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How to Break the Ice with Your Seatmate on a Flight

1) Take the initiative

Recently I came across two people who were both fumbling their way into a conversation without adding anything meaningful to it. I had been listening to their interaction for at least five minutes and then a third person joined the group and after a few minutes everyone was laughing and talking animatedly as if they were best of buddies.

The first two people could not find a viable opener for their exchange and were waiting for the other person to say something whereas the third person took the initiative in his own hands and made everyone comfortable by introducing apt ice-breaker. The awkwardness of the first meeting easily fell through and everyone started getting into their element within a few moments. Do not wait for others simply take the initiative in your hands if you are looking for tips on breaking the ice.

#8: Kill, f_ck, marry

We all know the “kiss, marry, kill” game.

This guy messed it up, but this is how it should g

This guy messed it up, but this is how it should go:

Kiss, marry, kill

Kiss Bruce, marry Bill, kill you

Well if you’re going to kill me at least let me take you out first

Personally I find the “kiss, marry, kill”  a little weird.

Because one of the three I would never EVER do.

I phuck quite regularly, you could say it’s a hobby of mine.

I kill it when I’m lifting weights or boxing. So you could say I’m a killer.

But getting married?

No thanks, Jef.

Not my jam.

Anyway, no matter how witty your icebreaker, they’ll all fail sometimes.

I have another better example of this one further down the article. In the part where we get to the WRONG icebreakers.

Holy Tip:

The hardest profiles to open are the ones with all selfies.

It’s draining to come up with a clever line when someone’s profile doesn’t inspire you.

Imagine seeing a girl you want to talk to but you look at her photos and draw a blank…

What now?

Now imagine she has a solid bio.

The type of bio you read and instantly know what to text.

See, you can be that guy.

The guy who has a bio that inspires her to text you.

Find some funny Tinder bio examples here.


15 Best Pick Up Lines for Pop Culture Buffs

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So, if the most famous names of our day and age need the assistance of flirtatious banter just to get a phone number, what can an average joe do? Well, start by using some of the pick up lines celebrities use.

Or at the very least, use these 15 pop culture pick up lines. They’re playful and relevant. What more could you want?

14) Express your opinion

Even if you are meeting someone for the first time do not be evasive in your approach. People like individuals who can express their opinion as it reflects their self-confidence.

If you are looking for tips on breaking the ice then make positive statements. Remember a person who is direct in his dealings will always find favour with others as he comes across as a genuine person. Others will also follow suit and the initial awkwardness will soon blow away.

6.  Virgo

Discussing work is always a good way to start conversing with the workaholic Virgo, as this is what they feel most comfortable talking about. Once you’ve had a few conversations about that, you can move onto other things. Just avoid getting too personal too fast.

42-46 Best ice breakers for meetings

I use the following five ice breakers during dates.


“What’s the worst (Tinder) date you’ve ever had?”

Why is this a great question?

She goes back in time and re-experiences her worst date.

Then she wakes up and realizes:

“Wow. This guy (you) is way cooler than those losers.”


“How would you describe yourself in two sentences?”

There are many variations to this one.

But anything that’s shorter than two sentences is too abstract.

And everything longer than two sentences kills the necessity of getting to the core.

While her description will never be able to encapsulate the full picture, in my experience, it gives you quite a good idea of her personality.


“What will I find out when I get to know you better?”

Really getting to know someone usually takes quite some time.

Since I regularly meet new women, I don’t want to take too long to get to know her.

So I’ll definitely use any question that gives me some insight into who she is with both hands.


“Which signals do you use to tell a man that you like him?”

I ask this for two reasons:

  • It reminds me why we’re together now: Because we’re attracted to each other
  • You immediately have your first inside joke: You can imitate her flirt signals and exaggerate them comically

“Like this?”“Like this?”

Other than that, it’s a great question in case you’re not great at reading women.

If she likes you, then you only need to look for that signal that she just told you about!


”What’s the most controversial thing about you?”

An ice breaker that helps me make the right decision:

“Do I want to ask you on a second date or not?”

Because I love people who don’t take themselves too seriously. And I hate it when people who are easily offended.

If her most controversial aspect is that once, she stole a peach from a farmer’s orchard, we’re absolutely not going to be a match.

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And introductions are important. So, go ahead and turn up the heat with any of these 5 romantic pick up lines.

11-20 BEST ice breakers to get the conversation started

A question to gauge your social skills:

Do you know the difference between an opening line and an ice breaker?

Was your answer, “One is a sentence, the other is a ship?”

Then, technically, you’re right…

But that’s not the answer I was looking for.

The right answer is:

The first one starts the conversation, the other one leads the conversation further.

It’s a subtle, but important difference.

Let me take a sentence from the previous tip as an example.

“What’s the saddest dinner you’ve ever eaten?”

Is this an opener or an ice breaker?

Did you guess opener?

Then you’re absolutely…


Maybe you’ll get the response:

] “Ice cube soup”

In that case it’s not obvious what to respond.

And the conversation might not progress so smoothly.

Imagine using the opener…

“If your life had a soundtrack, what song would it be?”

Then you can easily have your next line ready, without being dependent on her response.

If she says:

“Staying Alive by the Bee Gees”

You can respond with:

“Oh. With that dangerous look of you, I thought you’d pick the Imperial March from Star Wars.”

In other words, a simple tease that you can drop into a conversation just like that.

>> 10 Best Tinder Conversation Starters by Online Dating Experts.

Here are ten ice breaker examples that have an easy continuation.


”What would I know about you that I would never think to ask?”

This is a personal question that will probably lead to one of the following answers:

(An honest response followed by) ”What about you?”


”You first”

In other words, come up with an answer to your own question.


”What are you most proud of?”

People enjoy showing off their own qualities and achievements.

So give her a chance to shine!

At the same time, this ice breaker question will show you what subjects she likes to talk about.

So you want to talk about those subjects.


”What qualities does a man need to have before you’ll go on a date with him?”

Another example where you’re likely to get the same question in response.

If you ask this on Tinder or another dating app, there’s a high chance that she’ll ask you the question too.


”Your house is on fire, you have time to save just one object. What do you choose?”

If she gives an honest answer, you’ll immediately know what’s important to her in life.

It’s often something of emotional value, like a photo album.

Otherwise, it can be something very practical, like a laptop.

Regardless of her answer, it will give a very clear picture of who she is.

And what her interests are.

So you should dive further into those subjects.


”Imagine you can live in a fictional world from a story. Which one would you choose?”

Indirectly, this gives you an idea of her personality.

You can also tease her with her answer.

Imagine she responds with:

“Harry Potter! So I can do magic.”

A funny tease would be:

“Dirty mudblood”


“Of course you choose Harry Potter. You’d feel at home in Slytherin.”



”What do few people know about you, that you’d actually like to be known for?”

With this one, you’re giving her the chance to shine like a star.

And you’ll probably touch on a subject that she can speak passionately about.

>> 31 Voted Best Pick-Up Lines in the World (Online & Offline).

So it’s easy to lead the conversation to something of interest.


“What topic can you give a talk on without needing any preparation?”

With this easy ice breaker, you’re going to dig up another topic that’s close to her heart.

And if she gives it to you, it costs little effort to get her to share more about it.

Because that topic is her passion.


”What everyday thing that most people like do you hate?”

Before, we focused on the positive, but now we’re turning the tables.

Often, we’re also passionate about the things that we HATE.

Lately, a woman told me she could talk endlessly about her hatred for peanut butter.

For the next 30 minutes, she talked my head off.


”Imagine there’s a hell, which music would they play there?”

Not only is this a funny question, but you can easily continue to talk about music in general.


”If you could solve one problem in your life with the snap of a finger (money problems don’t count) what would that be?”

We don’t count money here because everyone thinks having a huge bank account balance is the solution to everything.

We are more interested in obstacles that give something away about who she is.

How does the conversation flow after her response?

Talk about her response, or give your own answer to the question.

8. Scorpio

Tell a Scorpio your own secrets if you want them to trust you enough to open up to you but don’t press them for theirs. Deep conversations that you cannot have with others are Scorpio’s territory but they don’t like someone who is too eager to learn more about them.

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