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easy Shoe Organizer Vertical Indoor Garden ⋆ NellieBellie

Step 1:

Make your organizer watertight so that you won’t have drips of water all over your floor everytime you water your plants by covering the back of your organizer in multiple layers of outdoor ModPodge (or clear shipping tape) to make it watertight.


5. Turn it into a makeup organizer

Is your drawer overflowing with lipsticks and eyeliners?

Are you looking for a separate space for your ever enlarging collection of makeup products?

Well then, the over the door shoe organizer is a perfect choice! Tuck in your lipsticks and glosses with ease.

From Salto Quinze
From Salto Quinze

Got lots of nail polish? Put them inside the shoe organizer too!

 From Salto Quinze
From Salto Quinze

Even if you have just a handful of makeup products, you’ll still find that using an over the door shoe organizer is an incredibly easy way to help you spot what you need.

From Kathy Magnuson via Pinterest
From Kathy Magnuson via Pinterest

8. Let your kitchen thank you

Does your kitchen feel too crammed at times?

Hang the shoe organizer. Tuck in the spoons, ladles, spatulas, and anything else that fits into the pockets of the organizer.

From The Brighter Things
From The Brighter Things

Your kitchen will certainly feel more spacious.

How To Make Shoe Organizer Herb Garden

via Instructables

Over on Instructables, the creator behind this easy DIY has put together an excellently written photo tutorial. You can find all the details here

Step 3:

Vacuum your mess, hang your new hanger on the door, and clip photo’s to it (if you so choose!). Now, if you use a vine you can use clothes pins  to help that vine “climb” your shoe hanger.