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How to eat the booty –

How should my partner prepare for a rim job?

Needless to say, you want to make sure that you or your partner has a clean butthole before you chow down. The good news is that you don’t have to do a full douche or enema before tossing salad. That’s because when you eat a booty, you’re focusing on the external part of the anus. If you happen to have a long and slippery tongue, you may be able to get a half-inch in there, but nothing more. You only need to douche if you’re planning on taking a lengthier penis or dildo that gets deeper inside you.

Really, all you need to do is wash the external anal area with some gentle, antibacterial soap and water. That’s it. “If you’re just getting right down to things, you can do a visual and sniff test and communicate,” Matatas says. “Ask your person if they want to get their butthole ready for your mouth, or if they need to ‘freshen up.’”

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Cleanliness isn’t just important for enjoyment, it’s also necessary to help prevent the transfer of harmful bacteria. “Rimming can run the risk of transferring harmful gut bacteria, like E. coli or salmonella, from the person being rimmed (receiver) to the person doing the rimming (giver),” Matatas says. That’s why you should skip rimming if you or your partner has an upset stomach. Having diarrhea or stomach pain is a telltale sign that you had some contaminated food with harmful bacteria.

It’s important to warm up, too. “A lot of people have this perception that they don’t need to do any foreplay with rimming, but just like with every other type of sexual experience, you want to warm up,” Sinclair says in Men’s Health Best. Sex. Ever.

“Start by teasing the anus,” she says. “Make circles with your tongue, lick it like ice cream, and play with the entire booty. Really get your hands on it. Spank it. Shake it!” Once your partner is warmed up and ready for more, you can go deeper into the rim job.


How to Eat to Reveal Dem Abs

Before you start Operation abs, let’s talk.

Getting a six-pack is not easy at all. Just ask this person who knows a lot about fitness and nutrition things: Stephen Ball, professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at the University of Missouri. “Very few people can achieve this look, regardless of what they do,” says Ball. And that’s 100 percent normal and totally fine. “It’s very unrealistic for most people to have body fat percentages low enough to see the abs.” Got it? Great. If you’ve been getting in regular sweat seshes but your abs are still nowhere to be found, it’s likely that your body fat percentage is just out of the (pretty low) range necessary for abs, says Matheny. But that means your toned abs already exist. (Exciting!)

With that in mind, I’m going to go ahead and throw this out here: A healthy relationship with food is more important than what your body looks like—times a bajillion. And if aiming to get visible abs leads to restricting food groups, calorie counts, or makes you feel hungry, just stop. STOP. It’s not worth it on so many levels.

To work toward more definition, Matheny has a couple of tips. First, focus on eating enough protein (one gram for every pound of body weight), fat, and fiber. “Those are all very filling, so if you focus on those three you’re going to feel more full,” he says.

You can also try to cut back on sugar, since it’s one of the carbs people over-consume the most. Plus, sugar doesn’t fill you up, and it can actually make you hungrier.

Whatever you do, don’t eliminate carbs altogether because you need ’em to fuel your body. “Your body functions best on carbohydrates,” explains Matheny. That’s why you should def eat some before you work out. “If you don’t eat before, you won’t be able to really push your body in a way that’s really gonna change it,” he continues. No pre-workout fasting!

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Another way to help your abs show their face is to reduce everyday bloating (which is normal and healthy, BTW) by consuming less sodium and drinking lots of water. Try to eat at home more often to avoid excess salt and down about two liters of H2o per day.

15. Have your partner sit on your face and push your tongue upward

The CW / Via topmodeltmblr.tumblr.com Allow your tongue to put pressure on their hole. The tip should feel like it’s pushing its way inside them. —jordanr4ae7d590b

The risks of anal eating

During sex, shit can go wrong all the time. But only when you eat ass, the chances of having shit sex suddenly becomes literal. Eating ass is always a risk — thinks can happen. I don’t mean to scare you, but sometimes an eater gets farts right in the face.

Others get pieces of poop and toilet paper — okay, I am stopping now. Still, don’t rush to close the guide — these cases are still exceptions, it’s just that you should be ready for anything. Here’s the list of things that you should watch out for — and we’ll talk about minimizing the probability of such situations.

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  • Dirty butts. The primary and ever-present fear of a butt eater. Before you start eating ass, you have to make sure that the partner washed thoroughly down there and didn’t go to the toilet afterward.
  • Infection: obviously, if you lick a dirty butt, getting nasty bacteria in your vocal cavity is a possible development.
  • Wrong technique: you can start licking your partner in the wrong places, or your partner could approach you from the wrong angle if you are the receiver. It’s no a big deal — you can retry, but let’s say, a poor entry won’t lead to the best ass eating experience.
You need to figure out the right angle for a botto
You need to figure out the right angle for a bottom and tongue

18. Use the old ~spell out words with your tongue~ trick

The CW / Via tenor.com I like to write out words with my tongue on his butthole like, “I’m gonna bang you so good you’ll be moaning my name all week.” I’ve never met a guy who has figured it out, though. —shooterboy69

The Bottom Line

When it comes to what foods to help you get thick, high-protein foods should be high on your list. Proteins help in maintaining already existing muscle mass and promoting muscle growth, especially when combined with resistance training.

However, you must ensure that you do not overeat in any of the above meals. Control your overall diet and incorporate these foods slowly in your everyday life. After all, eating too much protein in your bid to get thicker can lead to all sorts of discomfort such as indigestion, dehydration, exhaustion, nausea, diarrhea and possibly weight gain.

If you are unsure how much of these foods to add to your diet, speak to a doctor and dietitian to find a healthy way to eat the right foods that help you get thicker.


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