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How To Do Pull Ups At Home For Beginners?

Chin Ups/Pull Ups At Home

1. Door Pull-Ins

You never heard and think about that you can easily do pull-ups with the door. For this, you only need 2 things a door and a strong piece of cloth.

  • First, Tired Clothes pieces to the opening and closing door handle tightly.
  • Then keep both feet on both sides of the door(To resist the movement of the door during pull ups workout). And then raise your hips from the ground till your thighs come parallel to the floor.
  • Then forward your body to the door by folding you both elbows, till chest slightly touches to the door.
  • After hold for a second, Straighten your both hands by backward your upper body, Till you come in the original position.

#Note – During this pull-ups alternative you should keep your back straight and shoulder in retracted mode. This exercise is new for many people. You can also say that this exercise is a good alternative to Pull-ups.

2. Table Pull-Ups

2. Table Pull-Ups

This is also another alternative of doing pull-ups. Put the table in an open place where you easily do this exercise. The height of the table is that, where you can easily do this alternative.

  • First, lay down under the table by the back.
  • Then grab the corner line of the table with both hands(Grab the bar just wider than your shoulders)
  • After this tight your core and raise your body above folding arms. Keeping the heels in contact with the ground, pull your body up so that the upper sternum comes in contact with the bar.
  • After hold for a second lower down your body by straightening both arms, Till your hands get fully straighten.
  • Then repeat the same steps for more repetitions.

#Note – During this pull-ups exercise you should keep your back straight and shoulder in retracted mode. The main problem that people face during this exercise is that they are not able to choose a table. So choose table wisely.

3. Door Pull-Ups

3. Door Pull-Ups

This type of pull-ups is just the same as gym pull-ups. In this pull-ups, you need some types of equipment like a door and 2 pieces of cloth. And you need to perform this pull-ups on that door which has a stopper, if your Door has not any stopper then you use any obstacle to freeze the door.

  • First, go near to the open door.
  • Stand near the door and hold the last corner edge line of the door(Grab the bar just wider than your shoulders).
  • For comfortable grips, you can put two pieces of clothes under both palms. Then fold your both legs behind hips.
  • After this Pull Your body above by bending your both arms. Then pull your body up till the chin pass over the Door Edge. After this hold for a second, lower down your body by straightening your Arms.

#Note – The carefulness in this type of pull ups, is that the door should not be moving during pull-ups. There are many people who causes serious injury by moving of the door. So do it carefully. In the beginning stage, you will face some problems but doing continue for 5-7 days you feel like the normal pull ups workout.

4. Pull-ups Hangers

4. Pull-ups Hangers

This pull-ups hanger work like the Pull-Ups bar. In this home Bar, you can do pull-ups and chin-ups workout. The main purpose of this bar is to set up the Gym pull-ups Bar at home. This rod is movable and you can easily use it at any corner of the home.

  • Buy this Pull Ups Bar.
  • Then fit this pull-ups bar at the home when you can easily the pull-ups workout.
  • Choose the Height of the Home Pull Ups Bar Very wisely.
  • After this, Do the same steps of the Pull-ups on this Home Pull-ups Bar.

This bar is called multiplayer because in this bar you do pull-ups and chin-ups both. All equipment that you need to fit this bar is available with the Bar. You can also Buy this Home Pull-Ups bar from here with the cheapest and in reliable price. So if you want to buy then Click Below.

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5.  Protoner 3 in 1

5. Protoner 3 in 1

If you thinking to Buy valuable Home Bar then you can easily use for long term then you can Buy this. Partner 3 in 1 is that rod in which you do that exercises that you cannot able to do at home but in this Bar, you do Dips, Pull-Ups, Chin-ups, and many other exercises.

The benefits of using this bar is that:-

  • Protoner wall removable chin up, dips & push up multi home gym
  • Padded foam grips for comfort against your hands and heavy-duty steel construction features with black powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, crunches and prefect for working out your backs, shoulder, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, lats and abs etc.
  • This bar is the full value of money Bar.

This bar is too beneficial and a positive point is that of the bar is that it is too cheap. This bar is movable so you can do pull and chin-ups easily at home. This Bar easily available at the Amazon or Flipkart, Or you can easily buy from here.

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6. Door Window

This is one of the best way of doing chin-ups and pull ups at home. I also do pull-ups workout at home by this way. In this pull-ups way, you will not face any type of injury. In India, there is a trend to make a door window above the Door. Through the Edge of that Door window, you can easily do pull-ups workout.

  • First, open the door completely and stop it at one place by using obstacles/stopper.
  • Then grab the edge of the door window by your fingers and palms. (Grab the edge just wider than your shoulders)
  • After this Pull Your body above by bending down your both arms. Then pull your body up till the chin pass over the Door Edge. After this hold for a second, lower down your body by straightening your Arms. ( In short, you need to follow pull-ups steps.)

#Note – Before performing pull-ups, Please check the capacity of the Door window by hanging on it. Because there are many cases in which door Window edge gets broken during the pull ups and they cause serious injury.

7. Tree Bark

7. Tree Bark

There are many houses Backward in which tress are available. You can easily do pull-ups on that trees also.

  • First Choose the Bark of the Tree. (Make sure that the branches you use are thick enough and strong enough to support your body weight so they don’t snap as you do pull ups.)
  • Then grab the bark of the tree by your fingers and palms. (Grab the bark just wider than your shoulders)

8. Cycle Bus Stand

8. Cycle Bus Stand

There are many societies where you find the cycle stand. On that cycle stand, you can easily do pull-ups/chin-ups workout by using of edge.

9. In Park Rod

There are many people who are not able to go Gym for doing pull-ups workout then you can choose Park for the pull-ups workout. Around 90 percent of parks, Government provides the hanging bar for the Kids. But on the hanging bar you can do your pull ups workout. Park Hanging Bar just similar to the Pull-Ups Bar.

These are the best ways to do Pull Ups At Home. In

These are the best ways to do Pull Ups At Home. In all these tricks the injury chances are very less. If you want to do pull ups at home then these tricks and ways are sufficient for your pull ups workout. There are 9 best ways to do pull ups at home, But there top 3 ways/tricks that rated 5 stars by 1000+ gym trainers. In these 3 tricks the injury chances are about 5-10 percent only.

  • Door Window
  • Pull-Ups Hangers
  • Park Rod

You clearly know that these tricks made by the Jugaad techniques. To Prevent from any accident, Before performing pull-ups workout you should check the strength of the Bar by hanging on it. And try to Avoid Pull Ups Mistakes.


How to do a proper pull-up with perfect form

Now, let’s get to the fun part – how to correctly perform a pull-up! There are a few tips and tricks that make doing a pull-up easier and make sure you reap the full benefits of this powerful exercise.

Pull-up exercise variations tips for beginners

If you are a beginner many bodyweight exercises (including pull-ups and chin-ups) might feel very challenging to you. We understand that many people can’t do even a single repetition of a pull-up. Don’t worry, there are some tricks and techniques that will help you to gain the strength you need for achieving your first perfect repetition. Our five favorites are the following:

Assisted pull-ups. For this exercise you will need another person to help you. Grab the bar and let the other person hold your hips or legs. When you pull yourself up he should use his arms to push you up as well. The assistant should push you just a little so that you have plenty of work to do yourself. If you prefer to work out alone you can buy elastic resistance bands. Just throw them over the bar and put your knee or foot in the loop. That will help you a bit.

Body row. While not a pull-up is still helps to develop the muscles you will need for harder pull-up variations. For this exercise you can use either a low hanging bar or gymnastic rings (or TRX). Grab the bar and fully extend your arms. Make sure that your body is in a straight line and your abs are engaged. While maintaining a good posture, pull your chest towards the bar. Pause and return back to the starting position.

Jumping pull-ups. For this exercise you will need a bar that you can easily reach while standing on the ground. In a pull-up exercise the hardest part is pulling yourself up. Letting yourself down is the easy part. Grab the bar with both hands. Use your legs to jump up so that your chin is above the bar. Don’t drop down. Use all the strength you have to make the downward motion as slow as possible. Repeat this exercise until you can no longer jump high enough or your back muscles can’t carry your weight anymore.

Static holds. Find a low-hanging bar or use a chair to access a regular height pull-up bar. Grab it and make sure that your chin is above the bar. Lift your feed and hold this position (with the chin above the bar) for as long as you can. If you start losing strength, don’t just jump off – lower yourself in a controlled manner. Static holds are very effective for building strength for more demanding movements.

Negative pull-ups. Find a low-hanging bar or use a chair to access a regular height pull-up bar. Grab the bar so that you find yourself in the upper position of a pull-up. Slowly lower yourself back down. This exercise is very similar to the jumping pull-up.


Here’s a question I get asked a lot.

What if you really want to do a pullup but you’ve never been able to because you’ve never practiced.

I definitely understand this dilemma. You feel like it’s impossible, but I can assure you that it’s not.

Here are a few ways you can use the perfect form and technique I’m about to teach you while giving yourself some assistance.


First, you can use a chair or a box to perform assisted pull-ups.

Again, you MUST know how to do a pullup. You need proper form here as much as without a chair. The chair or box is just there for support.

You can also use that chair or box to focus on negative sets.


Also called eccentric training, a negative set is when you get help during the lifting portion, but the lowering portion of the exercise is all you.

In this case, you can stand on the box or chair to lift your chest to the pull-up bar, then extend your legs out in a hollow position and slowly lower yourself down.

The goal is to have an extended bar hang time by slowly lowering yourself.

Step back on the box or chair and do it again.


Another way to get yourself closer to being able to perform a pullup is to focus on similar pulling exercises.

There are different exercises that focus on pulling but they all hit the same muscles.

By strengthening these muscles, you are getting one step closer to being able to lift yourself up to that pull-up bar without assistance.

Here are some of the best pulling exercises you can incorporate into your workout routine:

  • Bent-over dumbbell rows
  • Bent-over barbell rows
  • Dumbbell Romanian deadlifts
  • Barbell deadlifts
  • Rope pulls

Depending on your level of experience, you might want to start with resistance bands to ensure you’re getting the form down without overloading a barbell.

If you use resistance bands, move slowly and through the entire range of motion.

Make sure you feel confident about your form before progressing to a weighted barbell.


Finally, if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed.

It might not be pretty, and you might not get far at first, but you have to practice what you want to achieve. And what you want to achieve is perfect pull-up form.

I’d recommend trying to do pull-ups three times per week, but you can use different pull-up variations.

For example, on Monday, you can perform negative pull-ups; on Wednesday, you can try assisted pullups, and on Friday, give it your best effort and try to perform a single (or more) classic pull-up.

Guys, if you practice pull-ups with the form that I’m about to breakdown for you, I promise you’ll be doing more advanced pullup variations in no time.

Some examples of advanced pull-up moves include weighted pull-ups, strict pull-ups (time under tension pullups), and L-sit pullups.

Okay, now let’s get started with how to do a pullup… a proper pull-up.

How To Do Pull-Ups #3: Weaknesses

Besides doing pull-ups regularly, Sklar recommends incorporating these complementary movements into your programming to strengthen the upper body and shoulder complex, which will, in turn, help you learn how to do pull-ups.

Wall W

“This mimics the motion of a pull-up with no weight-bearing,” says Sklar.

Lean back against a wall so only your glutes, upper back, and head are touching. Raise both arms and place them flat against the wall, elbows bent 90 degrees and in line with your shoulders. Maintain contact with the wall with your wrists and forearms as you extend your arms overhead as high as you can, then lower back to the start. Do 3 slow sets of 8.

Hanging Shrug

“These help you practice engaging and utilizing your back muscles to pull yourself up as opposed to focusing solely on your arms,” says Sklar.

Related: How to Improve Your Grip Strength

Hang underneath a pull-up bar and relax all your upper back and shoulder muscles to come into a dead hang. Now, retract only your shoulder blades by drawing them inward toward your spine, keeping your arms straight and your body still. Release to return to the start. Do 3 sets of 10.


“This move is a great way to develop back, arm, and grip strength while significantly reducing the percentage of body weight you are lifting,” says Sklar.

Hold a TRX handle in each hand, palms facing inward, and lean away until your arms are straight. Keeping your body rigid like a board, walk your feet underneath the TRX anchor until your body is 45 degrees or less in relation to the floor; the closer you are to parallel the more difficult the move becomes. Pivoting on your heels, keep your body straight as you drive your elbows back and pull your body up and in between the TRX handles. Lower slowly to the start and repeat. Do 3 sets of 10 to 15.

Common Issues


Cheating on Pullups is shortening the range of motion by doing half reps. Every rep must start with your arms straight at the bottom. And every rep must end with your chin over the bar at the top. This works your back and arms muscles through a full range of motion. It builds the most amount of strength and muscle. Half-Pullups are easier like half Squats are easier. But that’s also why they’re less effective.

The first way to do half reps on Pullups is by starting each rep with bent elbows. This shortens the range of motion. It takes work away from your back muscles. And it builds dangerous habits for the Deadlift where each rep must start with locked elbows to avoid biceps injuries. Lower yourself all the way down until your elbows are locked. Let your back stretch. Shrug your shoulders. Then pull yourself up from a dead hang.

The second way to do half reps on Pullups is by failing to get your chin over the bar. Forehead or nose against bar doesn’t count. Both shorten the range of motion at the top. They take work away from your arm muscles. Your biceps isn’t getting a full contraction. It won’t get bigger this way. The ideal is to get your upper-chest (your collarbone) against the bar. The minimum is to get your chin over the bar. That’s proper Pullup form.

The other way to cheat Pullups is using your hips. You can create momentum by swinging your hips and legs on the way up. These Kipping Pullups allow you to do more reps. But they don’t get you stronger at dead hang Pullups. Worse, kipping can destroy weak shoulders. Don’t swing your hips and cheat to get more reps. Use proper form. If you lack the strength to do Pullups with proper form, follow the tips below.

Too Heavy for Pullups

The heavier you are, the more weight you have to pull up and the harder Pullups will be. This is why gymnasts are almost always small. Smaller usually means a lower body-weight. This gives you an advantage on body-weight exercises like Pullups where your weight acts as the resistance. But it doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to do one Pullup if you’re big. It will be harder, sure. But you’ll get stronger if you do the work.

Here’s a video of the strongman Jesse Marunde doing 21 Pullups at a body-weight of 140kg/310lb. His form isn’t the best. His chin doesn’t pass the bar. He uses a wide grip which further shortens the range of motion. And he swings his hips on the way up. But I’m sharing this anyway because big guys often use their weight as an excuse. This video proves it is possible to do Pullups even if you’re a heavy weight.

The first step to get stronger at Pullups is therefore to stop using your weight an excuse. The next step is to stop avoiding Pullups. Don’t wait until you’ve lost weight. Don’t do Lat Pulldowns or the Assisted Pullup Machine. Do Pullups. Because the fastest way to get stronger at Pullups is to do Pullups. If you can’t do one, do negatives or use a heavy resistance band. And get a doorway pullup bar at home so you can do daily Pullups.

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