How to Enable a Hidden Commercial-Skipping Button on Any DVR

The future of TV advertisements

The introduction of digital video recorders and services with skipping and fast-forward capabilities enables viewers to avoid viewing interruptive advertisements in recorded programs, either manually or automatically. While advertising separate to television shows can be skipped, advertising in TV shows themselves (“product placement“) cannot be skipped. Streaming services such as Hulu show shorter advertisements with a countdown timer and tailored to the viewers interests, asking interactive questions like “Is this ad relevant to you?”.

Step 4: Configure SageTV

After the SageTV installation has completed, you’ll need to complete the initial configuration before you can start using the software. The initial SageTV configuration is relatively straightforward, but requires about 10-15 mintues to complete. For detalied screenshots of each step in the initial installation, please checkout my website at


Can You Personalize YouTube Ads?

The quick answer is yes, you can. Log into and make sure ad personalization is turned on. Then move onto the section that lists all the ad preferences, click on the one you wouldn’t like to see, and select “Turn off.”

This allows you to control the information Google uses to show you the ads. And what’s best about it, the personalization applies to certain aspects of YouTube TV, too.

Destructive Removal of Commercials

While we recommend using the non-destructive detection of (and option to skip) commercials, it’s also possible to have Plex Media Server alter the recorded video file to simply remove the detected commercials altogether. Because the detection of where commercials occur is not always perfect, we generally do not recommend choosing this method.

Commercial removal in this case is a “destructive” process. That is to say, whatever is detected as a commercial will be removed forever from the recording and if an incorrect detection is made, it is not possible to restore the deleted sections.

Plex Media Server Compatibility

The commercial removal feature:

  • Requires running Plex Media Server version 1.10.0 or newer.
  • Is not currently available for FreeBSD installs.
  • Requires a Plex Media Server capable of transcoding (so some NAS devices may not be compatible: NAS Devices).

Step 6: Install ShowAnalyzer and DirMON

These 2 utilities will help you monitor your video directory for new TV recordings and automatically launch the ShowAnalyzer program to detect commercials in the newly added video mpg files.Both utilities are available from:Install both utilties and configure them as shown on my website: That’s it. Sit back and watch commercial FREE TV!