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Getting animals high

10. Hare

The Hare is one of fastest animals and has a great ability to jump.  They can run up to 72 kp/45mph, making them difficult for predators to catch them.

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Picture Credit: David Baird (Wiki Commons)

Picture Credit: David Baird (Wiki Commons)

6. Songbirds in Vienna

Feasting on fermenting berries and then flying can be very dangerous for birds. In 2006, 40 songbirds were found dead in Vienna, Austria. Post mortems showed their bellies were full of rotting berries and their necks were broken after crashing into windows. According to Sonja Wehsely, a spokesperson for Vienna’s veterinary authority, their livers were so badly damaged “they looked like they were chronic alcoholics.”



9. Pen-tailed tree shrew and the bertam palm

The Malaysian pen-tailed tree shrew (Ptilocercus lowii) has evolved to survive on the fermented nectar of the bertam palm, which can reach around 3.8 per cent ethanol. The rat-sized creature can drink as much alcohol for their weight as a human knocking back nine beers in one sitting, without showing any signs of drunkenness. Frank Wiens, a German biologist, put the palms under 24hr surveillance and found the animals spent about two hours per night guzzling the alcoholic nectar.

Domestic Dog

Colorado State University emergency vet Tim Hackett sees lots of dogs who have accidentally consumed illicit drugs (or, in the case of marijuana, formerly illicit drugs).  

Most of the time, he says, dogs aren’t trying to get high—they just get into food or other items that their humans have left out. (See “‘Drunk’ Bats Fly Right—Study Surprises Scientists.”)

“If they see a platter of brownies, they aren’t going to stop at just one. They’re going to eat until everything is gone,” Hackett says. 

The chocolate, butter, and oil in pot brownies, which induce vomiting, are more dangerous to a dog than the drug. But the added marijuana can weaken canines’ head muscles and cause them to choke on their vomit.

Hackett is interested in the potential therapeutic properties of marijuana for dogs, but since they seem to metabolize the drug much more slowly than humans, giving Fido a blunt is decidedly not a good idea. 

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2. Tree Frog

Tree Frogs can jump 150 times their own body length, putting them at the second spot for longest jumping animal in relation to body weight. Find out why stone frogs are commonly kept in gardens in Scotland in our Animals A-Z section.

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Picture Credit: Carey James Balboa (Wiki Commons

Picture Credit: Carey James Balboa (Wiki Commons)

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