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How can you get drying blood stains out using cold water?

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Sep 13, 2017

    Anonymous Sep 13, 2017

    “Thank you so much for this! I get nosebleeds quite often and I can’t really control them so I get blood everywhere. I felt one coming and I got a little blood on my new mattress and using paste scrubbed it right off! Thanks so much for this article!” …” more

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Chocolate and Coffee Stains

Everyone loves chocolate—until it becomes a brown stain on your sofa cushion or your best kitchen towels. If you catch the stain quickly, you may get it out simply by running the fabric under cold water or blotting the chocolatey mess with a cloth soaked in cold water. But if the stain has set, hot water is best. 


Does Tide to go work on toothpaste?

Tide on Twitter: “@kelseyconnelly_ Tide to Go pens make toothpaste stains go away and therefore make your life look very together http://t.co/ZstolnHL1w”

How do you get tough oil stains out of clothes?

Lay your item of clothing on a flat surface and liberally sprinkle cornstarch over the stain. Let that soak in for at least 30 minutes, but one hour is preferable. Next, rub dish soap into the stain (use a nail brush if you want to get into the fibers). Finally, wash using the directions on the care label.

Fels Naptha Is A Wonderful Laundry Pretreater

by Cheryl

Fels Naptha works on blood stains. I use it! I was totally amazed!Very fresh blood stains. Apply Hydrogen peroxide first, let the bubbling stop and then wet the Fels Naptha bar soap. Rub the bar of soap on the stain several times. Apply more hydrogen peroxide, leave on until the bubbling stops and scrub with a good strong tooth brush. I have been using this soap for at least 40 years. It takes out a lot of other stains. Just experiment.

Cheryl says:

Fels Naptha soap is wonderful in removing laundry stains. I use it to pretreat sweaty shirt collars and underarm stains as well as blood and grass stains.It also works quite well on baby formula stains. In addition when I consider the cost of other laundry pretreaters Fels has all of them beat. I keep a bar in the baby’s room as well as mine, and of course the laundry room.
Yes, yes, yes, so many people have suggested this laundry soap for removing blood.None of you are the first person to sing the praises of this laundry soap bar for removing this type of spot. In fact, I’ve created a whole page of .

Removing Blood Stains From Fabric – Tips And Video

Removing blood stains from fabric is something we have all had to try to do from time to time.Below is a video which gives suggestions for removing these stains. In fact, they give some additional and alternative hints and tips besides the ones also given by my in my guide for blood removal.Some of the similarities include using cold water, and a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide.Instead of dishwashing liquid this video suggests a bar of soap, which is something other readers have suggested as well.Finally, the additional suggestion this video provides is to use a soak of salt water to help remove the spots.The video suggests using 1 cup of salt with 2 quarts of cold water to use as a presoak for the fabric, and to soak the fabric for at least thirty minutes.

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Effective Tips on How to Get Blood Out of Sheets

Seeing dried blood on bed sheets can be annoying, since not only do you have a mess to clean up, but you’ll have to remove blood from your sheets and mattress as soon as possible. If you are wondering how to get period blood out of sheets try these effective tips to get rid of the blood on your bedsheets:

1. Move Your Sheet

First thing first, strip your sheet immediately. This will help prevent the spreading of bloodstains onto your mattress and blankets. 

2. Use Cold Water

If you want to remove blood stains quickly, you will need to wash the blood off as soon as possible. Coldwater can be more effective than hot water, as it stops blood from settling on the fabric. Make sure to rinse the blood with cold water as soon as you see it. The longer you take, the more difficult it becomes to remove the stain. 

3. Dab, Don’t Rub

Dab the stained area with a wet cloth. Rubbing can create a mess by spreading the stain. Dabbing removes the excess blood. Make sure to dab instead of rub. 

4. Soak It

Once you have dabbed the sheet with water, soak the bedsheet in cold water for 30 minutes. 

5. Use an Effective Stain Fighter

There are numerous household items you can use, but it’s advisable to use hydrogen peroxide and water. The 3% solution that is sold in drugstores is great for helping to remove blood stains. It is generally classified as an oxidizing agent which means it can break down in water and oxygen: this is actually how it helps address your stain. Additionally, it is known to be friendly to all kinds of fabric, colored or not.

6. Machine Wash

After soaking the sheet in the solution for 24 hours, wash it in the machine in a regular washing cycle.

7. Let it Dry

Let the sheet dry naturally. Place it under the sun or a fan. Make sure you don’t use a dryer. A dryer can make the stain worse.

If the stain does not go away, repeat the process with a different strain fighter. 

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To remove a blood stain from your jeans, place a washcloth inside your jeans under the stain and blot the spot with a second clean cloth soaked in cold water. Soak the jeans in cold water, then wring them out. Scrub the blood stain with a brush to remove it. If the blood is still there, add a few drops of dishwashing soap and scrub until the stain is gone. For really stubborn stains, add a little salt on top of the dish soap. If the stain has dried, apply a layer of baking soda and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. Rinse your jeans with fresh, cold water. Keep reading the article for more tips on how to wash your jeans after treating the blood stains!

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How to get blood out of sheets

The process for removing blood stains from sheets is like the method for cleaning clothing.

  1. Soak the sheets

    It’s best to soak the sheets in cold water as soon as you see the stain. If the stain is fresh, you can flush it out by running it under cold water.

  2. Apply detergent

    If you have coloured sheets, apply some liquid laundry detergent directly onto the stain, working it in with a cloth.

  3. How to get blood out of white sheets

    If you have white sheets, then apply a little hydrogen peroxide to the area, working it in with a soft bristled brush (this chemical can cause discolouration to coloured sheets). Finally, put the sheets on a cool wash and air dry.

Knowing how to wash bed sheets and remove blood stains will help keep them looking new and feeling fresh.

How to Get Dried Blood Stains Out of Sheets: 3 Steps

Removing dried blood from sheets is a bit trickier because the stain has already set in. However, we’ve broken it down into three easy to follow steps: 

  1. Soak the sheets in cold water overnight. This will help loosen the dried blood.
  2. Pour hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Then, use a soft-bristled brush to pat it in. After about 10 minutes, dab the stain with a cold, wet rag.
  3. Machine wash your sheets in a regular wash cycle using cold water and a mild laundry detergent. Then, let your sheets air dry in the sun.

Don’t get frustrated if your stain doesn’t come out right away. Simply repeat the process and consider using one of the additional stain remover treatments listed below. If you have white sheets, bleach is also a great way to remove dried blood. Just make sure to dilute it first.

Oil-based and Rust Stains

Oil and water don’t mix. So, using hot or cold water won’t remove a stain from clothing or other materials. The same is true of rust stains. Your best bet to remove oil-based and rust stains is by rubbing in a mixture of baking soda or cornstarch and water. Work in a bit of dish soap and wash as usual. If the stain is persistent, repeat.