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How can I access the Kindle Owners Lending Library?


After I turn on my Kindle and navigate to the home page, I press the “cart” symbol on the menu bar. Once in the Kindle Store, I select the “three dot” menu option, ans then select KOLL from the drop down menu.

This takes you to a page that defaults to showing all the titles in KOLL. If you select the “Refine” option you can drill down to specific categories.

Looking for uncommon, fresh new accesories for your iPad or iPad Pro?

In this list, you will find the lesser-known, newly launched, and innovative accessories and appliances that may surprise you with how useful they are.

iPad accessories


Older screensaver pics: Who?

Some wonder what this or that Kindle thing is. This will be a section for them.

. Who/What are on the Amazon screensavers?    Bruce Woodcock’s List

. More web-bookmarks for the Kindle: Try these

Why a Kindle? (Keyboard model)

You can access your books, periodicals, or the ful You can access your books, periodicals, or the full Web* with Amazon’s light 6″ Kindle (Global) and the larger Kindle DX, via wireless 24/7 with no hourly charges.

*  Customers outside the U.S. with wireless are increasingly getting free, slow access to the web and, as a basic feature, can access Wikipedia on the Net 24/7, for free, while reading the Kindle. See the main reasons I’ve found the Kindle very useful.

_______ A popular forum topic (on Amazon) shows that Kindle users are not tied to only Amazon: A Million or so Kindle books – mostly free – how to get them.

Here are the most interesting iPad mini 6 case covers you can get in 2021

In this updated overview, we list the best covers and sleeves that are compatible with the newest iPad mini 6 released in 2021.

iPad mini 6 covers

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Amazon Prime Features

Amazon Prime is $79 a year and gives you benefits in addition to the Lending Library including free two-day shipping (no minimum purchase required) and access to free Instant Videos, Amazon’s library of streaming movies and tv shows. Amazon offers a 30 day trial membership to Prime so you can try it out.

With the holidays approaching, consider signing up for a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime so you can get free two-day shipping for all of your gifts. You can get a free book for your Kindle, watch free movies and tv, and have your gifts delivered in two days for free!

If you consider each Kindle book costs an average of $10 and you get one book a month for free, you could save $120 by using this service in a year, more than enough to cover the $79 price of an Amazon Prime membership.

If you have a Kindle, does this make you want to sign up for Amazon Prime to get free Kindle books? If you are a Prime member, does this make you want to get a Kindle? If you have neither, are you enticed to get both? Let us know in the Comments section below!