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5 Steps to Storing Bacon Grease for Future Baking Uses

Fried Rice

Now we like this best with bacon bits in the fried rice, but even without, it’s delicious. My husband showed me how to make it as it was a family dish he had growing up. You re-fry rice with shredded carrots, thinly sliced celery, and thinly sliced green onions with bacon grease, and then add some crumbled bacon and peas in the last couple minutes of cooking. It’s so good! I want to make a cauliflower rice version soon for a grain-free version. Yum.


Baked Goods

I have tried this yet, but you can also use bacon grease as the fat in pie crusts, biscuits, muffins, pancakes, etc. It could be delicious if used in the right recipe. Think of corn muffins made with bacon grease instead of oil served with hot chili. Yum!

Do you save your bacon grease? If so, how do you use yours?

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5 Ways to Use Bacon Grease

Bacon grease is a tasty substitute for butter and margarine in several recipes.

  1. Use it to sauté veggies: Bacon grease adds an extra dimension of flavor to everything from proteins to fresh veggies. Simmer your green beans with bacon fat and bacon bits or roast asparagus with a few tablespoons in the oven.
  2. Add it to homemade bread: Bacon grease can amp up the flavor of a traditional loaf of country bread, or you can use it to toast hearty wheat bread for a crispy grilled cheese sandwich. Add a few tablespoons of bacon grease to your cornbread or biscuit mix for a smoky flavor.
  3. Mix it into loaded mashed potatoes: Swap the butter in your recipe for mashed potatoes with bacon grease. Toss in shredded cheese, bacon bits, and chives for an added punch of flavor.
  4. Season your cast-iron skillet: After the initial wash, use a paper towel to coat your cast-iron skillet with bacon grease before letting it bake in the oven.
  5. Make scrambled eggs: Coat your pan with bacon fat before cracking your eggs instead of cooking spray.

Storage it in proper containers

Kathy Burns-Millyard/Demand Media

If you’ve tried storing hot bacon grease in plastic before, then you’ve likely experienced a hole right through your container. This means that your best options for storing bacon grease are glass or ceramic containers. It also helps that glass and ceramic don’t absorb odors.

Another option for storing bacon grease is in a high-quality stainless steel container, which completely blocks out light and can go directly onto the stove to reheat the grease.

Bacon Grease on Dog Food

Is Bacon Grease Good or Bad for Dogs?

Many dogs will relish a dish of bacon fat. However, many veterinarians warn against giving the substance to dogs. Apparently, the high-fat diet will likely cause pancreatitis and obesity on the dog. Therefore, if you must give it to your dog then do it occasionally.

The next time you think of cooking bacon consider the best way to store its first.

How to use bacon grease in your cooking

Bacon grease is a versatile tool in the kitchen, and Chef Elrod has a lot of suggested uses. “I love cooking with bacon grease,” she says. “I use it to fry eggs, to brown proteins like chicken, and to cook vegetables like greens and sweet potatoes, naturally. I also use bacon fat in cornbread, and quick breads. I learned from my husband, the pizza man, to grease a cast iron skillet or Sicilian pizza tray heavily with beef bacon fat for baking focaccia like breads.”


But, as they say on television, that’s not all! Elrod also suggests using bacon fat to supplement meat dishes that include lean cuts, to add extra richness where there naturally isn’t much fat to begin with.

“I love using bacon grease to enrich stews and braises made with leaner cuts of meat, like venison or lean beef,” she explains. “I start by browning the meat and aromatic vegetables really well in the fat, then build the rest of the dish. I mix bacon fat with a neutral flavored oil for pan frying and deep frying, which allows me to stretch my bacon grease while adding great flavor and color to the fried items like breaded cutlets or fried chicken.”


How to Dispose of Bacon Grease

Bacon dripping can be disposed of with the rest of the garbage once it is solidified. In this manner, you can place a heavy-duty foil inside a cup and pour the liquid grease in it. Once it has thickened, you can remove the substance and dispose of it together with the foil. You can do the same with residues of bacon fat you have been using by throwing away the whole container into the garbage can. But I would recommend you to get a Bacon Grease container (Look on amazon) instead so that you can use it later.

Bacon fat down the Drain

You should never pour liquid bacon grease down the drain since it will solidify after a short period. The situation will cause blockage in your drainage pipe which cannot be dislodged using water. Even if you resort to hot water, the fat is likely to solidify in different areas of the drainage system.

Try cooking with beef bacon, too

Beef bacon, it turns out, is interchangeable with the porky stuff for most cooking applications.


“We don’t eat pork at home, so beef bacon was a life changing discovery for me,” Elrod says. “I can use it in almost any place I would use pork bacon and it’s every bit as good.”

Deen Halal is the brand of beef bacon she uses most often, though it isn’t readily available at most grocery stores; she gets it from a restaurant supply store. So if you can’t find it, Elrod recommends a brand called Godshall’s, which you can get at some major grocery store chains.


How to store bacon grease at room temperature

Kathy Burns-Millyard/Demand Media

Bacon grease can be stored at room temperature, although it will go rancid much faster than if stored in the refrigerator. For best results when storing at room temperature, keep the bacon grease in a dark-colored, opaque, tightly sealed container, and always strain the bacon bits out first to prolong its freshness.

Another tip is to wipe down the outside of the container with hot water to remove any grease before storing it to avoid attracting pests (they love bacon just as much as we do). Keep your pantry between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit

If you notice a distinct unnatural or unpleasant odor, however, then the bacon grease has likely gone bad and should be thrown out in a glass jar.

Before you throw out that fresh bacon grease, think again, and follow these essential tips.