checking the microphone and webcam

How do I stop Gmail from sending Craigslist emails to the Trash folder?

How to Use

Simply provide the search URL you want to watch and the scraper will check for any new posts since the last run. New posts will be sent to the email specified and contain the Image, Price, City, Date posted, and a Link to the post.

Schedule the actor to run as often as you need, every hour or even every minute!


Step 2: Set the Preferences

Drag down the FeedPopper icon’s menu and select ‘Preferences’. I believe the default preferences are fine, but just in case, they should look like the picture. For instance, we want the pop up to come to the front and we want the sound.

Protect Your Privacy With an Alternate Email Address

When you communicate using the proxy email address, your real name still shows up, as does signature data, such as your company name and phone number. If you’re concerned about your privacy, consider using a free alternate email address specifically for purchases.

Usage Costs

Usage costs will depend on how often you run the scraper. Running every minute for example will use about 23 compute units and about 6 units for send mail. Running every hour results in compute units as low as 3/month. Data storage costs to store results is also minimal (about $0.50/month).


Running one search every hour works out to about $2/month The Free plan ($5 platform usage credits) is enough to run this.

Running one search every minute works out to about $5/month The Personal plan ($49) is more than enough and would allow you to scrape about 10 searches every minute.

Step 4: Install Feeds

When you have the feed(s) you want/need you have to let FeedPopper know what they are. Drag the FeedPopper icon (in the menu bar) down and select Feeds. You will then see a window that asks you to give a name and URL. Put ’em in.

How to Email Someone on Craigslist

When you reply to a post (that is, someone has something for sale that you want to buy), you’ll see an address that looks like: abcde-0123456789@.

Craigslist gives you the option of copying and pasting this email address into an email application that you will open on your own, or you can click one of the provided links to automatically open your email account.

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