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4 Fruits (and Foods) That Make Your Vagina Taste Better

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Are goji berries the same as miracle berries?

How to Eat Miracle Fruit
  1. Before putting the miracle fruit in your mouth, cleanse your palate with a tall glass of water.
  2. The miracle fruit needs to coat your mouth in order to have an effect, so don’t just quickly swallow it down.
  3. Then, bite into it and make sure the juices coat your whole mouth.

Foods That Are Bad for Your Vagina

As there are foods that can make your vag taste an

As there are foods that can make your vag taste and smell better, there are foods that can make your vag more repulsive. That’s why when noting the foods that are good for your vagina, you should also take note of the foods that are bad for it. Here are some of the food items that you should stay away from.

1 Broccoli

You might be surprised as to why broccoli is on the list. Yes, it’s healthy and can bring various nutrients for your vagina. However, it can also cause an odor down there, possibly repulsing your partner to eat or play with it. Now, we don’t want you to cut out this vegetable from your diet—it’s just that a few days before the deed, it’s best if you don’t eat broccoli or go for its alternatives.

2 Asparagus

Just like broccoli, asparagus is a vegetable that can alter the smell of your vagina. It affects the pH of your vag as well as cause your urine to smell bad. It’s pretty much healthy, no doubt about that, but keep in mind to cut down on consumption if you know you’re going to have sex in a few days.

3 Onions

Aside from causing bad breath, onions can also alter your vaginal odor. This is because when you eat an onion, the smell of your urine starts to smell like urine. And unlike the garlic, it doesn’t have antimicrobial compounds that could somehow counteract the smell. With that, it’s best to lessen your intake with onions for a more pleasant-smelling vag.

4 Coffee

We get that you love having a cup of joe every morning, but coffee is one of those foods that stop your vag to taste and smell better. It’s a strong-smelling drink that can alter the odor of your sweat as well with your vaginal secretions. Not only that, but coffee can also disrupt the balance in your vag, making you more susceptible to getting a yeast infection.

We feel you, coffee-lovers. The idea of cutting down coffee completely will be your worst nightmare. But there’s still hope as you still can drink your favorite cold brew. Just make sure to have at least a maximum of 2 cups per day and that you drink plenty of water throughout the day as well.

5 Cheese

If you love mixing cheese with everything, we got bad news for you. Cheese, as well as other dairy products, can cause hormonal issues or imbalances due to the high levels of insulin from the said food item. This can disrupt the balance in your vagina, making you more prone to yeast infections. Now, you don’t have to cut it off completely. You can still have your favorite cheesy meals, as long as you’re consuming it moderately.

6 Processed Foods

Steer off from processed foods as it weakens your immune system, giving bacteria and infections to take over. If you’re someone who considers processed foods as part of your daily diet, you may end up with yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, vaginal dryness, and urinary tract infections if you don’t cut down on these unhealthy foods.

7 Fried Foods

You don’t necessarily have to stop eating fried foods, but if your vagina is smelling a bit weird, you might want to take a step back. Numerous studies have shown that high-fat foods are associated with bacterial vaginosis—wherein your vagina secretes unusual discharge, has a fishy vaginal odor, gets an itchy and burning sensation when urinating.

8 Refined Carbs

We get those cakes, pastries, bread, and rice is life. But it can also shorten your life as refined carbs can put you at risk for bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections. This type of food raises your blood sugar, which enables your bacteria to grow even more down there.

Though it’s tough, you need to discipline yourself and try to limit your consumption with refined carbs. By doing so, you’ll prevent having yeast infections and other complications.

9 Added Sugars

Sugary foods may be a delightful treat, but the effects wouldn’t be delightful down there. Eating sweet drinks and foods can increase your risk of having a yeast infection. It’s also one of the foods that stop your vag to taste and smell better, so you better cut down some sugar if you would want to get some *sugar*, if you know what we mean…

Do miracle berries really work?

* They last for about 15 minutes. * I have miracle fruit bushes so can tell you that they do not work as well as the actual fruit, but they do work. * If you can’t get the real fruit, these are a good substitute. * They make really sour foods sweet (the more sour the food, the more sweet they will taste).

Why They Work

Citrus fruits help maintain your body’s pH levels and improve the taste and smell of your vagina. A well-balanced vagina is neither too acidic nor too alkaline and will have no foul taste or smell. Additionally, drinking lots of water, avoiding unhealthy food, and an unhealthy lifestyle can also significantly improve your vagina’s health and pH balance.

5 Reasons Why Your Vag Is Acting All Fishy

1. The Soap You Are Using

Your vagina is perfectly capable of keeping itself

Your vagina is perfectly capable of keeping itself clean, balanced, and healthy. The main reason for the vagina’s musty taste and smell is the build-up of dead cells. Hence, it’s vital to maintain your vaginal hygiene by showering regularly. Avoid using floral or scented soaps near your vagina as it can disrupt your vagina’s delicate pH balance and make it stink.

Use unscented soap to clean up the area around your pubic bone. Do not use soap in the vaginal opening as it can cause dryness of the mucosal lining. The safest method is to use a soft washcloth soaked in warm water to gently wipe the nooks and crannies down there.

2. The Food You Are Eating

The phrase “you are what you eat” holds for your v

The phrase “you are what you eat” holds for your vagina too. To maintain your vagina’s health and balance, avoid oily and junk foods and consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits and fruits high in natural sugar are great for improving your vagina’s smell and taste.

Fruits like papaya, berries, lemons, bananas, and edamame all help maintain your vagina’s freshness. However, don’t overeat fruits that are very sugary as they can cause yeast infection.

3. Your Current Underwear

Soft, comfortable, and gentle cotton underwear is

Soft, comfortable, and gentle cotton underwear is your vagina’s best friend. It lets your vagina breathe and prevents moisture build-up, which is one of the main reasons for a smelly vagina. Avoid nylon, polyester, latex, and other synthetic fabrics as they can irritate the delicate skin around your vagina.

4. Your Sleeping Hygiene

The most effective tip for maintaining your vagina

The most effective tip for maintaining your vagina’s smell and taste is to let it breathe. Cotton underwear can help prevent moisture build-up to a large extent. However, every once in a while, it is advised to let your bearded clam free. Sleeping without pants or underwear can be the best way to let some fresh air in and keep it dry and healthy.

5. You Are Over Douching It

How many times have we heard that our vaginas are

How many times have we heard that our vaginas are like self-cleaning ovens? Vaginas don’t need any over-the-top cleaning, especially not the inner canals. Today, countless studies have proven that douching not only offers no real benefit but can also potentially harm your vagina.

Almost no OBGYN will recommend douching. Excessive douching can disrupt your vagina’s delicate balance and increase its natural pH level. Besides causing dryness and itchiness, in extreme cases, it can even lead to yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.

How can I make my vegetables taste better?

Asked By: German Attanasio Date created: Mar 14, 2022

Root crops and leafy vegetables prefer moist, cool conditions; and melons and most nightshade prefer sunny and warm weather. Planting your fruits and veggies in ill-suited microclimates will inevitably lead to an inferior-tasting crop. Another consideration is the age at which you harvest.

Answered By: abatishchev Date created: Mar 14, 2022

Similarly, curry made me funky

Courtesy of Carrie Borzillo

Like garlic, curry seems to stick to your skin when you cook or eat it. As I ate about a cup and a half each of mixed vegetable curry and chana saagwala (spinach, garbanzo beans, and curry spices), I found this to be oh so true. But John didn't smell or taste it on my vagina…at least not that night.

When we went for round two the next morning, the curry certainly made my cooch a little fragrant. "It's not good, but it's tolerable. It's a little on the funky side. There's definitely a whiff of curry, and curry isn't really a great smell anyway, and it tastes saltier." He continued: "Salty isn't bad, it's just a stronger smell."

How do I make coffee taste acidic?

Asked By: H.B. Date created: Mar 22, 2022

A fun way to develop your palate to perceive acidity is to by a few different fruits and taste them side by side, focusing on the acidity and not the flavor.

Answered By: Honza Javorek Date created: Mar 23, 2022

Garlic was also a bust

Courtesy of Carrie Borzillo

I had so much hope. Gunter said that garlic-derived metabolites could change the odor of breast milk, so it's likely the same reason some people may feel they smell differently after eating garlic.

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