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Best Ways To Find New Music

Song Pitches

This is the most underutilized service we offer, maybe because it just seems too good to be true. Our Music Specialists know the roster better than anyone and they’ll offer free song pitches to you at no charge. Yep, completely free. 

They’re true professionals, too. They spend all day every day digging through our roster and listening to new music. They hear what other filmmakers are using and also know about new releases before anyone else does.

So, why does this matter to you? Well, you can tell our specialists what you’re looking for and they’ll spend the time finding it. Simple as that. They can tell you what’s trending right now, offer some hidden gems other people may not be noticing, and give you a well-rounded list of songs that fit the vibe you’re looking for. 

It’s like having an extra member of your team who you don’t have to pay. Put them to the test—trust us, your project will be better off for it. 


Find New Music: Look At Reviews

Looking at reviews from newspapers, news sites and music websites is one of the easiest ways to discover new music. There are so many sites and resources out there that’ll tell you all about the latest releases. If you’re a complete newbie to reading music reviews then don’t worry. I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite places to read reviews in a sec. But first I want to talk about why reviews are a great way to source new tunes.

The biggest appeal of a review is that they give you an outline of what to expect from a song/album in advance. Maybe you’ve heard of a musician but haven’t had time to listen to their stuff yet. An album will set you back around 45 minutes if you listen to it in full. And if you aren’t feeling the music by the end of it then it can feel like a waste of time! Trust me I’ve felt like this on a few occasions.

Whereas a review will take like what? 5 minutes tops to read. It’ll give you an idea of what to expect from the music, a general rating of how good the album is (in the opinion of the reviewer) and what they think are the best tracks on the album. If you’re sat reading a review and thinking bloody hell that song/album sounds awful!! then at least you’ve only spent a couple of minutes reading about it.

Of course, it’s important to bear in mind that you won’t always agree with the reviewer. At the end of the day, it is only one person’s opinion per review. So if you want to get an idea of what the music you’re researching is like then it’s best to read a few different reviews.

Photography by Roman Kraft via Unsplash.
Photography by Roman Kraft via Unsplash.

My Go-To Review Sites

My favourite places to read reviews are Pitchfork, The Guardian and Metacritic. The latter being my go-to source for discovering new releases.

I think for a lot of you Pitchfork would be a great place to start because it’s so easy to navigate. Each new release is labelled with the genre so you can sift through the sort of music you’re looking for really quickly. The ‘Staff Picks’ section is also a really unique part of the site. It reads a bit more like a blog and takes you through some of the picks by Pitchfork staff. As I’m searching on the website right now I’m just dreaming about how much I wish my blog looked as cool as their site does. It’s so chic! The Guardian online is my go-to for reading in-depth reviews. I always find their reviews to be really fair which is something that I’ve found can be an issue sometimes with reviews. Sometimes it feels like certain reviews are being unnecessarily harsh on a couple of musicians. And in other cases, it feels like they’re hyping up an album that isn’t actually that incredible. But overall The Guardian seems to be spot on with their music reviews.

Photography by Thought Catalog via Unsplash.
Photography by Thought Catalog via Unsplash.


Our A&R team has its hands on every aspect of our roster— it’s how we built the world’s best music library for filmmakers—and Playlists are an example of it. Our Playlists are curation within curation, the perfect place for any filmmaker that needs a faster option or just wants a shortcut to where they’re going.

There are 100 playlists for you to explore right now, with more being added all the time. Our specialists curate each of them with new music so you’re always seeing the latest and greatest. You can explore our Genre playlists if you want a broader view of a certain type of music, or you can really hone in with our Vibe playlists, curated with a certain feeling or mood in mind.

And, just added this year, you can now explore our Filmmaker playlists! We reached out to some of our favorite creatives and had them build playlists based on their tastes and the music they’re using in projects right now. 

All in all, our playlists are the perfect place for straight-up inspiration. There’s no better way to start a project than by picking your favorite playlist and discovering something new.

Discover on SoundCloud

This method made other artists’ profiles easily accessible to me, which helps a lot if you get stuck in choreo block.

Other than reposting, you can find new music through SoundCloud’s “Discover” tab! The Discover tab suggests songs based on your previous likes and reposts.

SoundCloud’s recommendations are especially on point, since it considers more than genre when suggesting songs; other components like tempo and syncopation are factored in.

If you ever feel like you can’t work with a certain song, or want a change in your usual choreography (whether it be faster tempo, different genre), then find new music using SoundCloud!

There is such a wide variety of genres from random artists that are sure to inspire new movement in some way.

How to use this music genre finder ?

Artist/Song genre finder tool is the best way for music lovers and playlist curators to find the genre of a song or an artist. You can use it as Key finder or BPM finder for any song. All you have to do is to type your song name in search box after this ,the app match that music or song in their database on Spotify and last FM platforms and if the match is found then the music or song details will be displayed on section below that contain interesting information like song’s key and bpm… Don’t worry if you can’t remember your favourite song name correctly, search box will automatically suggest a few songs for you to select from. You also can start with artist name instead of song name.

You can also find an artist genre using this tool, all you should do is to select artist option then start typing your favourite artist name in search box. Identify the artist and get his music category with one tap.

Spotify Discover Weekly Release Radar playlists


Personalised playlists aren’t exactly breaking news in the music world, but unlike on services like Pandora where you had to up-vote and down-vote tracks as an indicator for what you wanted next, or even the previous Spotify Radio setting which created playlists from specific artists, Discover Weekly feels like a mixtape made by a mystery lover. You can see the very clever computer science behind it explained here.

The function creates a personalised playlist based on your listening tastes and serves it up into your account every Monday morning. All you have to do is follow the Discover Weekly playlist in the Browse section of your account – it’s that easy. The service has proved incredibly popular for the music streaming service with over 40 million users in its first year and has since been replicated by Apple Music under the moniker “My New Music Mix”. If you’re looking to narrow down your search to recently released music specifically, Spotify’s Release Radar does exactly the same function but with new tunes.

Find New Music: Check Local Events

So I know that right now this isn’t something that we can do… BUT it is a big one to note down for future reference (when it’s safe to attend events). A great way to find new music is to see who’s playing live near where you live. Check local bars and music venues websites (and social media!) and see if they have any upcoming gigs. You haven’t necessarily got to get yourself a ticket to their concert. Instead, you can use the websites to discover new musicians.

In Liverpool, we’re lucky to have loads of local music venues, whether it’s for large concerts at the M&S Bank Arena, mid-size gigs in the O2 Academy or a bar gig at what’s come to be a favourite spot of mine in Liverpool, Jimmy’s. There are plenty of music venues in all major cities so if you live in or near a city you’re spoilt for choice. For those of you who aren’t close enough to large cities, however, remember what I said about not having to actually go to the concerts. This is all about discovering new music, not necessarily seeing music live, so you can still check who’s playing in venues all over the world if you wanted to! Just pop onto their websites and do some searchin’.

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  1. Ash says:

    November 30, 2020 at 6:36 pm

    Respekt! Das ist mal eine fantastische Liste um neue Musik zu entdecken. Hypem.com z.B. ist hierfür sehr gut geeignet. Die Algorithmen der Streaming-Anbieter listen nämlich meist nur Bands mit hoher Popularität, die man eh schon kennt.


    1. Bogdan Rancea says:

      August 20, 2021 at 7:35 pm



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Using Music from SoundCloud to Practice freestyling

Since freestyle is the most raw form of expressing yourself through dance, nobody can really teach you how to do it.

People often tell me to just let go and try new things, and SoundCloud’s large selection of music and its minimalist layout helped me improve a lot on my own.

Whenever I want to create new concepts or moves for freestyling, I let my SoundCloud feed play and freestyle to at least 5 songs nonstop, hearing them for the first time.

Freestyling to a song that you’ve never heard before is GREAT because it catches you off guard.

Sure, every now and then you’ll predict a drop that never happens and awkwardly go full-out to static noise (because SoundCloud artists love that for some reason), but you’ll also have those moments where you become mindless and just move.

By using this method, I have created various tutting combos, sharpened my dime stops, created transitional moves based on floorwork, expanded my range of motion to make bigger pictures, etc.

To challenge myself even more, I look for songs that are extremely unpredictable and/or syncopated, AND I close my eyes while freestyling.

I feel that it is the most effective in creating new ideas for freestyling because it builds a stronger connection between my body and the music, since I can only rely on the music to guide me.

One of my new favorite songs for freestyling is called “joshua (for a school project)” by underscores:

This song has the most unpredictable time-signature change breakdowns, and it combines electronically-altered instruments with complex drum fills which allow for a lot of combo drills.

Aside from freestyling, I like to play this song to practice skills like tutting in time during the time-signature changes, or hitting waves on the various trills throughout the song.

Better ways

To get the desired result, we will use queries with “song name” and additional keywords that increase the likelihood of finding a song without a license.

A list of keywords, that greatly increase the chance of finding the audio track we want: +”no copyright” +”remix” +”cover” +”trap” +”bass boosted”.

Using this life hack, we will be able to get music for videos with 95% accuracy, without blocking in the future. But there are +2 additional keywords that will increase the chances to 100% +”slow” +”fast”.

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