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Hate Twitter’s New Design? Here’s How to Get Old Twitter Back

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GoodTwitter extension

If the new Twitter design is bad, then the old one must be Good Twitter, right? Twitter user @ZusorOW has developed a browser extension, GoodTwitter, for both Chrome and Firefox that automatically loads the old site design when users visit the website.

Mashable has tested it. It works! Simply download and install the extension for the correct browser. The extension will add a greyed out version of the Twitter bird logo to the browser’s toolbar. When a user goes to Twitter.com, the logo will turn blue and load the “good” old Twitter interface.

According to GoodTwitter’s developer, the extension “removes Twitter’s stupid redesign in Chrome by changing the user agent on all requests to Twitter.” It was apparently created in just 10 minutes too. The has also been made open source and GoodTwitter says it’s not collecting any user data.

Skip the Browser Extension: Change Your User Agent

If you’d rather do this without the GoodTwitter extension, all you have to do is change your browser’s user agent to Internet Explorer 11 while it’s accessing Twitter.com. There are many ways to do this. The main thing is you don’t want to change your browser’s user agent all the time, or you’ll get all sorts of ancient web pages intended for Internet Explorer 11 across the web.

For example, in Firefox, you can do this with an about:config preference—no browser extension required.

To do so, type about:config into Firefox’s address bar and press Enter. Click “I Accept the Risk” to bypass the warning. As long as you’re careful about what you modify in about:config and follow the instructions here, you’ll be fine.

Right-click on the list of settings and select New

Right-click on the list of settings and select New > String.

If you don’t like the new look, you can do something about it

A temporary fix

There’s a temporary solution for those who want to get rid of the new Twitter design without putting in many efforts. To do the same, open Twitter and tap the three-dot menu given at the bottom of the left sidebar. Select Settings and Privacy and click on About Twitter under the General Settings section.

Now, a menu will appear on the right side of the page. Thereafter, scroll down and click on Directory. A new page will old Twitter design will be opened. Here, you can tap on any of the menus and enjoy the classic Twitter interface.

Note: As mentioned, this is a temporary solution and might be fixed anytime soon.

Using Good Twitter with Firefox

  • Open Firefox on your computer. It will either be in the start menu or the applications folder if you have a Mac.
  • Visit . This shows you all of Firefox’s add ons for the browser.
  • Search Good Twitter in the ‘find add-ons’ search bar. This will be at the top of the page. You will see some results come up.
  • Click ‘Good Twitter’ when you find it in the search results. It should be the first one that comes up.
  • Click ‘Add to Firefox’, which will be near the top of the page. A pop up will tell you the permissions you need to allow for it to work.
  • Click ‘add’ on the pop up menu. A confirmation message will come up.
  • Choose whether you want the extension to run in private windows when you browse. Click ‘allow this extension to run in private windows’ on the pop-up. If you don’t, just leave it blank.
  • Click ‘okay got it’ on the pop up. Good Twitter is now installed.
  • Visit Twitter and make sure that the necessary changes have been made. If you see the old design still, either refresh or clear your history.

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