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'Why won't my Android phone connect to Wi-Fi?'

Gadget malfunction

In order to check your smartphone or tablet status, you have to connect it to another computer. If a usb device is identified after the connection, it's better to perform PC diagnostics. The occurrence of such error indicates the functionality failure of your device. You have two options then: either to take it to the service center or to buy a new one.

If this failure occurs only from time to time, then blame it on a badly soldered USB connector. We suggest you not trying to repair it yourself, it's better to entrust your Android phone to certified professionals, who can be found in any large city easily enough.


How Many Ways Should You Fix Android Phone Not Showing up on PC?

Now, let’s jump to 6 easy methods to help you fix the issue of Samsung phone not showing up on PC once for all. Remember, try all methods one by one and check if the issue persists.

#Way 1: Clean & Change another USB port

Sometimes there is an issue with the USB port of your computer. It may be damaged or malfunctioning. So, to fix the issue of Samsung phone not showing up on PC, first of all:

  • Clean the USB port using a brush before plugging in the cable.
  • Also, try to plug in the cable in other port of the computer to check if there was an issue with USB ports.

If the issue persists, move to the below methods.

#Way 2: Restart Android and Windows

Generally, any minor bug or glitch leads to Android not connecting to PC, so the easiest way to remove temporary bugs is by restarting both Android phone and Windows. To do that:

Unplug the cable from the computer and turn off both the computer and mobile and after some time again restart both devices. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

#Way 3: Enable USB Debugging to Fix Android Not Showing Up on Mac

Another effective method of solving this issue is by enabling USB debugging on your mobile. To do that:

  • Go to Settings and navigate to About Phone.
  • Now, tap on the Build Number option seven times.
  • Here, you will see an entry ‘Developer options.’ Tap on this entry and then check USB debugging.
  • Finally, connect your mobile with the computer and confirm Allow USB debugging on your phone.

#Way 4: Update the Latest MTP Driver

Your computer detects an Android device as an MTP device. However, there is a possibility that there is a problem with MTP drivers of your computer if Android won’t connect to PC. To check that:

From Control Panel, go to Device and Printers and here if you cannot find the name of your Android device, then you have to update drivers from Device Manager.

Now, to update MTP drivers on computer:

  • Go to Device Manager and expand Portable Devices. Here, if you can’t find the name of your Android device, then right-click on the yellow mark and select Update driver.
  • Now, select ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ and the system will detect and install the latest version of the driver.

#Way 5: Delete Android Driver & Re-install

Similarly, you should try to delete and then reinstall the Android driver on your PC to fix this issue. For that:

  • Go to Device Manager and expand Portable Devices. Here right click on your device or yellow mark and select Uninstall as shown in the figure.
  • Now, restart the computer and the Windows will automatically reinstall the driver. Connect your mobile to check if the issue is still present or not.

#Way 6: Fix Android Phone Won’t Connect to PC with ReiBoot for Android

Many users report that the aforementioned problems might not give the desired results i.e., solve the issue of Android not showing on PC. But you need not worry as Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is the best third-party tool to fix this issue. This powerful multifunctional software addresses the root cause of this problem and repairs your mobile automatically.

Its remarkable feature ‘Repair Android System’ is designed to repair Android mobile in just a few minutes. To do that:

  • After launching Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android on your computer, connect your Android mobile with it. Click on the ‘Repair Android System’ on the interface.

  • Now, click on the ‘Repair Now’ to initiate the process.

  • After that, enter the details of your mobile carefully. Use the drop-down arrows to fill in the details correctly.

  • Now, the software will start downloading the correct firmware package matching your Android mobile version.

  • ReiBoot will automatically detect the issues and the repairing process will complete in a few minutes. After that, your issue of Airplane mode stuck on Samsung will be fixed.

The lack of the necessary software

It happens that after you connect your smartphone via a USB cable, the phone not connecting to PC only charging and device recognition error still occurs. Alternatively, your old Windows version doesn't support modern gadgets.

The problem can be solved in the following ways:

  • Installation of the latest OS updates;
  • Installation of Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit and a following relaunch of your computer. The distribution kit is adapted for Android 4.0 and above.

Best solution

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    From the main menu select Settings and then Wireless & networks. Select Wi-Fi settings. Make sure…

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