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How to Beat Escape From Detention (with Pictures)

The Modern World: Setting the Ground for Escapism

The modern world holds more potential for the indi

The modern world holds more potential for the individual than any other period in history.

It also holds more pitfalls, diversions, and self-destructive traps than we know what to do with. The individual can become ensnared in these temptations, ultimately limiting his effectiveness, his productivity, and his freedom.

Common Forms of Escapism and Avoidance

Escapism takes the form of one of these things, though not always:

  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Shopping
  • Partying

Anything really that makes you forget reality, shoving “need-to-dos” to some imaginary future realm where they will suddenly take care of itself – is escapism.

These are all enabled by what I call the “convention of postmodernism”.

The Convention of Postmodernism

Many of the societal structures that instituted some code of conduct have eroded or are eroding in today’s world.

Many moons ago, your word was your bond. Now, you need a paper document backed up by a team of litigation-happy lawyers just to enforce a contract.

The center of society was considered the family unit, but most people do not live in or originate from constructive families.

Religion and belief in a deity beyond oneself is considered a bygone artifact from a primitive era.

The result of all of this is a non-universal standard of behavior that pretty much states:

there are no rules, let’s just have fun and do whatever the fuck we want to do.”

It’s an environment like this that escapism and running away from life can flourish de-facto because they give the individual full liberty to say:

“that’s just my style, man. If I want to do these things, if I want to get wasted, if I want to be a degenerate, I should be able to do that”.

This creates a world where someone can retreat from their problems. Instead of running to a therapist’s office, they run into the pill cabinet and take as many as possible until they pass out (or die).


Huck Identifies the Main Goal

 	As an expert strategist, Joan realized the mos

As an expert strategist, Joan realized the most important rule of an escape room: Identify your goal as quickly as possible. This helps focus the search (focusing down is a super-valuable strategy in competitive escape room games, like the one this youth group played). She quickly looked around, then called over to her friends, “look for the exit door or the door to the next room. If we know our goal, we know what we need to achieve it, and we can avoid as many false trails as possible.” Huck, the searcher, sprung to action. His keen eye spotted something almost immediately, “Hey! There’s a secret door hidin’ over here,” he pointed to a discrete corner of the room. “But it looks like we’ll need a four-digit code to unlock this thing…” Alice nodded and instructed Huck to scour the room, then skipped over to explore a strange stone panel on the wall. As Holmes began inspecting the clues located by Huck, Joan filled him in on all the puzzles they had found around the room so far.

Escape The Car HD Walkthrough

Show Description

This is a walkthrough of the game “Escape The Car HD”.Play the game here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/669485

Video taken from the channel: aWalkThroughLife

How long do escape rooms take?

You will find that almost every adventure is about an hour. Every now and then I come across a 45-minute room, but that is 4% of the time.

9 times out of 10 you will have one full hour to get OUT.

How To Beat An Escape Room – Escape Rooms Scotland


2018-8-31 · There are a few simple rules to follow if you are going to make it out of an escape room in time. For starters, you and your team will be led into your game and the door will be locked behind you. You must solve the clues, puzzles and riddles inside to find the key.

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Communication isamust

Apart from the game items, the most important tips and tricks to beat escape room are communication and…communication. First and foremost, the communication between the team members. If you are not playing on your own (and we hope you are not as it’s quite creepy) then you need to coordinate your actions and work together.

If you find something, say it loud so that everyone can hear and make use of the new clue. If you have a problem with a puzzle, call for help as there definitely be someone who finds the answer. On the other hand, don’t gather all together around a single box or piece of paper. Teamwork means everyone is doing what they are good at and doesn’t mean that 6 people should open a door together.

While you are talking to each other, don’t forget that there is still another member of your team that is watching you through the cameras and wondering how do you escape the room this time. At escape rooms in Calgary, there is always a game master — the important person that knows all the answers.

Don’t neglect talking to him or her, as the game master he or she can give you useful hints or tips when you are stuck. It doesn’t mean you should ask for help each time you don’t know what to do (like every minute actually) but when there are no ideas and all the possible solutions have been tried, it’s better to call the game master than to spend the rest of the time doing nothing.

5 Tips to Beating an Escape Room – YouTube


2017-2-27 · BEAT ANY ESCAPE ROOM– 10 proven tricks and tips – Duration: 12:12. Mark Rober 15,301,969 views. 12:12. How do you win? Escape Room tips from an expert – Duration: 7:55.

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Those Who Fail To Prepare, Prepare to Fail – Choose Your Team Wisely

 Joan decided that the arc of her life would ben

Joan decided that the arc of her life would benefit from a smaller scale but intense campaign – an escape room! But she couldn’t do this alone, she needed a crack-team she could rely on. When planning out how to escape an escape room, the first essential step is always to look at your team. What sort of people do you work well with? Which of your friends thrives under pressure? Will your brother wet himself (again) if a zombie lunges out at him? As Joan assembled her dossier of candidates, she paid close attention to these sorts of details:

First, all team members need to communicate well. Joan needed partners who would listen to each other and build off of the information received. Thus, they need to accept input well and clearly state why a proposed idea may take them down the wrong path. Second, she needed people with different strengths. Just as her armies had archers, infantry, and artillery, she needed people with different types of problem-solving skills. All need insight and the ability to think clearly through problems but should approach problems in different ways. The ability to approach problems differently increases the odds of defeating all types of traps found in escape rooms (such as these devious puzzles!) Third, they must work and play well together. Joan knew that if she wanted to win an escape room, she did not want two people on her team competing for the glory. She needed people who, while bringing different qualities to the team, would place the team’s success above their own. With only 60 minutes to successfully escape, any such disagreements significantly reduce the odds of success.

The Final Team:

 With these ideas in mind, Joan w

The Final Team: With these ideas in mind, Joan whittled down her list. She finally decided upon three specialists, bringing their team to an ideal size of four. Too many more, and communication begins to get garbled and lengthy. Too fewer, and the lack of mental diversity starts becoming a serious weakness. First, she chose Huck, whose guile and ability to escape stressful situations makes him an excellent choice. Next, she chose Alice, who can make sense of illogical and tricky riddles. Finally, she chose Holmes, a puzzle solver with an unequalled mind.

Do you tip escape room?

A lot of people have asked whether you should tip escape room attendees. It’s not typical to do this. If you feel like you really want to though, go ahead!

Conclusion (Its Up to You)

It’s all on you if you want to become someone who takes reality head on instead of running away every time.

It’s not something you do all at once. If you’ve spent your life ducking into the dark alleyways of video gaming, late night Netflix, or other escapist measures, you’ll find that once you realize you’ve been running away from life it will start to cascade on you very quickly. It can be pretty overwhelming.

The best way it to small chunk it and take it a step at a time, not losing momentum along the way.

Slowly, you will start to build up and become someone who faces life head on.

Do you have any strategies to beat escapism and stop running from life? Sound off in the comments below!


Plan Ahead

Escape rooms are mentally challenging. Therefore, you need to organize your team beforehand.

You can even look for online escape rooms and practice so that you can be familiar with the game before you get into the actual adventure.

Ensure you get there on time so that your energy is not spent on the road rather than the game. You will also psyche your team if you show that the game is important to you.

Show up fifteen minutes before the game and be ready to conquer! Eat something to get you energized for the game.

Play Sober

One of the biggest mistake a player can make is coming into the escape room drunk. You might be tempted to drown a few shots of your favorite drink but this will only make your game chaotic and annoying, as well as making your time in the room longer.

You need to be active during the game and alcohol only makes you slower, and you will end up letting your team down.

Dress Comfortably

Our game experts advise you to choose light and comfortable clothes.

While in the game, you will be required to do tasks that involve moving your body.

These including bending over and climbing up chairs and tables.

Something as simple as sweats and t-shirts will be enough to take to the game as well as low, comfortable shoes that are easy to move in.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is a must-do for teams. Being able to listen to each other’s opinions and telling each other the clues you find will help you complete the game faster.

Most guides agree that groups who talk and listen to each other have the highest chances of beating the escape room.

Let Everyone Participate

There are some people who take over the room and do not allow their teammates to give opinions and suggestions on how to find clues. These people often diminish the energy of their teams.

They ruin the chance of escaping in time by thinking that they are better equipped than the rest. Do not be that person! Allow your team members to participate.

Have a Positive Attitude

A faint heart is the surest way to lose the game. It is crucial to the completion of the mission and to your team if you come in with a confident spirit.

However, take care not to be over-confident as this can ruin your team’s energy. If you get stuck along the way, embrace it and work with your team to solve it. Your ultimate goal should be to have fun.

Have Fun

You are not there to accomplish some big mission that will save the world.

You are just here to enjoy the game with those closest to you. Escape rooms are meant to be entertaining.

Resist the urge to get personal and distressed. Immerse yourself completely and don’t think about the countdown too much.

Remember, even if you are unable to beat the countdown, the world will not collapse around you.

Practice! Practice!

Practice makes perfect! If you like escape rooms, do not let that bad first time deter you from playing.

It can be difficult at first, but once you have done it several times, you will find that it’s exciting and challenging but not impossible.


The game room is exactly that. A cell-like room where the players are locked in together as a team.

Each game usually has its own peculiar mission, and the game room is typically themed according to the mission that you have to complete in order to escape the room.

The missions could vary from escaping out of prison (think the TV show Prison Break!) to robbing a piece of art from a world-famous museum, or solving a crime scene. In most cases, you will be allowed to pick the mission you want to engage in.

Like I mentioned, the escape room is a group activity, which means that you will need some other people with you, such as colleagues or friends.

However, you can also show up alone and form a team with other people who have also come to play the game.

Actually, this is a great way of meeting new people and making friends. Akos Gabosky of PanIQ Escape Room Franchise testifies that he has seen many people make life time friends in the escape room who were complete strangers at the start of the game.

Once you step into the escape room, you are taken to another world whose theme matches your mission.

This could be a prison cell with bars and your personal toilet and sink, a crime scene, a sinking submarine from which you need to escape, and so on.

The theme of the room allows you to feel as if you have been transported to that place and are living in that reality.

Once in the game room, a game guide will assist you to ensure you understand what the mission is, the rules of the game, and whatever clarifications you may need.

You will most likely watch a video introduction (though different escape rooms have different practices) so as to better comprehend the mission.

Once you are done watching the video, the countdown beings, and you have exactly sixty-minutes to solve the puzzle and escape the room.

From this point, you and your friends have to find different clues to help you get out of the escape room.

Even if you are unable to find all the clues and escape from the room on time, you will still have had fun with your friends or colleagues, and you can always give it another try some other time.

Therefore, don’t put yourself under a lot of pressure. You should treat it as a learning experience and an opportunity to have fun.

Now you know what escape rooms are, you probably can’t wait to know the strategies on how to beat an escape room.

Fortunately, we did the research for you, tested out different strategies in several escape rooms of varying difficulty and came up with ten golden rules that will ensure you solve the puzzles, work with your teammates and make the escape on time.

Let’s dive in.

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

Don’t overdress!

If you’re planning to dominate an escape room after a fancy dinner out, maybe bring a change of clothes. You don’t want to miss solving a puzzle that required you to sit on the ground because you couldn’t imagine the dry cleaning bill. Escape rooms are usually pretty clean environments, so that’s not really a concern. But dress for what you might find in the room, including ladders or crawl spaces.

Play with a sharp mind!

Trust us … you are not as effective than you think you are when you’re intoxicated. A couple of drinks might be okay for some (of course, assuming you’re old enough to even do that!), but if you go beyond that, one of two things will likely happen: either the gamemaster won’t let you in at all, or you just won’t get out.

Have fun!

The goal is always to enjoy yourself and have fun. Embrace the challenge, but arguments with teammates over a game has a way of sucking the fun right out of everything. Don’t take life too seriously; you will never escape it alive anyway!

What NOT to Do

The biggest tip about what NOT to do in an escape room is simply this … try not to guess. The numbers to codes and combinations are in the room somewhere, and guessing might kill the fun of finding it. If you see a 3-digit lock, there are 1000 possible combinations to choose from. Sure you can start guessing and get through them in an hour, but you will completely destroy the experience and probably your chances of beating the entire game. That being said, if you get down to one digit and you feel the need to guess, go ahead; hopefully the operators will see that as a possible game design flaw, and look into fixing it.

In case you get frustrated with the puzzles please don’t take the below tip 🙂

And there you have it … you know all the best practices, how to organize your team, and all the strategies to beat any escape room. Choose your preferred location if you are ready to PanIQ, and book a game of your own!