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Do clothes dry faster in air conditioning? YES BUT WHY

What Clothes DryFast

Generally, lightweight and white clothes tend to dry the fastest. Those lightweight dark-colored clothing are also very quick when it comes to drying time. In comparisons between the two types of fabric when the materials are the same weight, the dark-colored clothing tends to dry a little faster.

The thicker the fabric the longer you have to wait for the material to get dry. A lot will depend on the absorption rate of the material as well. If you travel a lot the best clothing to have along for the ride are those made from nylon, polyester, Cool Max, cotton, linen, and possible Merino wool.

These are the fastest drying fabrics you can own and you should add in Rayon as well. It doesn’t dry as fast as polyester or cotton but those materials do dry faster than nylon. Silk is also a good material to have in your suitcase as it only takes a little over 3 hours to get dry.

Tip 3: For light and small pieces of clothing like socks or ties, you may want to save on energy and not turn on your dryer when you are in a hurry. For those items, a salad spinner may get the excess moisture out and help those items dry a lot faster.


Throw In a Dry Towel

On the flip-side, you can also help to accelerate drying with a single heavy item. one dry towel in a load of wet clothes can help to absorb and disperse some of the moisture. This pulls moisture out of the clothes while only making the towel lightly damp, which is quickly solved by the dryer’s heated tumbling.  

How to dry clothes faster

Well, when you’ve nothing to do without drying your clothes inside the house, the Air conditioner can be the only best option. Using a heater is really not healthy in this case, You might not carry the risks or weak immune system, but other people in your house might get health issues because of mold.

Some people really drying clothes in air conditioned room. I know, this may be weird but in some cases, people who use this trick even say the ac is quite a good and smarter option for drying the clothes faster.

Freeze dry your clothes

Another very effective drying trick is to quickly put the wet garment neatly folded inside a plastic bag and put in the freezer. Leave it until it is completely dry, you can even leave it overnight. The next day, iron it to remove the cold and it’s ready. With this you can dry your clothes in winter or when it rains.

You do need to be careful when drying your clothes in the freezer. Be especially careful when mixing clothing items with food. Firstly, if there is any dirt on the clothing, you run the risk of contaminating the food. Secondly, if you have food in the freezer which has a sauce or is made of something which causes stains, you might end up ruining your clothes. It won’t matter that your clothes have dried faster if you have a big dollop of ragú down the middle.

Make Sure the Dryer Feet are Level

Appliances are often disadvantaged when they do not stand level. A washer will scrape and bang, but a dryer may walk itself to the point of blocking the duct. We mentioned this possibility earlier in the article. If your dryer’s feet are not even (or your dryer is sitting on uneven ground) it can wobble until the flexible duct is pinched.

This can cause repetitive problems with clothes not getting dry. Not to mention the need to constantly pull your dryer back out and check on the duct.

Most dryer feet are self-leveling. This means that they extend and retract when you twist them clockwise or counterclockwise. 

Take them for a spin

If you need to know how to dry clothes quickly, choose the fastest spin cycle on your washing machine. Whether you’ll be drying clothes on the line or on a clothes rack inside, removing as much water as possible before you hang them up will speed up their drying time significantly.

Tip: Avoid overfilling your washing machine as packing clothes in tightly leaves them damper at the end of the cycle

Drying clothes faster with an iron

Another easy way to dry your clothes fast without a dryer is to use an iron. The heat from the iron will help accelerate the process. Use an old towel to put on top of the wet garment and use the iron on top of the towel to apply heat indirectly. Make sure you use it on the correct temperature to ensure that none of the clothes are damaged. If you want to dry a shirt fast, it’s not going to matter if you have burnt it first.

This is one of the most effective ways to dry clothes faster and one of the most used too. If the clothes are completely soaked through, then you might want to try some of the other techniques to dry your clothes faster before this one. You may find that a combination of two or more of these tips will get you the dry clothes you need.

Important Considerations

In your quest to dry clothes fast, you must employ only the viable methods for effective drying of your clothes.

For example, you cannot use a sleeping bag to dry out a bundle of clothes irrespective of being heavy or light clothes. You must opt for other techniques such as a clothesline, squeezing the clothes or folding them in a towel and then twisting it.

When using fire to dry garments, take into account all safety precautions of starting a campfire. Avoid creating fire too adjacent to the camping tent or other flammable materials that could destroy your outdoor great fun. Do not rely on chemicals to start a fire because their odor can affect your clothes which will then prompt you to wash them again.

Before washing your clothes, check the weather for

Before washing your clothes, check the weather forecast to avoid washing the clothes in imminent downpour conditions. It becomes relatively hard to dry clothes fast in rainy conditions even if you use ample ventilation in your tent.

In case it rains after you have just washed your clothes, make a plan to hang them in your tent overnight. The camping tents often have rainfly and roof vents that could help in drying your clothes. See our piece on the top family tents that are durable and spacious, it’s a good read for you.

Strategic drying

Whether you’re using a clothes horse or a washing line, make sure you shake out garments (particularly jeans) and smooth any creases before hanging them out to dry your clothes faster: crumpled clothes take longer to dry – and to iron. On an airer, your clothes will dry faster if you hang them in order of size, with small items at the bottom: this makes the best use of airflow, encouraging the larger items to dry quicker.

Tip: Using hangers, rather than pegs or the racks on your airer, can also speed up the drying process.

Does Bamboo Fabric Dry Quickly?

It can be and depending on the type of bamboo fabric you buy, your drying time may be short like cotton or it may be as long as rayon. One of the drawbacks to drying bamboo quickly is that the material really absorbs moisture.

Bamboo may dry at the same rate as cotton but with the extra moisture it holds inside its fibers, it will dry slower than cotton will. it is said that this material dries at about the same rate as cotton but takes longer because of that problem we just mentioned.

Drying time is not a deal-breaker. Bamboo has other qualities that make it an ideal fabric to have in your clothing and towels as well as bedding. Your schedule will determine which clothing material you will buy.

Some Final Words

Quick-drying fabrics are only necessary under certain conditions. When you are out hiking or camping, on the road for important business, or at home with a busy schedule.

All other times do not require quick-drying materials especially when you are at home and have access to your wardrobe. But in any care, knowing which fabrics dry fast will help you decide what to wear on a given day as you never know what may happen.