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How to Cry on Purpose and Immediately

Why Would You Want To Make Yourself Cry On Purpose?

why someone wants to make themselves cry and I&rsqWell, there are a few reasons why someone wants to make themselves cry and I’m about to reveal each one of them. 

Maybe you have been through a lot and your tears dried up and you can’t think of the last time you had a good cry. 

Provoking tears can be beneficial for your mental health. All those accumulated feelings will come pouring out of you, shaped like tears.

This will help you relieve stress. Real tears will give your soul a bit of comfort and make your burdens easier. 

Crying can be a sort of therapy for you, self-cleansing that gives your eyes a brand new perspective and a clearer view of life. 

Another reason might be that you are an actor who needs to cry on cue because of the particular scene demands. 

Perhaps you are a model who needs tear stains on your cheek to have that one perfect photograph with the pure human emotion of sadness. 

Even though this is something you’re not proud of, maybe you need to master the art of fake crying to provoke someone’s sympathy. Or you need help while convincing others that you’re really hurt. 

You might also have your own personal reasons for fake or real tears that don’t usually come to mind at all. Whatever the reason might be, here are some tips on how to make yourself cry like there’s no tomorrow. 

4. The Distinct Cry

Some people have a very distinct cry, in the same

Some people have a very distinct cry, in the same way that many of us have a very distinct laugh. Making your own unique cry is one way to get yourself noticed and your big emotional scene remembered. Who can forget Zach Galifianakis’s high-pitched squeal in the trailer for The Hangover Part 3, or the King of the Distinct Cry (and the Forest), the Cowardly Lion. He owned that lament and for the decades since actors have strove to match his unparalleled bawl.


How To Cry On Command

Get Yourself Into An Emotional State

In order to get into an emotional state, you must clear your head of other distractions.

Getting into an emotional state may require that you spend some alone time with yourself to dig deep into your feelings.

The more patient you are, the easier it’ll be to investigate what you’re feeling and why.

Watch Sad Films

Sometimes you might feel the need to cry.

However, maybe you have nothing in specific to cry over or may have difficulty crying over what’s troubling you.

Watching sad movies, even ones you’ve watched before, however, can be a great way to get into an emotional state of mind, giving you a good reason to cry.

Keep Your Eyes Open

When you keep your eyes open as long as you can, you’ll notice that your eyes will start to sting a little and become dry. 

However, that dryness will then trigger your tear ducts to produce tears, making your eyes watery as if you’re crying. 

Keeping your eyes open next to a fan can help you quickly trigger tear production.

Think Of Your Saddest Memory

Although looking back on your darkest memories often is unhealthy, when you’re desperate to shed some tears, stumbling upon these sad fragments of your past can instantly bring back that sadness you felt.

With that sadness you relive, you might find yourself in a more vulnerable state of mind that makes it easier to cry.

Rapidly Fan Your Eyelids

After keeping your eyes open for a while to the point where your eyes are now watery, you’ll want to start rapidly fanning your eyelids. 

This will help any of the moisture or tears in your eyes to form into heavier drops and eventually fall down your face like genuine tears.

Listen To Sad Music

There’s a sad song on everyone’s playlist. Sometimes it takes a beautiful voice, melancholy music, or depressing lyrics to make us sad enough to start crying.

Here’s some examples to check out: 

  • “Miserable at Best” by Mayday Parade
  • “Stan” by Eminem
  • “One More Light” by Linkin Park
  • “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton

Force Yourself To Yawn

Everyone knows that yawning is one of the best ways to get your eyes watery.

If you have trouble yawning on command, try to intentionally make yourself sleepy so that you’ll naturally want to yawn.

You might also watch YouTube videos of other people yawning, which might trigger your yawning as well.

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How to immerse yourself in a memory

To immerse yourself in the memory, acting is not necessary, it is enough to abstract from the world, to disconnect and focus on their internal experiences. Memories that you choose, you need not just to scroll in memory, as a film, it is important as much as possible to try to live past emotions and feelings. As if to plunge into a situation anew, to revive everything in memory from the beginning to the end. Detail in detail and detail what you can remember, and relive it again. In such action the tears themselves will start to dimmed mories do not have to be sad, it can be a joyful event. It is necessary to focus on your feelings and make a choice from your emotional “baggage”.

Remember, Crying Isnt Everything

Any of these techniques can be used in any combination. But remember that acting grieved, pained, or devastated is not limited to the moisture level in the eyes. Overall body language can profoundly communicate despair, as can the act of fighting the tears from coming out. After all, this shows the audience how hard you’re trying to not feel vulnerable–something everyone can relate to. Also keep in mind that there are many different kinds of tears, some of which originate from joy, physical pain, emotional devastation, frustrating defeat… the variety of human emotion is endless. Whether you cry or not, you still have the power to move audiences to cry if you’re committed to your performance. 

Pros and Cons of Crying When Youre Mad

Romanoff lists some of the benefits and drawbacks of crying when you’re mad. 

Benefits of Crying When You’re Mad

Crying is a form of self-soothing; it forces you to regulate and control your breath, focus on your inhalation and exhalation patterns, and decrease your heart rate, until you return to a calm state.

Crying is not a sign of weakness; rather it is an indicator that the situation is important to you and you have strong feelings toward it. It is always helpful to use your emotions as a guide. Tears help you understand more about yourself and the impact the situation has on you. 

Sometimes people experience their tears as coming out of the blue. This can indicate that they have little awareness or insight into the intensity of their emotional reactions. Tears can act as a compass, directing you to areas that require deeper examination and processing.

Disadvantages of Crying When You’re Mad

Crying can be disadvantageous when you are in a situation in which you don’t want others to know how you’re truly feeling. This could be due to how you believe it might change their perception of you.

For instance, you may think that they will perceive you negatively, assume you are being manipulative, conclude that you cannot manage the situation, or lose respect for you.

These disadvantages pertain to crying in the context of others and should be separated from you being able to express your emotions within a private and safe space.

You should strive to embrace and welcome your emotions when you feel safe to do so, because they are valid and hold the key to important information about how you are reacting to situations around you.

3. The Indecipherable Blubber

Sometimes an actor is emoting so hard you don’t ev

Sometimes an actor is emoting so hard you don’t even understand a word they’re saying. That’s drama. Will Ferrell’s most sentimental scene in Anchorman after all is when he’s lost his dog and best friend Baxter, and lets loose a glass case of emotion into the telephone. Sometimes the indecipherable blubber is a combination of despair and a tricky accent, like Stallone’s most heartbreaking moment in the Rocky series, when he says goodbye for good to his trainer Mickey. Even the subtitles for that scene are just a bunch of question marks.

A Few More Things To Remember And Pay Attention To:

The same is true for this particular situation. FaIf you are an actor or a model, you probably already have a motto that reads “practice makes perfect”.  

The same is true for this particular situation. Fake crying is something you can master with time and determination. 

Your scene will look better if you manage to be at one with the character you are playing.

So, stay in the moment, don’t force it, and allow your emotions to do the rest. 

If that doesn’t work, choose one of the ‘ how do you make yourself cry‘ solutions listed above. 

On the other hand, if you want to cry because you want to stop feeling numb and you want to evoke your feelings, the first thing to do is to not hold it in.

Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Confront your sadness. Recall your memories. Once those tears start pouring, you will start feeling better. 

You will feel like at least some of the burden is lifted off of your shoulders. You will gain a new perspective on your situation and your problems. 

So, don’t hold your tears in, don’t run from your feelings; no matter how bad they can get, it’s always a better option to face them, cry them out and eventually solve them. 

Once you manage to do that, you will feel liberated and ready for a fresh start.