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Are hemp backpacks washable?




Can You Put a Backpack in the Dryer?

You should never put your backpack in a dryer as this can cause damage. Instead, you should allow your backpack to dry naturally, away from any direct sources of heat. Hanging your pack upside down can help ensure that no water is left sitting in the pockets or corners of the bag. Always make sure the backpack is completely dry before storing it away.

Instructions for hand washing

As stated before, hand washing your bag is the recommended cleaning method. It may take a bit more time, but here is how to wash a Jansport backpack without ruining it.

1.Disinfect the inside of the pack

1.Disinfect the inside of the pack

First, if the inside of the bag is dirty or odiferous, it can be challenging to get that smell under control. The best way is to tackle this stubborn grime with a phenolic disinfectant like Lysol or Pine-Sol. If easier, turn the backpack inside out. Then, create a one-to-one solution with disinfectant and lukewarm water. Next, use a sponge or cloth to clean the interior pockets of the bag.

You can also use Lysol wipes for this step. Then, leave the bag inside out to air dry entirely before cleaning the outside of the backpack.

2.Clean the outside of the bag

Once the inside of the bag is clean and dry, it’s time to move on to the outside of the backpack. Fill a bucket or sink with lukewarm water. Do not use hot water as it can cause fabric colors to bleed.

JanSport care instructions say not to submerge their backpacks (it’s not¬†waterproof!), so soaking a soft cloth in just water and scrubbing the bag is the safest route to take. You can also use a soft brush, like a toothbrush, for better results. If more than water is needed, you can dilute a mild detergent like Woolite or Draft and use it sparingly on the most soiled areas. Then be sure to use a separate clean water cloth to rinse as you go.

If you don’t think a mild detergent will do the trick, you can dilute a stronger detergent like Tide or Gain, both of which are useful in cold and lukewarm water. However, you must use this solution with care, and make sure you test on a small area of the bag first.

When using a detergent, be sure to gently rinse the bag with lukewarm water, paying close attention not to submerge the bag completely.

3. Use a sponge to clean mesh

Next, if your bag has mesh pockets, you will need to use special care in their cleaning. Mesh pockets for water bottles or other small items are delicate and can tear easily. Rather than using a brush that can snag the mesh, use a soaked sponge to do this part of the job.

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