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How much does it cost to start selling hair?

How to Start Selling Your Hair

Before we dive into how to sell your hair, take note that we’re talking about human hair that grows from your head. Nowhere else.

1. Start growing and grooming your hair

Before you list your hair for sale, you first have to think about what hair buyers are looking for.

First, buyers are looking for virgin hair; that is, they want untreated hair free of hair dye (not even highlights) and chemical treatments, such as relaxants or perms.

You’ll also have to have healthy habits. Evidence of cigarette smoking, drinking, and drugs show up in your hair even after it’s been washed.

You might not think it matters, but hair that is not washed daily is more sellable. Too much washing strips hair of its natural oils and makes it look dull and prone to split ends, making it undesirable.

Also, hair that is not heat-treated or sun-damaged is definitely more desirable, so if you’re planning to sell your hair soon, stop using blow dryers, curling irons, straightening irons, or any other heating tool to style your hair. Start wearing hats when going out in the sun.

Another thing you need to do while you’re growing your hair is to trim it evenly; no layers or asymmetrical cuts.

Lastly, hair buyers want at least 10 inches to work with. Some buyers even require a minimum of 16 inches.

2. Find the best online marketplace

You wouldn’t want to be selling your hair sale in a dark alley.

Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Legitimate, hair-specific buy and sell marketplaces are online, which means you can make the sale at the comfort of your own home.

Just make sure you pick a site from those I listed below that would work best for you.

3. Work on your listing

Each hair marketplace would have different forms and information that you’d have to provide, but here are general guidelines when working on your listing:

  • Measure your hair. You’ll need the length and thickness (in inches) because this is one of the biggest factors for buying hair.
  • Complete details about your hair. Is it blonde with a tinge of red? Is it thick or thin? Curly or straight? Make sure you describe your hair as accurately as possible.
  • Haircare habits. This is where buyers will have an idea about the quality of your hair. Indicate if you drink, smoke, or take any kind of drugs. Open up about the shampoos, conditioners, and other products and treatments you use for your hair. How do you style your hair and what equipment do you regularly use?
  • Hair photos. Deep condition the day before and then ask a friend to help you take high-quality pictures of your hair. Go out in the sunlight, so you can showcase the color of your hair. Take photos of your hair spread out, in a ponytail, in a braid.
  • Price it right. Compare pricing from other sellers on the sites, so you’d be able to price your hair fairly.

4. Close the deal

Almost all the sites below allow you to communicate with potential buyers first before deciding if you want to sell or not.

Sometimes, buyers will ask for discounts.

Other times, they’ll just double-check details about your hair.

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Important: Don’t cut your hair before you’ve found a buyer and received payment!

If you cut your hair and the deal falls through, the already-cut hair will lose its luster and you’ll have difficulty finding a buyer for it.

Once you’ve sold your hair, you need to go to the salon to have it professionally cut.

Your clients would specify how exactly they want hair removed from your head.

Secure the hair with bands afterward, and then pack and ship it properly. Purchase insurance or delivery confirmation for your protection.

I’ve also seen quite a few ads that offer the buyer the chance to cut the hair themselves. You may want to decide if this is something you’d be comfortable offering before you make a listing.

How long does it take to sell your hair?

There is no way to answer this. If you sell to a wigmaker, it may be a fairly quick transaction. However, if you are selling on a marketplace, your hair may sell quickly or it may take a lot of time. It may not sell at all. It just depends.


Sell my hair UK: Some tips for keeping your locks healthy



  • Regular trims will keep broken and split ends away (trimming every six to eight weeks is best, but remember not too much!)
  • Remember healthy body = healthy hair.  Make sure to get your calcium and protein for strong hair
  • Wash out all product from your hair at night, there are loads of chemicals in them that dry out your hair
  • Give up your hair dryers, curling irons or flattening irons, hairspray and other styling products now! These dry hair out and cause hair breakage and split ends
  • Instead of blow drying, towel dry
  • Braid your hair overnight and in the morning you’ll have lovely waves without any of the damage curling irons will cause
  • Though you might be tempted, don’t brush your hair more than twice daily and use a high quality vent brush when you do
  • Oils like rosemary oil, cedar wood oil, juniper berry oil, and lavender oil will help lock-in your hair’s moisture. At night apply the oil, braid your hair and you’ll be moisturising your hair. This way it won’t be breaking while you sleep
  • Go au natural – Beer and egg whites make excellent hair conditioners.

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Price your hair fairly, don’t undercharge, EVER

It is true that there is a lot of competition in the hair business world. We know that some hair bosses think that they need to beat everyone’s prices in order to survive in this industry. That is the worst thing you can do to hurt your business.

You should price your products fairly based on what value you can offer to your customers. 50%-100% retail rule is just a general rule of thumb and not every company needs to follow that. For example, Beyonce’s hairstylist Alonzo Arnold charges $1500 for a wig while the average price for a wig is $200-$500, but here is his sales record.

View this post on Instagram I really appreciate everyone for their patience and their business. I will make it up to you all. Thank you A post shared by WIGALICIOUS (@wigggalicious) on Oct 28, 2019 at 8:06am PDT

We are not saying that you should charge $1500-$2000 for a wig, after all, not everyone is a celebrity hairstylist and can pre style the wigs. But there are plenty of brands that do charge over 200% for profit. But are people buying? Of course, they are!

Instead of worrying about your prices, think about what you can add to your brand that makes it unique. Branded Hair Extensions provides custom coloring and wig making to our wholesale clients at low prices so they can offer that to their customers too. This can add extra value to the hair that you are selling.

Testing: $ 1,000 $ 2,000

Now this is the time to test the hair. Use Google to find suppliers, start with a long list to end up with a short list. Call or mail these suppliers, test their communicational skills and client focus. Order samples or retail orders to test the hair.

Did I do the right thing?

This is the phase with mixed feelings, the first time you will have doubts if all this was a smart thing to do. Suppliers who do not respond, samples to pay and smelly packages to open. The hair you will receive will surprise if you feel the hair slip through your fingers, so soft. Or it will hurt why you paid so much for a retail order of maltreated hair, of which you do not even know if its human or synthetic hair.

This phase does not only give you the highest level of stress, it will also cost you a lot of money if you do not manage to find the proper supplier.

Hair Samples

If you are not going to travel to countries famous of their export of human hair, you still should put $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 aside for this phase. You must pay for samples or the retail orders and if you find a supplier who is willing to invest in you too. You still should pay for the expenses of third parties, like shipping, payment or custom duties.

It all depends on your desk research and if you manage to find the supplier who can deliver exactly the hair you need to know how much money you are going to need.

To safe you time, money and frustration I prepared the All-In-One Hair Business Package.

Process for Selling Your Hair

After conversing with a few people who have had great success at make extra money selling their hair the best process seems to go like this:

  1. Register for an account at BuyandSellHair.com
  2. Take pictures of you hair while it is still on your head showing it in great light. Also, using a tape measure to show thickness and length is recommended.
  3. Make the big cut and secure the hair in a tight braid on both ends
  4. Take pictures of the cut hair showing the length
  5. Go to the site and post your ad.  Make sure to include an honest and detailed description to help buyers feel like they are getting the best information.
  6. Once you have a buyer I would recommend using PayPal because it provides the greatest security for you and the buyer.  Do not put yourself in a situation where you receive payment only after the buyer receives your hair.
  7. Once the payment has cleared through PayPal send the hair to the buyer via an agreed upon shipping method.  You will want to purchase insurance and require a delivery confirmation (signature).  This also gives you seller protection through PayPal.

Selling your hair online – How much can you expect to make?

Selling your hair can be very lucrative. Bloomsbury Wigs will pay up to £200 for your hair.  They’ll even cut it off on the spot for you.  Before you picture some mad scientist coming at you with clippers – they just cut off your ponytail.

The main hair buyer in the UK, Banbury Postiche (Wigs UK), pays up to £7 per 25 grams of hair. The longer your hair, the better the price!

You may want to try other ways of selling your hair, and may be wondering: can I sell my hair near me? Get on Gumtree where several wigmakers are looking to buy hair and are open to negotiations. The buyers could also be very close to you too – some are even willing to buy children’s hair, so you can score some cash from your kids’ locks too.

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