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About me

Andrey Gritsenko

My name is Andrey Gritsenko, better known as Spirit (read as Spirit, despite the incorrect transcription =). Born in Kyiv, 26 years old, blogger, programmer, webmaster, traveler, a bit of a photographer. But I’ll tell you in chronological order:

It all started in 2006, when I registered my first domain and made a website (before that, I just quietly studied HTML and rarely got out on the Internet). I had to learn programming, SEO (I just registered on MasterTalk), ways of earning money are quite successful (selling links from snouts in AdTime), and the promotion of all this (especially the TIC – by linkers). This year I started earning and even withdrawing my first money on the Internet (I was 15 years old), I started selling my scripts and making satellites and catalogs purely for making money.m