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How To Fix Browser Crashing Issues On Android Devices

Firefox keeps crashing on my mobile

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Chosen solution First, restart your phone. Open Firefox browser, pick a bookmarked site. If it still crashes you may need to try and clear some ‘caches’ under “settings” (cookies, bookmarks, etc) Also clear your history.. Good luck. Read this answer in context 👍 9


Method 5. Reset the Cache Files on Your Android Device

Cache files are known to cause issues and you should get rid of them regularly from your device. The recovery mode helps you easily clean up the cache partition on your device and the following is how you do it.


Reboot your Android device into the recovery mo

  • Reboot your Android device into the recovery mode by pressing and holding down Volume Up and Power buttons on most devices.

  • Once you are inside the recovery mode, select the wipe cache partition option and your cache files will be wiped off from your device.

Part 6: File Downloading issue from Chrome

While you were trying to download from internet, the file didn’t download properly or it might get stuck and eventually crashing Chrome occurs. In such instances, many times, uninstalling and installing helps. Therefore, follow the steps below to uninstall and install Chrome and fix Chrome keeps stopping

  • Go to “Settings” and tap on “Apps”.
  • Select “Chrome” and tap on “Uninstall Updates”.
 Now, you need to re-install it from Play Store. F
  • Now, you need to re-install it from Play Store. From the “My Apps” section, tap on Chrome and update it.

Part 3: Chrome cache overflowing

While using any app for long, the temporary files for those gets collected in the form of cache. And when cache is not getting cleared, one may face the freezing, crashing or sluggish apps. And this could also be the cause why your Chrome keeps stopping. Hence, the following steps will show you how to clear cache and make Chrome work as before.

1. Open “Settings” and go to “Apps & Notifications”.

2. Look for “Chrome” and tap on it.

3. Go to “Storage” and click on “Clear Cache”.

Method 7. Master Reset Your Android Device

Method 7. Master Reset Your Android Device

If none of the methods work for you, your final option is to reset your device to the factory settings. That means you will lose all the data and settings currently available on your device and your device will be reset to the factory default settings.


First, you should go head to Settings > System.”/></p><ul> <li><p>First, you should go head to Settings > System.</p></li> <li><p>Reset options and tap on Erase all data (factory reset). Then it will get the job done for you.</p></li> </ul><p>ConclusionChrome is one of the stable web browsers out there but sometimes it faces issues too. Fortunately, though, you have so many ways available to fix the Chrome crashing issues on your device as shown in the above guide. We hope it helps you out and lets you enjoy an error-free experience with Chrome on your device.</p><div class=See also: The High Cost of Bad Credit