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How to Cancel Spotify Subscription [Money Saving Hacks]

Cancel Spotify Premium

The paid Premium version adds in high-quality audio, unlimited skips, an ad-free experience, the option to play any tune in your collection, and a way to listen to music offline. If you opted for the Duo or Family plans, multiple people will have access to the same account.

In order to cancel a paid Spotify Premium account, sign into the service and click your name in the upper-right corner. Click Account > Available plans, then scroll down the page to the Spotify Free section. Click Cancel Premium.

This will essentially downgrade your account to a free version. Spotify warns you what perks you will lose by canceling Premium. Scroll down the page and click Continue to cancel.

At the next page, Spotify will show you when your Premium plan will officially end and the free tier will take over. Click the Yes, Cancel button and your paid subscription is finally cancelled.

Spotify will then ask you to complete a survey about why you cancelled your premium account and whether you’d be likely to subscribe again. Fill out the page if you wish and click Submit.


Where can I cancel my Spotify Premium subscription?

Let’s assume that you are already subscribed to Spotify. How do I cancel my Premium subscription on Android, iOS or from my computer? You can do this from any device that supports web surfing. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Spotify.com page from any internet browser;
  2. Log in to the service;
  3. Go to “Account”;
  4. Find the “My Plan” section and select the option to change it;
  5. Go down to the item with the free plan and select the “Unsubscribe” option.

This way you will get rid of the monthly fee for the premium service, but you can continue to use it until the settlement date. If you switch to the free version, the functionality of the service is retained (including playlists).

You’ve learned how to cancel your Spotify Android, iOS, Windows subscription directly through the service. However, subscriptions from music streaming partners cannot be cancelled in this way.

How to Cancel Your Spotify Subscription

Before you delete your account, you’ll need to cancel any paid subscriptions you have with the service. This may seem straightforward enough, but there is one hiccup you may run into; where do you cancel it?

Simply going to the Spotify website to cancel your account only works if you set up the service through Spotify. Some users signed up through an iTunes subscription, while others may have used their Google Play subscription or another service. The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out where you’re paying for the service and cancel it accordingly.

Cancel the Subscription – Spotify Website

If you’ve signed up for the Premium service directly through Spotify, do this to cancel the service:

  1. Visit the Spotify website, login and click on your profile in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click on Account in the menu that appears.
  3. A new window will open. Scroll down and click on Change Plan.
Note: Notice the date in the screenshot above. You will still have access to the Premium service until that date.
  4. Then, scroll down to the Free section and click Cancel Premium. Follow the preceding prompts to complete your cancellation.
  5. Now, the website will ask you to confirm your cancellation; click Yes, Cancel.
  6. You’ll now go to a cancellation page that shows you the end date of your subscription as well as the option to provide feedback, populate the best answers and click Submit at the bottom.

Cancel the Subscription – iTunes

iTunes is a service that allows you to sign-up for other subscriptions using your Apple ID payment methods. If you’ve done this, follow these steps to cancel your subscription:

  1. On your iPhone open Settings and tap iTunes & App Store.
  2. Next, tap on your Apple ID at the top and then tap on View Apple ID in the pop-up window that appears.
  3. From here, tap on Subscriptions.
  4. Locate and tap on your Spotify Subscription, which will be listed on the screen below.
  5. Then, tap Cancel Subscription. As stated above, you will still have access to the Premium service until the next billing date.

If you signed up for the service using another partner (i.e., your cell phone provider, TV provider, or another service), you would need to cancel using that outlet’s instructions.

Can I reactivate my Spotify Premium account?

Changed your mind? Spotify thoughtfully saves your Premium playlists and settings for three months after you cancel your subscription. Upgrade to Premium and you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

Of course, if you upgrade after the three months has passed, it’s likely that Spotify will have wiped your settings.

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How Do I Cancel Spotify by Myself?

You can cancel Spotify Premium by taking the following steps:

  1. Access your account page
  2. Under Your plan, tap Change plan
  3. Scroll down to Spotify Free and click Cancel premium
  4. Follow the instructions to the confirmation message

Can I Get a Prorated Cancelation Refund?

No, you can’t—Spotify’s Terms and Conditions of Use state that partial subscription terms are non-refundable. You can continue to use the Premium subscription for the remainder of the paid period.

Cancel Spotify From an iTunes Subscription on an iOS Device

If you subscribed to Spotify Premium from iTunes instead of directly through Spotify, you must cancel your account from your iOS device or iTunes on the desktop.

  1. Open Settings on your iOS device.

  2. Tap your name, then tap Subscriptions

    If you don't see Subscriptions in Settings, tap iTunes & App Store and then your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID. Sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, then tap Subscriptions.

  3. Tap Spotify.

  4. Tap Cancel Subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few more things you should know about Spotify account cancellation. See our FAQs below:

I canceled my account, but I was billed again. What happened?

Assuming you canceled your Premium subscription, the only reason you would’ve been billed again is that the cancellation wasn’t set before the renewal date.

If you’ve been charged for a Spotify subscription after cancellation, the first thing you should do is to check your email for confirmation. It should have the cancellation date set on it. If that all checks out and the charge was an error, contact Spotify support.

Can I reactivate a closed account?

First, it’s important to note that you can reactivate your paid subscription (along with all playlists and benefits) if your account is still open.

Once you’ve opted to close your account, there aren’t any options for recovery. The account and all of its data are gone when you close the account. Your only option will be to open a new account and create new playlists.

I signed up for Spotify using Facebook. Can I just disconnect it?

Unfortunately, no. Spotify gives its users several different sign-in options, and if Facebook is yours, you’ll need to close your account per the instructions above and start over with a new account.

Once you’ve canceled your account, use your email and a unique password to create the new account. Just beware; all of your previous music, playlists, and downloads will not be available if you do this. You will have to curate all of your content again.

However, if you set up your Spotify account with an email and password then later connect it to Facebook, you can disconnect your accounts. All you need to do is open Spotify on a web browser and go to the Settings. Then click ‘Disconnect from Facebook’ when the option appears.

What can I do if I can’t log in?

If you can’t log into your Spotify account, you’ll have some difficulty getting the service canceled. Of course, you could always contact your financial institution to put a stop to future payments (this may or may not be the best solution depending on how you’re paying for the service), or you can fill out Spotify’s Contact Us form for more help.

If, for some reason, you can’t cancel via the website, iTunes, or wherever you started the service (even in the case of fraud), contact the company for further assistance.

I don’t have the option to cancel Spotify from the website. What’s happening?

If you can’t cancel Spotify using Spotify directly, you likely signed up for the service through a third party. This could be Apple, Google Play (at one time), or even a service bundle like Hulu. The fastest way to track down who you signed up for the service with is by checking your email (look for the confirmation email when you first signed up) or your bank statements.

Then, log in to that service and follow the cancellation steps.

How to permanently delete your Spotify account

As Spotify allow you to keep a free account forever, we would recommend simply cancelling your paid subscription plan; however, if you want to get rid of all trace of your Spotify account, including your playlists and settings, it’s possible to permanently delete your account. 

Firstly, log in to your account, and make sure you’ve cancelled any paid subscription plans – if you haven’t see ‘How do I cancel my Spotify subscription’ above. 

Then, head to Spotify’s contact form, which can be found via Spotify’s help site > Account help > Close account. 

Once in the form, select ‘Account’, and then ‘I want to close my account permanently’. Finally, select ‘Close account’.