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Give Out These Fake Prank Numbers to Creeps


  • If he wants you to meet him somewhere you’ve never been before, asks you to ride in his car alone with him, or wants to meet where no one can see you, take extreme caution. Let someone else know where you are, bring someone along with you without his knowledge, change the location, or just simply refuse to meet with him alone.

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Self Improvement Prank Numbers

These numbers might seem like they have good intentions, but they are anything but that. They have thinly-veiled insults and can make for a great prank call. 

Bad Breath Notification

Number: (605)–475–6959

Of all the “well-meaning” phone numbers here, this one is actually the nicest. If you ever find someone with stinky breath, slip them this number and let them find out. Who knows? It might prompt them to make changes in their life. 

My favorite part of the call is when it says, “Do you hear me laughing? No, you don’t. Because this is not a joke, there is nothing funny about bad breath.” Direct and straight to the point – I like it.  

Outsource A Friendship

Number: (605)–475–6966

India is one of the top countries for outsourced work. Think about all the tedious and laborious tasks sent overseas. Can you imagine your friendship being one of them? Ouch.

The pre-recorded message starts out polite, but by the time you get to the agent’s name, you know it’s BS. He gives out a very long and very gibberish “Indian” name. It might be sad at first, but you have to admit the “but you can call me BFF, best friends for a very long time indeed,” is very funny. 

You might actually be able to duplicate this call on your own. With our Rakesh soundboard, you can play a very convincing call center agent. Add a couple personal details to make the friendship package look legit, and you are good to go!

Sex Addiction Intervention

Number: (605)-475-6972

This is a rated 18+ number. It starts off as a regular customer service hotline with lines like “press 1 for x” and “press 2 for y.” But it doesn’t stay that way for long. The robotic yet snarky voice reads out a script that – how do I put this? Sounds like a cross between customer service and a phone sex line. 

Divorce Hotline

Number: (605)–475–6960

Have a friend whose marriage is on the rocks? The Divorce Hotline might be the number for them. The call sounds like one of those sad infomercials that play in the middle of the night. But the script is writing gold. 

“Are you tired of constant nagging? Infrequent sex? Or always being wrong? Do you find yourself apologizing for things you haven’t done? Have you ever really questioned where everything in your life went so wrong? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be one of the millions of Americans suffering from this chronic condition known as marriage. But don’t worry, there is a cure. Ask your lawyer if divorce might be right for you. Divorce is the low-cost alternative to homicide…”

And the call just keeps getting better and better. This number might be the sign your friend is looking for. 

It Could Always Suck More

Number: (605)–475–6964

Find yourself stuck with a constant complainer? Remind them how good they have it with this hotline number. They might not be so quick to moan and groan later on. It’s one of the best ways to establish your privilege.

Other Numbers

Love these ideas, but tired of pre-recorded calls? Looking for other funny numbers to call? Maybe it’s time to try making prank calls of your own. You can work with a script or improvise as you go along. Have fun with it!

Ownage Pranks has soundboards that can bring your characters to life. Rakesh, Tyrone, John, and many others – you have a whole cast and crew. You can have a prank ready in no time. 

If you want something extra special for a friend – Ownage Pranks is here to help. Request a prank call! With your insider info and our years in the business, we can make a hilarious prank call! Get the best experience with our custom prank ideas and scripts!

Happy Pranking!

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