiny Nidoran M – Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Nidorino – Evolution 
  • Shiny Nidoking – Evolution
  • Shiny Cleffa – Eggs 
  • Shiny Clefairy – Evolution 
  • Shiny Clefable – Evolution
  • Shiny Vulpix – Eggs, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Ninetales – Evolution
  • Shiny Alolan Vulpix – Wild 
  • Shiny Alolan Ninetales – Evolution
  • Shiny Igglybuff – Eggs 
  • Shiny Jigglypuff – Evolution 
  • Shiny Wigglytuff – Evolution
  • Shiny Zubat – Eggs, Research Encounter, Wild 
  • Shiny Golbat – Evolution 
  • Shiny Crobat – Evolution
  • Shiny Oddish – Eggs, Wild 
  • Shiny Gloom – Evolution 
  • Shiny Vileplume – Evolution 
  • Shiny Bellossom – Evolution
  • Shiny Venonat – Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Venomoth – Evolution
  • Shiny Diglett – Wild 
  • Shiny Dugtrio – Evolution
  • Shiny Alolan Diglett – Wild 
  • Shiny Alolan Dugtrio – Evolution
  • Shiny Meowth – Raids, Wild 
  • Shiny Persian – Evolution
  • Shiny Alolan Meowth – Eggs 
  • Shiny Alolan Persian – Evolution
  • Shiny Psyduck – Wild 
  • Shiny Golduck – Evolution
  • Shiny Mankey – Wild 
  • Shiny Primeape – Evolution
  • Shiny Growlithe – Eggs, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Arcanine – Evolution
  • Shiny Poliwag – Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Poliwhirl – Evolution 
  • Shiny Poliwrath – Evolution Shiny Politoed – Evolution
  • Shiny Abra – Research Encounter, Wild 
  • Shiny Kadabra – Evolution 
  • Shiny Alakazam – Evolution
  • Shiny Machop – Eggs, Wild 
  • Shiny Machoke – Evolution 
  • Shiny Machamp – Evolution
  • Shiny Bellsprout – Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Weepinbell – Evolution 
  • Shiny Victreebel – Evolution
  • Shiny Tentacool – Raids, Research Encounter, Wild 
  • Shiny Tentacruel – Evolution
  • Shiny Geodude – Wild 
  • Shiny Graveler – Evolution 
  • Shiny Golem – Evolution
  • Shiny Alolan Geodude – Wild 
  • Shiny Alolan Graveler – Evolution 
  • Shiny Alolan Golem – Evolution
  • Shiny Ponyta – Wild 
  • Shiny Rapidash – Evolution
  • Shiny Magnemite – Wild 
  • Shiny Magneton – Evolution 
  • Shiny Magnezone – Evolution
  • Shiny Farfetch’d – Eggs, Wild
  • Shiny Doduo – Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Dodrio – Evolution
  • Shiny Seel – Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Dewgong – Evolution
  • Shiny Grimer – Eggs, Wild 
  • Shiny Muk – Evolution
  • Shiny Shellder – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Cloyster – Evolution
  • Shiny Gastly – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Haunter – Evolution 
  • Shiny Gengar – Evolution
  • Shiny Onix – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Steelix – Evolution
  • Shiny Drowzee – Eggs, Raids, Wild 
  • Shiny Hypno – Evolution
  • Shiny Krabby – Eggs, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Kingler – Evolution
  • Shiny Alolan Exeggutor – Wild
  • Shiny Cubone – Wild 
  • Shiny Marowak – Evolution 
  • Shiny Alolan Marowak – Raids
  • Shiny Lickitung – Raids, Wild 
  • Shiny Lickilicky – Evolution
  • Shiny Koffing – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounter 
  • Shiny Weezing – Evolution
  • Shiny Rhyhorn – Eggs, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Rhydon – Evolution 
  • Shiny Rhyperior – Evolution
  • Shiny Happiny – Eggs 
  • Shiny Chansey – Evolution, Wild 
  • Shiny Blissey – Evolution
  • Shiny Tangela – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Tangrowth – Evolution
  • Shiny Horsea – Eggs, Wild 
  • Shiny Seadra – Evolution 
  • Shiny Kingdra – Evolution
  • Shiny Staryu – Eggs, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Starmie – Evolution
  • Shiny Mime Jr – Eggs 
  • Shiny Mr. Mime – Eggs, Wild
  • Shiny Scyther – Eggs, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Scizor – Evolution
  • Shiny Smoochum – Eggs 
  • Shiny Jynx – Evolution
  • Shiny Elekid – Eggs 
  • Shiny Electabuzz – Evolution 
  • Shiny Electivire – Evolution
  • Shiny Magby – Eggs 
  • Shiny Magmar – Evolution 
  • Shiny Magmortar – Evolution
  • Shiny Tauros – Eggs, Wild
  • Shiny Magikarp – Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Gyarados – Evolution
  • Shiny Lapras – Raids, Research Encounters, Wild
  • Shiny Eevee – Eggs, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Vaporeon – Evolution 
  • Shiny Jolteon – Evolution 
  • Shiny Flareon – Evolution 
  • Shiny Espeon – Evolution 
  • Shiny Umbreon – Evolution 
  • Shiny Leafeon – Evolution 
  • Shiny Glaceon – Evolution
  • Shiny Omanyte – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Omastar – Evolution
  • Shiny Kabuto – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Kabutops – Evolution
  • Shiny Aerodactyl – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild
  • Shiny Articuno – Raids, Research Encounters 
  • Shiny Zapdos – Raids, Research Encounters 
  • Shiny Moltres – Raids, Research Encounters
  • Shiny Dratini – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Dragonair – Evolution 
  • Shiny Dragonite – Evolution
  • Shiny Dratini – Eggs, Raids, Research Encounters, Wild 
  • Shiny Dragonair – Evolution 
  • Shiny Dragonite – Evolution

How to catch Shiny Pokémon

To increase your odds of running into Shiny Pokémon, there are two things you have to remember: how many of that specific Pokémon you have battled and how many you currently have in a Catch Combo.

Catch Combos are how many of the same Pokémon you’ve caught in a row. If you are hunting for a Shiny Caterpie, you should go to where Caterpie spawn and catch as many in a row as you can. Run from other Pokémon you may run into, and focus on catching Caterpie. Catch Combos stop adding to your Shiny chance after you catch 25, but doing this dramatically increases your Shiny chance from 1/4096 to 1/2048, according to .

Battle Count also is important. The more Pokémon of the specific species you have battled, the higher your chance of finding a Shiny will be. After battling over 100 of one species of Pokémon, your chances to find a Shiny increase by 2.5% when paired with Catch Combos. Continuing to battle up to 500 Pokémon further increases your chance of finding a Shiny. You can check how many Pokémon you’ve battled using your Pokédex.

Game Freak, The Pokémon Company/Nintendo via Polygon

The last important thing to boost your Shiny chance is the Shiny Charm. You can only get this item from the Game Freak Game Director after completing the Pokédex. You can find him in Hotel Ionia in Circhester.

Using all three of these techniques can give you an approximately 1/455 chance of finding a Shiny, which is way better than the original Shiny rate.

Game Freak, The Pokémon Company/Nintendo via Polygon

Part 4: Hot FAQs about Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Q1: How many Shiny Pokémon are there in Pokémon GO?

There are a total of 99 Shiny Pokémon introducted in Pokémon GO.

Q2: What is the rarest shiny in Pokémon GO?

Some of the rarest Shiny Pokémon are:

  • Shiny Party Hat Nidorino
  • Shiny Woobat
  • Shiny hat-wearing Pikachu
  • Shiny AlolanGrimer
  • Shiny AlolanVulpix
  • Shiny Gible
  • Shiny Abra
  • Shiny Lunatone
  • Shiny Zubat
  • Shiny Clefairy

Q3: Are Shiny Pokémon stronger in Pokémon GO?

There’s no difference between a regular Pokémon and a Shiny Pokémon apart from their appearances. Shiny Pokémon are neither stronger nor weaker than their regular versions.

Q4: Can I show off Shiny Pokémon in Gyms in Pokémon GO?

Yes, but with 2 conditions:

First that Shiny Legendaries can’t go to Gyms.

Shiny versions are no different Pokémon. So if there’s already a regular version of a particular Pokémon in the Gym, you can’t add its shiny version.

Q5: Can I Get Shiny Pokémon Evolution in Pokémon GO?

Yes. If a Shiny Pokémon undergoes evolution, its Shiny status will always stay.


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